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Happy Saturday!

Art and Expression via 2 STAR art

Things are gloriously QUIET around here today! A few errands, a few chores. My husband is doing well, our son is home. We are happily surrounded by our two dogs, two cats, and four goldfish, plus three hummingbirds flying around the feeder this morning.

DAY 5 of my renewed yoga practice, time to play in my art room, dinner figured out.

Doesn’t get much better than this. I hope you’re having a happy Saturday, too.


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Sharing a Beautiful Day

I just enjoyed walking around the yard, taking stock of what’s what while marveling that it wasn’t raining! Right now it’s 70 degrees F.!  Just gorgeous.  I wanted to show you the results of my trying to create a bit of order from the chaos created by Mother Nature recently. Here is one of our Rio Samba rosebushes. I pruned the three we have so they’ll bloom again in a couple of weeks. You can also see the tarp that is hopefully preserving the potting soil we removed from one of the two planters that collapsed. We are trying to gear up for rebuilding these ourselves, since the only estimate we’ve been able to get from an actual bricklayer was WAAAAAY too high.

Here you see one of the planters I weeded, cleaned out, and pruned.  You can see I need to weed whack next….

The second of the trio planters between our front yard and the driveway.

And this is the third planter. These are end-to-end .


And another. We have 14 planters we built 30 years ago. We live on top of a ridge line, so what soil there is was trucked in when we had the house built.  With the potting soil and an irrigation system, we are able to grow the flowers we love.

This is one view off the deck. We have lots of wave petunias and periwinkles on the deck this year. You can see our view in one direction. We love to pretend we own all this.

Here’s a view the other direction.

Some Impatiens on the front porch.

and more. You can see this planter needs some work.

And finally, I my travels around the yard I found –




and Abby, all enjoying the screened porch on this lovely day.

I hope it’s really nice where you are, too!

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Can Fish Smile?

I really like my fish. They don’t do tricks. They don’t say anything. They’re even quite a lot of work, since I’ve been having trouble coming up with a filtering system that was the right size to fit nicely in my aquarium and do the job it’s supposed to do. I enjoy speaking to them, especially when I feed them twice a day. The four fish all get in the upper corner on the right side when they see I’m ready to feed them. They wriggle like crazy and I swear they smile as they anticipate the fish flakes coming into the water.

That said, I bought a different design filter today. This is for aquariums from 5 to 15 gallons, so I’m at the extreme low-end of the scale. I took EVERYTHING out today, including all the gravel. I completely drained the water, washed the inside of the glass, scrubbed everything that went back in and then filled the tank again with the treated water I fix for them so that my tap water doesn’t bother them.  (I have 4 gallon jugs of treated water that is room temperature.) I put in the new filter pump with a new filter cartridge.

The newly cleaned tank has been running for about an hour now and is looking pretty good. The fish seem happy, and were even trying to convince me that it was time to feed them – gathering in the corner, wriggling, and smiling.

I don’t mind changing the filter cartridge more than once a month, but I don’t like having to change it every three DAYS as I was before, and it wasn’t even keeping the water clear! FINGERS CROSSED that what I did today results in the water staying clear for longer.

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email from Bill Lites

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Amber with Squeaky Frog Toy

I told you recently that we’re trying to get Amber to “Say It!” when she wants to go out, or from the outside of the door when she wants to come in.

Earlier today after she had been out about half an hour, I went to the garage door and peeked out. There she was, sitting on the steps, hoping someone would come. I said, “SAY IT!” through the crack, and after some encouragement, she gave me a good bark. I opened the door, let her in, gave her a treat and said, “GOOD GIRL!” My husband did the same thing when she got to the office, having heard the good bark.

Later, I was typing at the computer, concentrating on answering an email when Amber came and sat beside me. I looked at her and said, “Hi,” gave her head a couple of pats and then returned to my email.

Suddenly, a humongous “WOOF!” erupted from the smiling dog. I jumped straight up in the air, coffee cup in my hand – with both my husband and I saying, “Jesus!” at the same time, and then I managed “GOOD GIRL!” on the way down. I immediately got up, giving her a treat and let her out. She seems to be on the good side of the learning curve on getting out now. Hopefully, she’ll learn that woofing and door opening works in both directions…


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Companionship – Take 7

Email from Bill Lites

Email from Bill Lites

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Anita Opper - Zen to Zany  via Cathy Ruggiero

Anita Opper – Zen to Zany via Cathy Ruggiero

I can’t imagine life without a dog or cat or fish, or several of all three.

Losing a pet is one of the very hardest things there is. You find yourself sobbing, guts hanging out for all to see. Fewer things in life hurt more.

Some people decide, after losing a beloved pet, that they just won’t get another. They don’t want to open themselves up to that kind of hurt again.  You give to a pet unlimited love. You talk to them about everything because they’re so understanding and compassionate. You become co-dependent, feeling lost and alone when one of you isn’t there.

My husband and I have been lucky enough to have several pets over the years. Each time we lose one we’re devastated – inconsolable.  For us, though, the only thing that helps us is to go right out and find another.

Even though we aren’t sure we really want to, if we’re lucky enough to find another sweet animal to come live with us, we’re FORCED to reach out to meet the sweet little thing’s needs. We CANNOT withdraw into ourselves. We must feed it. We must take it outside. We must make a home for it, with bed, water and food bowls, a collar, tags, shots, spaying or neutering – the whole 9 yards.

In the process of doing this, we have found that, although we don’t miss the beloved pet any less, the new wriggling furry bundle of joy has helped our hearts heal a bit. Our new addition has forced us to go on, reacting to each other as well as the fuzzy little animal, filling a void with someone who needs us.

Yes, “Dogs are Miracles with Paws.” Anita Opper has said it perfectly. I love the bright little eyes on this guy, running to us, hoping he’ll be accepted…

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