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Fire Break and Leftover Weeds to Kill

I’m feeling much safer from the threat of wild-fire now. Not that we can actually control when one breaks out, how bad it will be, how the wind will factor in, etc., but I’m feeling more proactive – we’ve acknowledged the threat, and have done what is possible to do to not lose everything if we have one.

Foy Brown did a wonderful job for us. I feel good that he’s willing to come back and redo this area twice a year now. As well as making us safer, he opened up our view of the valley below for us. We love watching the seasons change.

Things are about 98% +  better than they were. Molly and I surveyed the areas that need the weed killer when the time is right.  You can see more weed trees to the left of the picture behind the bird bath. I’ll spray those, and some other weedy type greenery.


As you can see, Foy got rid of a bunch. I’ll spray behind the telephone pole and to the other side of this picture, where the brush was in the rocks.



The weeds were above my head all around the metal flower when we started. Now there are just a few areas needing to be sprayed.  Rain is forecast for tonight-into-tomorrow, with temperatures still high (it IS summer) but humidity a lot lower this weekend and into next week. Maybe I’ll get a good day to finish this project!



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Progress on our Fight with Weed Trees

The view is opening up!

My friend, Cathy, wrote, suggesting we try a weed killing product she thinks is great. It’s called KillzAll. You buy it concentrated, mix it with water, then spray it on what you want to kill. I ordered a gallon this morning. We can use it while we’re fighting with these and after we finish, plus be prepared to spray again whenever we see their ugly heads springing up. If we spray at the first sign of green in the spring, maybe we can keep them under control without so much work in the heat!


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Weed Trees :0(

Weed Identification-Brisbane City Council

This weed tree is similar to the ones I’m cutting down that grow naturally all the way across our back yard. Some of them are over 10 feet high! They grow where there isn’t any soil. They grow right back if you burn them down. We hired a nice young man last year who spent about 6 hours over several weekends clearing them out for us, but I decided I would do it myself this, year, a little bit at a time.

Recently I posted a picture of the little bitty hallway-type opening I had made. I just spent half an hour today lopping more. I’m trying to work when there is as little sun as possible and the temperatures are halfway reasonable.

As I type, I’m still huffing and puffing a bit, plus guzzling a bottle of water. I’m TRYING to tell myself that if I make any progress at all, I should be content. It’s not quite working out that way. In fact, the biggest reason I stopped this time was because the level I’m standing on in order to lop another weed tree, is very shaky ground. There are the remnants of the ones I’ve cut down, plus the ones from last year, sticking up. You can’t really tell where the ‘ground’ is. I lost my balance and sat down. It took me quite a while to lever myself back up so that I could come in

It’s nicely overcast today with a 40% chance of scattered showers, so I’ll rest a bit and then do another hitch while the weather is co-operative. I’ll post another picture when you can actually tell I’ve done more…

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Money Well Spent


When we were looking for land on which to build our home over 30 years ago, we wanted a lake, a nice creek, or a great view. We found that we couldn’t have all of them, so when we found this piece of land on top of a ridge line in Greenwood with a great view to the south, we jumped on it. When we were sitting on our porch several months ago, we were dismayed that we could no longer see down the hill into the valley due to a huge surge in growth of what we call, “weed trees.” They come up like a rocket and grow no matter what. They’ve particularly enjoyed the wet spring we had and the fairly mild summer.

We were also upset that we had lost our ‘fire break’ that might protect our home in the case of wild-fire.

We hired a man who works in Greenwood, handles several people’s lawns on the weekends, and agreed to take on the project of cutting our weed trees down. We agreed that he would come when he could and would pay him by the hour until the job was done.

He finished today and we’re delighted. This is our view taken while I’m sitting in a chair on the porch.




Here’s another shot from another chair on the porch.



Here’s a pic taken while sitting on the deck.




This one was taken standing in the yard.



And another. You can see that I still need to use the weed whacker to clean up the edges between the ‘civilized’ part of the back yard and the hill, but that won’t be too large a job.



We’re delighted to have our view back, plus we now feel safer that we could protect our home in case of a wild-fire.









Money well spent, indeed!  THANK YOU, Shane.


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