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Hot Diggety Dog!

This isn’t Amber, but it could be.

Ever since we dug up the Rio Samba rose bushes in preparation for planting new ones in the spring, Amber has been digging. Maybe she’s smelling the moles/voles/or other ‘oles’ beneath the surface of the yard. Maybe she has a sudden urge to help us get ready to plant other things. Whatever her reasoning, she’s making a mess.

I cleaned off the area beneath our front porch yesterday, sweeping and then trying to fill some of the holes she had dug. This morning I caught her in the act of reopening a hole I had just gotten covered. I zapped her with the remote, so it was really clear to everyone that what she was doing was being discouraged. She stopped immediately, but I think it will take several lessons to get her to stop.

The really frustrating thing is that we live on almost 8 acres. Only a small part of that is what we have tried to civilize. We wouldn’t mind if she dug in MOST of our property, but she chooses to do it in the yard, where we need to mow and would like to look like someone cares.

She had also dug into one of the small planters that sit on the front porch, where we were trying to encourage impatiens to come back after the pot hadn’t been watered in several days. The plant WAS looking good. Now it’s completely torn up. The plant will have to be put into the compost barrel and we’ll dump the soil into one of the holes we’re trying to fill up. :0(

I found an article that supposedly gives you good ideas for stopping dogs from digging. It’s even written by people who raise labs. I think they must have much more cooperative labs than we do. They did make a good suggestion that we monitor her outside and that we use counter measures. This makes sense. We’ll hope that the shock I gave her this morning will get her to stop, but I think she’ll need more reminders….


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