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Old Friends

Reading Books via Stephanie Youmans Wilson

I have just pre-ordered the paperback versions of #50 and #51 of Nora Roberts’ “In Death” series. (#50 will be out in July and #51 at the end of December.)

The day before yesterday I settled down with #1 in the series, “Naked in Death” and thoroughly enjoyed the re-read. It was like seeing old friends after a long absence, even though “I” have changed a LOT since I first discovered the series. The characters remain fascinating to me, and the interaction and dialogue just as intriguing as the first time.

I have the ‘luxury’ in my ongoing maturity of forgetting many of the details of a book, so I can read them again with as much enjoyment, or more, than the first time, absorbing more details.

Roberts creates characters that are real. They all have their flaws and quirks and I find them endearing. I admire the main character, Eve Dallas, because she overcomes inner fears and doubts to do what she feels is right. She has quite high standards and won’t give an inch to achieve her goals. Quite a woman. My heart breaks for her, reading of her early life, and I find her endearing and believable.

I feel lucky to have found Nora Roberts as an author. She has given me countless hours of pleasure and a richness I wouldn’t have had, otherwise. I’ll enjoy living in Eve Dallas’ world through the first 49 books, and then welcome #50 in July.

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Super Powers

For Reading Addicts via Cathy Ruggiero

I feel lucky because I’m in the middle of re-reading the Nora Roberts (J.D. Robb) “In Death” series and can escape whenever I can make the time and come out calm and refreshed. I love her writing. She creates incredibly deep characters you feel as if you actually know. You care about them, laughing and crying with them. I can’t think of a greater compliment to a writer for the readers to want to live in the world they have created and always want more.

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Unknown Artist via Elena (Livia) D. – LinkedIn

I received my paperback copy of Nora Roberts’ “Connections in Death” – the latest in her “In Death” Series. I ordered it months ago and then tried to put it out of my mind instead of waiting, crossing off days, like a kid waiting for Christmas. Finally, I have it in my hands!

I’m re-reading the other 47 books in the series, thoroughly enjoying the escape of living in the gritty, absorbing world of Eve Dallas, a homicide detective in New York City in 2058 and beyond. I admire her strength, determination, absolute dedication to her job. I love the people in her world and how she reacts to them. I can dive in and lose myself and my worries for awhile, caught up in her latest case and situation.

Right now I’m on #10 – “Witness in Death.” When I finish the first 47 books, I’ll give myself permission to enjoy the latest.

I spent many, many years not really being able to make time for reading for pleasure. I was earning my teaching degree, then teaching full-time and taking night classes and summer school for my Master’s. It was YEARS before I could actually sit down, become absorbed in a book, relaxing – reading for the joy of it – finally realizing I wouldn’t be TESTED on it later.  Now it’s one of my greatest pleasures. I’m grateful I found Nora Roberts years ago. Her books have reminded me of how beautiful life can be, full of humor, love, and interesting, good people. The In Death series is another part of that, with strong, sometimes wacky characters, who each have lovable flaws that bring you closer.

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Reading is LUXURY

Elizabet Scott via NUSTBookClub.wordpress.com

I finished re-reading the 46 books from the “In Death” series by J.D. Robb/Nora Roberts. I have to wait until December for the paperback of “Leverage in Death” to come out, so I downloaded “Year One” of a new series by Nora Roberts and wanted more when I finished it. Now I’m re-reading (for the umpteenth time) a trilogy by Nora called, “The Inn Boonesboro Trilogy.”

I love finding new authors, but I have to say that diving again into a series you love feels like getting into your most comfortable, snuggly clothes and reclining under a warm throw.  Enjoying truly memorable characters, laughing again at the bright humor, opening your heart again – regardless of what is happening in your ‘real’ life – is one of life’s luxuries.

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Yet Another Good Book

Paul Sweeny via rd.com/Quotes via Readers Digest

I just finished “A Mother’s Love” by Nora Roberts. It’s actually a reprint of one of the few books by Nora I’ve missed – “Dual Image,” and “The Best Mistake.”

I really like Nora Robert’s characters. They’re real. Many times they’re really clever, funny, smart. I WANT them to be real because I enjoy their world so much. I would love it if we could be friends. I don’t think there is a higher compliment to a writer that you keep all of their work in your personal library so that they can be enjoyed again and again.

Even though I’m sad to have left the worlds of Ariel and Zoe, I’ve already dived into “Come Sundown,” filled with more gutsy, interesting people I am enjoying meeting so much.

I can’t say enough about Nora’s work. Her creations have given me many hours of pleasure.

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Alice Hoffman via Title Wave for Books via Cathy Ruggiero

I’ve started book # 19 in the “In Death” series by Nora Roberts. There are 45 books – so far – in the series, so I feel as if I’m in Heaven, right in the middle of people I respect in complicated situations. Eve Dallas is a homicide police lieutenant. She is an extremely strong, dedicated cop who sees the worst society has to offer on a regular basis, some of which takes her back to an aggressively abusive childhood she has tried to put behind her.

I love the fact that she’s complicated. She has a very interesting husband who is sharing a completely different lifestyle than she’s ever know. I’m intrigued by her co-workers and friends.  The stories are typically Nora Roberts, with well thought out plots I cannot figure out before the end of the book. You feel as if you KNOW all the characters and appreciate their quirks, vulnerabilities, and interesting interactions. You care about them.

So many authors who do series have a lot of repetition in them. Not so here, and I like that a lot.

I avoided this series for years, thinking that I liked Nora’s writing and subjects so well that I couldn’t imagine enjoying reading about death. I’m delighted that my friend, Marsha, got me started, buying the 1st book used on Amazon. I found an “order of the books” online and am ordering 6 at a time. I now have 26 in the series. What a lucky woman I am to have found another side of a favorite author! She has introduced me to a whole new world.

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Opened Book

Title Wave via Cathy Ruggiero

I’m on book # 16 in the “In Death” series by Nora Roberts. I have to ration myself to only so much diving into her books each day, or else I don’t get anything else accomplished.

I think I told you I love her romance novels – particularly her trilogies and quartets – and had avoided the “In Death” series because I just didn’t want a serious series from her. Was I wrong! I’m even more impressed with her writing ability now – if that’s even possible.  In the “In Death” series, she has created a super strong, gritty, believable character in homicide detective Eve Dallas. The characters surrounding her become more and more fleshed out, making you care about the whole group as they deal with grisly murders. I’ve never been able to figure out who the bad guys are, or how she’ll get them, in the 15 books I’ve read thus far. I just want more.

If you haven’t tried one, I warn you that you may become addicted.

I’m starting “Portrait in Death” today.

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