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3rd Session the Charm?

design-dautore.com-Autumn Vibes-Sarah Patrick via Yolanda Vanveen

I’m about to go outside for the 3rd session of the day of trying to get flower planters cleaned out before our weather goes to pot tomorrow. I have finished finished 7 brick planters today. I have three more, plus 2 pots in the front yard. If I can finish ths, I’ll be happy with my efforts today.

My husband got me a nice roll-around, sit-down thingie that saves my back, so I think I have one more session in me before I’ll run out of both time and energy. 

This is the closest I could find to show you my wonderful gardening seat. Mine is red and has a small basket on one end, plus a rope and handle that allow you to pull it like the proverbial ‘little red wagon.” The seat turns, so it gives flexibility in how it is used. I love it.

While I was pruning and clearing out one of the planters, the wind picked up and all of a sudden it was raining leaves. The SOUND the leaves made was wonderful! I don’t think I’ve ever been in quite that position before, but it was a very special thing. My sweet elderly Molly (she is almost 15) was enjoying the sunshine and stayed right with me, keeping me company.

I just had lunch (it’s almost 4pm) and am finishing a cup of coffee.  I’ll go see how much more I can clear before the day is gone.

Hope you’re enjoying your day, too!




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Thoughts on a Sunday 11-3-2019

Aussie Life-kookaburras

“Kookaburra sits on the old gum tree,
Merry merry king of the bush is he.
Laugh, Kookaburra, laugh, Kookaburra,

That’s not a  monkey, that’s me. Ha. Ha.”

I love this photo. I’m not sure I’ve ever actually SEEN a kookaburra, much less a glorious whole ROW of them. I always think of the song we sang as children. (I’ve taken some liberties with the words in the lyrics above. WE sang it the way I’ve printed it, which skips two verses and moves the very last line to the first verse.)

I’m happy to report that my husband is doing fine now after his stroke in July. The sudden anger outbursts – apparently a common side effect of strokes – are MUCH fewer now. Though he glosses over the details of how to handle the fact he’s on blood thinners, I’M learning to pay closer attention and make sure things turn out the way they should. He has a dental appointment tomorrow. To give you an example of how he is ‘back,’ he took the Vette to the car wash this morning to clean it up so he can drive it to the dentist’s appointment tomorrow. (He and the dentist talk motorcycles, cars, guns, and such each time he goes.)

I’m also happy to tell you I broke new ground on my scales this morning! The scales actually SMIRKED at me, as we got into fresh, new, lower territory as I grinned back. I HOPE this continues, as I still have a lot of lard I’d like to shed.  Though it is much harder to lose the lard the older you get, I’m proving to myself that it IS possible.

A man contacted me yesterday, discussing buying 5 of my new Unicorn Spit plaques. He’s talking to friends today and is supposed to get back to me tomorrow.  He understands that these are one of a kind and that I cannot do exactly the same thing twice. Fingers – and all other appendages – are crossed. I’m working on flat wooden Christmas ornaments again today, seeing how they will turn out with this same wonderful paint.

The weather is beautiful, with a high in the low 60’s today! Gorgeous fall weather. I’ll try to get outside this afternoon and get a good amount of clean up of our planters done.

I hope that wherever you are, you are enjoying this gorgeous Sunday – AND that you remembered to set your clocks back last night.




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Beautiful Fall gif

via Yolanda Vanveen

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Fall Is Finally Arriving!

Alma Maghakyan-Imgend.com

Kudos to Mother Nature for finally arriving – fashionably late – to West Central Arkansas. It’s 53 degrees F. as I type and the sun is shining. AHHHHH!

When things finally cool down, my energy returns – long dormant in the heat and humidity – slapping a huge smile on my face as I decide what I’m going to try to do with my day.

I hope the weather where you are is to your liking, and that you have all kinds of possibilities to consider.

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A Bit Late, But…

“1st Day of Autumn” – Netherlands – photographer Sassy Chris1 via Mara Spirig – LinkedIn

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Fall MIGHT Come….

One of my favorite photographers is Paul Militaru. He has captured some beautiful images of fall, which is happening in his country, Romania, much faster than it is here in Arkansas. They give me hope for cooler weather, glorious colors, and more time outside.

“Acorns Touched by the Autumn Wing” – Paul Militaru


“Colors Characteristic of Autumn” – Paul Militaru


“Dry Leaves” – Paul Militaru


“Fall” – Paul Militaru


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Nice and Toasty

We made this mailbox decoration years ago. We haven’t put it up this year and have others scheduled, but this is the way I’ve been feeling lately. The heat indices are between 105 and 110+ degrees each afternoon. You walk outside and it feels as though Mother Nature is slapping you in the face and sucking the breath from your body.

