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Tomato Harvest July 22 – 2019

Today’s tomato harvest with more to come tomorrow!  We are truly rich in tomatoes this season. We’re enjoying them for lunch and dinner every day. From a really shaky start, when I thought that the long tomato planter’s plants would die when they suddenly turned yellow, and that all we would get was greenery from the plants in the nook planter, we’ve had a wonderful season.


This is what is in our fridge now. I will share these with friends this week. :0)


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I Picked the Tomatoes, But…


Our heat index is supposed to be over 100 today, so I decided I would get out and see if we had any tomatoes I could bring in. As you can see, we had several nice looking ones.

The problem is that an ant nest was nearby and I apparently disturbed the sweet little things as I walked to the tomato planter. All of a sudden, my left ankle was stinging. I looked down to find a gazillion (give or take) ants on my shoe and ankle. I slapped them off as best I could and came in with the tomatoes I had gathered.

I immediately took off shoe and sock and put Benedryl cream all over my ankle. Now I’m watching my ankle get pink and puffy while it continues to sting and itch. There isn’t enough spray in the world to spray our whole yard (8+acres), but I’m going to make a concerted effort to spray all around the civilized part of the yard around the house and garden as soon as this subsides….

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Tomato Harvest 7-18 – 2017

Well, I pruned the tomatoes in the nook planter, taking out a LOT of particularly the plant on the left side of the planter. Then I moved to the 8 foot brick planter to the east of the house where the other tomato plants are, pruning them. I got pretty ruthless, because I want all the nutrients and energy going to the parts of the plants that might actually produce.

The plants don’t look pretty now, but it looks like they’re responding to the pruning, fertilizer and Seven I put on them about a week ago.

Here is today’s harvest. We’re really pleased with our crop this year. We’ve been oohing and ahhhing at lunch and dinner, eating a BUNCH of sliced ripe tomatoes at every meal except for breakfast. We particularly enjoy giving people we like bags of tomatoes, since we have more than we can eat. (I now know how to can, but I hate to give any of them up when I can eat them fresh off the vine.)

Our friends Laufrain and Dave (our friends and bowling buddies) were telling us last night how pretty the tomatoes were and how good they tasted. :0)

We also gave some to our driller and brush hog master, Foy, and his wife, Judy.

Who can ask for more from a bit of work to grow them?

Sheer luxury!!!


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We’re Rich in Tomatoes!

A couple of days ago we were mourning that we had eaten all our good tomatoes. Look what was ready this morning – with more to be ripe in a day or two!





This is half of our onion harvest.


I cleaned them up and put them in these two mesh bags. They’re hanging from hooks in our pantry, continuing to dry out. We’ve eaten several, and they’re nice and sweet.

I’ve pulled most of the rest of our plants, with the exception of grape tomatoes, a couple of spaghetti squashes, and lots of celery.

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Tomato Harvest July 28, 2016



Today’s harvest is pretty slim, but much appreciated. We’ve been totally spoiled, eating fresh sliced tomatoes as part of our lunches and dinners. Even with daily irrigation, the plants are pretty hoarked at this point, so if we get more tomatoes, I’ll be delighted.

I still have lots of green leaves and yellow or oranges flowers on things in the main square foot garden. I have no clue if the plants will actually make anything. I have a cucumber plant, some squash plants, a melon or two, and more. I’m like a kid waiting for Christmas, checking each day to see if anything is happening.

I did finish mixing and hauling Mel’s Mix (vermiculite, peat moss, and three kinds of compost) to the raised bed planters yesterday. The only thing left before actually planting a fall garden is to stretch and tie the strings to demarcate the garden squares. I’ll wait to do that until right before planting. I’m going to call our local suppliers and see if I can get an idea of when they’ll have fall plants for this area.

Our two tomato plants in the ‘nook’ planter (the planter in the space behind the house and beside the porch) have been prolific this season, but are looking awful right now. Today’s plan is to cut as much dead stuff off as I can to give the living parts as much encouragement as I can.

Are you growing a garden this year? I’d love to hear about it!

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Tomato Harvest July 24, 2016


These are the tomatoes I picked this morning. I should have picked yesterday because several tomatoes had been found and sampled by birds. It is so hot now (heat index of ONLY 130.8 degrees F today) that the plants are drying up in spite of being on the irrigation system and getting lots of water daily. I’m hoping we get more, but am reminding myself not to get TOO greedy…

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Tomato Harvest – July 14, 2016


These are all from the two tomato plants that are in the “nook” planter we have beside the porch and behind the house. We converted this brick planter from a regular one to a square foot planter a couple of years ago by taking out all the soil and replacing it with Mel’s Mix.

These plants have gotten twice as big as the ones in the main garden.

I’m beginning to think we’ll just plant two tomato plants next year – both in this planter – three weeks or so apart, putting all the big, heavy-duty plant ladders in the one planter – one behind each plant, one on each end of the planter and one in front of each plant, and maybe the last one between the two.

This year we had a storm that pulled the plants in this planter down, bending them almost double. We picked them up, propping them up as well as we could without breaking a lot of branches, but the damage was done. Next year we’ll do a better job of preparing for storms and giving the sweet plants as much support as we can.

Meanwhile, we’re feeling wonderful about our wonderful supply of tomatoes!


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