6 Hummingbird Morning!

We’re having a slow start to our day since I’m feeling a bit under the weather.

We went in the dining area to take our pills a few minutes ago to find SIX hummingbirds dancing around the feeder! We didn’t catch a picture, but the one above gives you an idea of the delightful sight.

This season was a slow starter for the sweet hummingbirds. I don’t think they liked our cooler, MUCH wetter spring this year. We usually have three or four feeders hung up around the deck, but have only one this year. We’ve had up to 4 hummingbirds at a time for several weeks now, but haven’t seen this many. :0)

We sat at the table, motionless, trying to agree on how many we were seeing.

Something to raise your spirits for sure!!!


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6 responses to “6 Hummingbird Morning!

  1. So beautiful experience Linda 🙂

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