Needless to say, we are thankful for good air conditioning in our house and vehicles, and thankful that we can choose when we go out to do the yard work, working in short sessions, with lots of resting and water in-between.

My husband and I are reasonably active – for folks our age – but this weather really shows up how different things were for us 50 years ago…  We happily go about our days, feeling pretty good and doing a good amount of work, blissfully ignoring the passage of the years. THEN – we try to do something outside, coming in wringing wet and panting after only a short time, taking longer and longer to recover with each session, reality rearing its ugly head.

I plan to tackle my to-do list today with ONE thing from the INSIDE list – vacuuming the first floor – and ONE thing from my OUTSIDE list – weed whacking. Anything more will be gravy.

I hope that the weather where YOU are is pleasant.

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Slice of Life via Marianna Bellantoni


Esma CETIN – LinkedIn


“Petunias and Dahlia” – Paul Militaru Photography


Lin Ching Che via Elena (Livia) D. – LinkedIn


Lin Fengmian-via Elena-via Rachel Perman – LinkedIn


Lovka Mechkarova Via Tetiana Shevchuk – Linkedin


“Magnolia 1” – Paul Militaru Photography


“Why Not Always Pink?” – Paul Militaru Photography

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And the Rains Continue


We had strong storms last night with lots of lightning and thunder. Quite impressive. I was relieved to see that we had no discernible damage this morning. It’s raining now, but a quiet, soaky rain that will benefit everything – though my husband is grumbling because he can see the grass growing and he JUST mowed…

I’ve switched to INSIDE stuff today – regular household chores, but I’m going to make some breakfast and then do a session of yoga this morning so I can add another gold star to my calendar. :0)

I hope that the weather is nice where you are and that you’re enjoying your day, too.


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Welcome Signs of Spring – Redbud Trees

Since 2 of our 8-foot brick planters in the front collapsed and have to be rebuilt, we’re very short on sprouts and blooms this spring. The exception to this, though, is a lovely display of bloom from the redbud trees that Mother Nature dotted around. We love each of them and cut away things around them that might encroach, encouraging them to be healthy and happy.


The tree in the first picture faces the south of our property where we can pretend we own all we can see. :0)  This one is facing in the opposite direction.

Another one on the south.

And a close up of some of the blooms.

I go outside and walk around every day just to enjoy these!

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Bringing You a Bit of Spring

“Face to Face” – Paul Militaru Photography

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Spring is Finally Springing

Ar Ali – Linkedin

FINALLY, signs of spring are popping up around here!  I’m delighted, though I feel bad for the people still getting more snow, and the awful flooding in the midsection of the country. I just know my spirits are rising with each passing day.

I still haven’t been able to find spinach plants locally (they said call again Wednesday), so I’m going to see if I can get another batch of seeds started, using another technique and keeping all appendages crossed for success. I would really love to shed my moniker of “Serial Seed Killer” some day soon.

That said, the red onions and head lettuce plants in the garden are doing really well. I’ll see what other wonderful things I can find to plant when we go out for errands today.

I finally reached the bricklayer today, who said he was personally covered up with work, but would ask another good person to give us a call for an estimate on rebuilding the two brick planters that failed recently.

I hope you are enjoying some signs of spring, too!

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Happy 1st Day of Spring!

Jim Hunt Illustration

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Spring MAY Be in the Air

“Simply…White” – Paul Militaru Photography


“Spring is in the Air” – Paul Militaru Photography


“White” – Paul Militaru Photography


“White Flowers” – Paul Militaru Photography


Wim Beunderman – LinkedIn

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“Squirrel in the Snow” – copyright-Kelly Lyon – http://www.nwf.org.PhotoContest – The Nat’l Wildlife Federation Blog


It’s almost noon and it’s still only 17 degrees F. here. I’ve been letting dogs and cats in and out over and over this morning. Everyone says they want to go out, but they don’t want to stay out LONG…

My poor seed starters are still covered up in the greenhouse. I covered my onion sets in my raised bed square foot garden with a sheet, but I’m afraid that won’t be enough to save them.  I’ll probably need to start over on everything once the cold spell is over. We’re dripping water in our utility room bathroom and in my husband’s sink upstairs, trying to avoid pipes freezing. We only got snow flurries, but the diving temperatures have sure gotten our attention. I save a few daffodils in a vase on the table, but the rest are looking really sad outside.

I’m thankful we have a warm, dry house and we don’t HAVE to go outside, unless we choose to today.  My heart goes out to the people in Alabama, Georgia, and the rest of the southeast who had severe weather and tornadoes last night.

Be safe, everyone.

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My Cold Nose is Out of Joint

Jeff Jett – LinkedIn


My cold nose is out of joint because, instead of spring, we’re having a return to winter for the coming days.


