Winter Redux

Bored Panda

Last Tuesday the snow started here. We had no public power for two and a half days, VERY grateful for our generator and our wood-burning fireplace. We chain-sawed our driveway clear starting on Friday. It took us 6 hours over 2 days, but the driveway is mostly clear now. We replenished supplies yesterday and got 5 days worth of mail from our mailbox at the bottom of the driveway.

Today we’ll try to get our robot (200+ pounds) standing straight again, instead of leaning. (We now have a chain around his neck that is tethered to a tree in front of him and a pole behind him, so he only LEANS instead of plunging head first down the slope to the side of the driveway.) Retrieving him ONCE from the slope was enough for us. :0)

We’re also planning to replace our mailbox decoration this morning. This is one of the Snow-Goons from Calvin & Hobbes.

The winter redux is a forecast of rain/sleet/snow, but mainly ICE this time, starting this afternoon and going through Thursday. The ice accumulations they said would likely cause power outages, etc.

It’s hard to believe that we might be out chain-sawing AGAIN after this, but we have an endless supply of trees on both sides of our driveway – a 650+ foot STEEP driveway from the house down to the road.

We resupplied yesterday, cheering as we went down our driveway and then again when we were able to simply drive up again like real people. :0)

In a minute we’ll gather our trash, drive it down, and drag the big tethered trashcan down to the bottom of the driveway for pickup tomorrow, We’ll get our mail and hopefully get the mailbox decoration changed.

Then we’ll hole in up here and see what Mother Nature brings us next.

Stay warm and safe.

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