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New Highs

This dog may LOOK innocent, but she’s plotting her next move as you look at her.

We feed Amber on the back porch after she goes out and takes care of business each morning. Today I went to let her in. As I opened the door, she was jumping DOWN from the porch table!

My husband had pulled out the one chair we have down, sitting in it to rub a towel over her, since it was raining heavily this morning. She apparently first chewed part of the mesh of the chair off (GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!) and then jumped up onto the table to try to get at the other stacked chairs, water jug, and umbrella in the corner.

I reminded my husband that he wasn’t supposed to leave the chair away from the table and that it was now partially destroyed.  Sweet Amber has reached new highs on destruction and being able to get places she couldn’t get to before.

We’re supposed to be smarter than our pets, aren’t we?


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