As you can see here, we’re in the middle of the ‘weather alert day.” It actually was snowing when we were eating breakfast! I’m NOT a happy camper. We have a 70% chance of ‘precipitation’ today – rain/sleet/ice/snow/flying hairballs. I’ve done all I can do to protect my sweet onion sets in the garden. (I covered them with a king-sized sheet.) I’ve done all I can to protect my seed starters in the greenhouse (covered them with towels.) I may be starting over by the time we get to Wednesday afternoon….

I gathered daffodils yesterday because of the forecast. They were right. They’re all hanging their heads all over the yard. We have some really pretty ones in one vase on the table, and that might be it for the spring daffodils.

We are safe and warm on top of our ridge line in Arkansas. We still have our snow tires on the truck, just in case we need them. We have food for ourselves and our sweet animals.

I wouldn’t feel so resentful if I hadn’t tried to get a head start on my spring garden… I’ll report again on this Wednesday afternoon when I’ve had a chance to assess where we are in the planting season.

I hope that you’re safe and warm wherever you are today.


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Now THIS is the Winter of my Dreams!

Irma Nadal – LinkedIn


Old Quebec – Iahsen Haddou – LinkedIn


Switzerland – Iahsen HADDOU – LinkedIn


Tetiana Shevchuk – LinkedIn


Tetiana Shevchuk – LinkedIn


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Art in the Snow






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Snow Days!

Joe Innovation on Twitter







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World of White!

Our weather people were almost completely right this time. We awoke this morning to a world of white in Greenwood, Arkansas. The forecast was that we would get rain last night turning to snow this morning, but that we would get an inch or less from the fast-moving storm. It would be gone by 11 a.m.

By this morning, the Winter Weather Advisory had been moved south to include our area fully, and a ‘heavy band of snow’ had emerged, covering our area! (Now ‘heavy’ for Arkansas is probably a dusting in serious snow areas, but Arkansas doesn’t have snow plows. They have sand trucks – two for Greenwood – but they weren’t going to be used last night due to the rain.  Currently, the advisory now goes to 6 pm tonight. The front is supposed to be gone by about 3 pm.  The temperature started at 43 F. this morning, and is supposed to be 29 F by this afternoon.

This was earlier today. It’s a VERY wet snow, and quite slushy on our driveway pad.  My husband said both doggies came to a screeching halt just as they reached the opening garage door this morning. They looked at each other, then bounded happily into the snow to go take care of things before breakfast. Usually, they are gone exploring all around the yard for about 20 minutes before coming in with hungry stomachs. This morning they leaped out, ran through the snow happily barking, saying, “Here we are, world!” and then came RIGHT back, wanting to get to food and warmth.

We are snowed in up here on top of our ridge line when all of Greenwood has melted off and gone on with life. Our steep driveway is 650+ feet on the north side of our property and is one of the last places in, or outside of Greenwood, to thaw or melt. We love it up here, pretending we own all we can see, loving the privacy, but we DO have to take weather seriously. We filled up the gas tank in our truck yesterday and shopped for groceries, just in case our usual Sunday trip needed to be cancelled.

Happily, we can enjoy our pretty snow – not having to get out in it, or having to negotiate the steep driveway down and up again. We can go outside with the doggies, take pictures, look around and enjoy the unusual weather, enjoy being warm and dry inside, and look forward to warmer temperatures starting tomorrow.


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Weather Forecast

Today in Fort Smith via Cindy Basnett Thurman


Hahahahahahaha!  After Lunch Bunch today, my husband and I filled up on gas and then hit the grocery store in case we get snowed in tonight and tomorrow up on top of our ridge line. It might come to nothing. Actually, this time they’re NOT forecasting much accumulation – but, in case they’re WRONG – and we DO – we want to be prepared to stay up here until further notice.

We were stuck up here for 14 days in 2000 when we had a huge ice storm. It broke off our tree branches, sounding like gunshots as the branches gave up, broke off, and fell to the ground. We had so many trees whose branches broke, or ice-laden evergreens across our driveway, it took us three days with chain saws to hack our way down our 650+ steep driveway to the road that runs in front of the house. We had no public power or water. Our China Diesel generator in the well house blew a gasket. My husband and our son had to rig a barrel of water to keep it from burning up. They had to check things every half hour for the 14 days.

When we finally made it through THAT awful storm and its aftermath, we got serious about being able to survive up here, if we needed to, for however long it took. We can breathe easily now, although I still hate ice storms… I feel lucky to be able to be proactive. We have a warm, dry house. We have geothermal heat and air with a generator. We have a wood-burning fireplace. We have food and water for our pets and ourselves. We have movies and/or books. We have coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.

