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Slice of Life via Marianna Bellantoni


Esma CETIN – LinkedIn


“Petunias and Dahlia” – Paul Militaru Photography


Lin Ching Che via Elena (Livia) D. – LinkedIn


Lin Fengmian-via Elena-via Rachel Perman – LinkedIn


Lovka Mechkarova Via Tetiana Shevchuk – Linkedin


“Magnolia 1” – Paul Militaru Photography


“Why Not Always Pink?” – Paul Militaru Photography

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100 Percent Chance of Rain

Jeff Jett – LinkedIn


Usually, when the forecast says, “100% chance of rain,” they’re pretty sure. And they were right.

The twice-a-year opportunity to take hard-to-get-rid-of ‘stuff’ to either the city recycling center or the rural folks is today until 2 pm. We watch for this in the paper because we ALWAYS have metal scraps or other things the regular trash people refuse to deal with.  I think the city is wonderful to offer this. I think, otherwise, we might see unsightly stuff dropped off beside the roads. I particularly appreciate it this time, when the men are having to work in the rain.

On cue, the minute we started backing up to the shop door, the rain started. It wasn’t a downpour, so we continued. The rain got harder as we went toward town. The city center had a BIG line of trucks with their beds all full, so we decided to drive farther to the rural center. Happily, there wasn’t a line there and we left our stuff quickly. We got our mail on the way home and are now happily in our dry house.


Greenwood is just southeast of Fort Smith. As you can see, we have lots of green, yellow, orange, and red blobs in our future today and tomorrow – about 2 inches total.  I’m hoping that the rain will be steady and reasonably gentle, giving our new flowers and veggies a great drink, but not washing them out of the ground.

I hope the people south and east of us stay safe today. It looks as if they might get more serious weather than we.

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Welcome Signs of Spring – Redbud Trees

Since 2 of our 8-foot brick planters in the front collapsed and have to be rebuilt, we’re very short on sprouts and blooms this spring. The exception to this, though, is a lovely display of bloom from the redbud trees that Mother Nature dotted around. We love each of them and cut away things around them that might encroach, encouraging them to be healthy and happy.


The tree in the first picture faces the south of our property where we can pretend we own all we can see. :0)  This one is facing in the opposite direction.

Another one on the south.

And a close up of some of the blooms.

I go outside and walk around every day just to enjoy these!

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Before the Storm

Our weather people are forecasting possible severe storms this afternoon, this evening, and overnight. UGH. We really do need the rain, but I can do without the ‘severe.’

Our blooms made it through two nights of hard freezes, amazingly, but I’m not at all sure they’ll make it through high, gusty winds, blowing rains, etc.  So I’ve taken some pics to share with you, just in case we lose a bunch of the nice blooms we have right now.


Here’s our front yard in a picture taken from the driveway. It makes me happy coming or going to see the lush daffodils almost everywhere I look, plus the tulip tree.


Here’s a close up of the tulip tree. Most of the time it has green leaves and looks quite ordinary, but right now, its ‘tulips’ are wonderful.



We have some redbud trees around the property. Right now this one is looking pretty nice.



We have several groups of twice-blooming iris. They’re our favorites. We love the deep purple color.




Here’s a close up of some of the daffodils. We started with one group beside the well house. Each year I dig some up and plant them elsewhere. This year I’ll try to get some going across the back yard.

Today when we went out to the shop, my husband said, “If I lived by myself, I wouldn’t have any flowers. It wouldn’t occur to me to plant them. I’m glad you did. THANK YOU.”

(Now he tends ‘his’ clematis planters, and tries to get our mandevilla to climb up the trellises to the roof of the deck.)


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