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Wonderful Surprise

When I was working in the yard a couple of days ago, trying to clean out our flower planters before the coming bad weather, I found these iris! We have several deep purple ‘twice-blooming’ iris that we treasure. I don’t remember seeing any others around the yard this year, but these were blooming behind the well house. They bloom in the spring, and then again in the fall. I couldn’t bear the thought of them freezing, so I cut them and brought them in the house so we could enjoy them as long as possible.


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Before the Rains Came

Before the rains started last week, things were sprouting all over the yard. This is the lovely black elephant ear plant that Kay got me for my birthday, plus some iris and some phlox.


Amber hasn’t discovered the other hyacinths in the yard yet, so she has ONLY eaten one…. Also some iris and a rose bush.

This hydrangea is sprouting in one of the two brick planters we have to demolish soon.


The rose bush on the left is the Joseph’s Coat climbing rose bush that Kay gave me for my birthday. We’re hoping it will climb up the wisteria truck next to it. The plant on the right is a camellia that will soon have blooms.


Some of our twice-blooming iris!


A close-up of one of the branches of our redbud trees.


Surrounded by redbud branches….


This is one of the 6 or 8 redbuds we have in the yard.

As we stay in the house, or run through the rain, it’s nice to have so many reminders that wonderful weather is on its way.

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Break Time Goodies

I took my camera on my way out to see my husband in the shop.

Right now I’m really pleased at the display of twice-blooming deep purple iris we have around the yard. Here are some pictures –






Here you get a feeling for how they’re blooming much of the way down one side of the driveway. (You can also see the flying pig we made :0)  )


Here are a few I cut to bring in today.


The orchid my friend, Nora, gave me several years ago is going nuts. I don’t think it has ever bloomed this much. :0)


My spinach sprouts on the window sill croaked. :0(    I’ll try again.  Meanwhile, here are the latest celery plant and several spaghetti squash plants ready to transplant into the garden. (The glass on the left is a try at being able to grow romaine lettuce from some bought at the store.

And last, but most important, the reason I went outside in the first place (other than to stretch my legs), is my husband at his reloading station in the shop. I offered him lunch, and he took me up on it.


Now that my break is over, I’m back to my ‘important stuff’ list…


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Before the Storm

Our weather people are forecasting possible severe storms this afternoon, this evening, and overnight. UGH. We really do need the rain, but I can do without the ‘severe.’

Our blooms made it through two nights of hard freezes, amazingly, but I’m not at all sure they’ll make it through high, gusty winds, blowing rains, etc.  So I’ve taken some pics to share with you, just in case we lose a bunch of the nice blooms we have right now.


Here’s our front yard in a picture taken from the driveway. It makes me happy coming or going to see the lush daffodils almost everywhere I look, plus the tulip tree.


Here’s a close up of the tulip tree. Most of the time it has green leaves and looks quite ordinary, but right now, its ‘tulips’ are wonderful.



We have some redbud trees around the property. Right now this one is looking pretty nice.



We have several groups of twice-blooming iris. They’re our favorites. We love the deep purple color.




Here’s a close up of some of the daffodils. We started with one group beside the well house. Each year I dig some up and plant them elsewhere. This year I’ll try to get some going across the back yard.

Today when we went out to the shop, my husband said, “If I lived by myself, I wouldn’t have any flowers. It wouldn’t occur to me to plant them. I’m glad you did. THANK YOU.”

(Now he tends ‘his’ clematis planters, and tries to get our mandevilla to climb up the trellises to the roof of the deck.)


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Last of the Flowers (Maybe)


As I was cleaning out and mulching flower beds today, I gathered some of our last flowers of the season so that we could enjoy them inside. I thought you might enjoy seeing them, too.  We have pink hydrangeas,



twice blooming deep purple iris,



various colors and types of zinnias,



and some barely pink or white hydrangeas.



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Fall Flowers



We aren’t the only ones happy with the cooler temperatures. Here you see some of our twice-blooming iris, and a resurgence of bloom of a nice pink perennial flower.



It really makes me happy to be able to bring some of our flowers inside. Happy fall!

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