I feel lucky to be able to be proactive. We have a warm, dry house. We have geothermal heat and air with a generator. We have a wood-burning fireplace. We have food and water for our pets and ourselves. We have movies and/or books. We have coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.

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Creative Snow Art – Take 40

Bored Art





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Celebrating Winter


I don’t enjoy the cold of winter much, and I really don’t like being trapped up on top of our ridge line when Arkansas does winter badly, bringing us lots of ice and THEN snow, bringing trees down into our 650+ foot steep driveway from both sides, making us have to chainsaw our way out. Happily, this doesn’t happen often, so I can concentrate on the things I DO like about winter, like snowmen!

Amber, our 94 pound yellow lab PUPPY just helped me find, fill, and hang our ‘snowman’ bird feeder on the deck. Actually, I don’t think Amber gives a fig about hanging birdfeeders, but she’s very companionable, wanting to accompany me on whatever I want to do outside.

Snowmen and other snow people and animals are one of my favorite things about winter. I love the originality and creativity people bring to the idea of ‘building a snowman.’

I have several different kinds of snowmen that I keep up as decorations – once I decorate for Christmas – until the 1st of March, when ‘I’ declare an end to the snow season – although it HAS snowed on my birthday in March before. By then, I’m more than ready to think ahead to spring, planting seeds in my greenhouse and trying to make it warm enough in there for the seeds to sprout and thrive until they are transplanted into my raised bed, square foot garden.

This snowman is quite tall. You pull up his head and shake him out and then let him sit on a table. When you’re finished, he squashes almost completely flat.

This one is made of resin.

This is a new snowman to my collection, given to me this year by a good friend. It’s the cutest thing. You squeeze his hand and talk to him. He parrots back what you said in a squeaky voice, mimicking you when you laugh, make other noises, etc. I can’t stop laughing with this guy.


This one is made of wood.



Painted Gourd


I’m not really sure what this one is made of.

This is another new one this year. He’s a cup! I’m using him now for coffee, though he and another, similar, snowman, came in a cute ‘S’More’s kit, complete with cups, marshmallows, cocoa mix and a chocolate bar.



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Snow People – Take 38

Katrina Kittles Blog









Michael Kroll

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Snow People – Take 36

“Impaled on Tree” – Scibol.com



“Letterbox Disguise” – Scribol.com



“Shark Attack” – Scribol.com

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1st Day of Winter 2016

What's On

What’s On

Today is the 1st day of winter.  I like to think of winter in abstract terms: hot chocolate, fires in the fireplace, warm boots, hats, scarves, mittens – plus snow angels, snowmen, great big fluffy flakes falling like you’re in the middle of a snow globe. Sledding down our driveway with my son in the front, laughing with glee, his hands in the air….

Reality is that in Arkansas, winter isn’t done well. We almost always have ice first, then snow, then more ice. Tree limbs snap as I stand on the porch. Huge limbs fall into the driveway, causing my husband and I to have to use the chain saw to clear the driveway before we can get out. One year we had so much ice that the public water stopped. We were stuck on top of our ridge line with well water. We had no public power, so we started our Chinese diesel generator. The generator overheated, so my husband and son had to put 40 gallon barrels on saw horses and fill them with water in order to keep the generator cool enough to work. We had to monitor it every 30 minutes, day and night. This went on for 14 days.

Since then, we bought a new propane-powered generator that turns itself on when the power goes out, and turns itself off when the public power is again available. We haven’t lost public water since that awful year about 10 years ago. Last year we were proactive, hiring a man to cut down trees on either side of the driveway that might fall in another ice storm. We had enough snow and ice that all the evergreen trees bent over into the driveway, making it impossible to get down. We had to wait until we could cut down a bunch of the evergreens and haul them to one side in order to get out.

We do have snow tires on our truck which make it possible for us to go down – and come up again – unless we get a bunch of ice. Then we just stay home until the ice melts.

Thank goodness that Arkansas is not a state known for getting lots of snow in the winter!

I still enjoy making snow angels and making snowmen. I still enjoy big, fluffy flakes of snow, feeling as if I’m in the middle of my own, private snow globe.

I love pretty pictures of snow ELSEWHERE, and I LOVE the creative snowmen people make.

The main thing I like about winter is that it doesn’t last forever. It’s a chance for me to get some stuff done inside. I might actually have time to get up and play in my art room! I can plan what I’ll plant and in what squares in our new raised bed square foot garden in the spring.

Hot chocolate (no sugar added) and fires in the fireplace are things I can look forward to.

Have a great winter, my friends!

GifAbyss - Alpha Coders

GifAbyss – Alpha Coders

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Imagine Talking with a Good Friend…

The Rainforest Site via Sherry McGrath

The Rainforest Site via Sherry McGrath

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Glorious Fall

Cathy Ruggiero

Cathy Ruggiero

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