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A Ride in the CAR!

Like most dogs, Amber LOVES to ride in the car. She does fine when my husband and I are both in the car and she is in the back. We only need to remind her a couple of times to ‘stay back.’ We let the windows down just enough for her to put her head out and enjoy the wind. She goes back and forth from window to window, trying not to miss anything.  I wouldn’t want to drive by myself with her in the car, although my husband does it when he drives down the driveway for the mail. (He holds one leg.) I’m trying to convince him that a dog seat belt would be a good thing…

A couple of days ago we decided took her to the vet’s office to get an official weighing, since she was 8 months old on November 7th. On the way, a deer ran diagonally in front of the truck. It was close enough I gasped, but far enough my husband was able to slow down and not hit it. Amber was fascinated, whining and scurrying back and forth, nose full open.  We slowed down beside the land where a man keeps two horses for his sons. She had never seen a horse before. I guess the horses were about 50 feet from us, but it seemed that they were interested in Amber, too, snorting and looking at her.  We also saw a strange cat, a rabbit, a crane on the lake, and finally a possum running across the road. It was really a ‘National Geographic’ type trip to town…

There were two ladies and a cute bulldog at the vet’s. My husband had the no-pull collar on Amber, which will shock her if she pulls a lot and stop when SHE does. He said afterwards that if there had been carpet at the vet’s, he wouldn’t have been able to hold her. As it was, she couldn’t get any traction, giving us at least a little control. I’m not sure if the no-pull collar wasn’t working or if Amber was so excited to see the ladies and the dog that she didn’t notice, but we’ll definitely need to do more leash training. Happily, the ladies were gracious about our over-exuberant puppy, wanting to pet her, and allowing her to meet the bulldog.

We were able to dash in, weigh Amber, wave to the vet, and get out again. Amber officially now weighs 81 pounds.! To think she has at LEAST 4 more months to grow before she’s ‘full grown’ is kind of scary. We were hoping she would stop at 70…

I think the next time we try to take her in someplace in public we should use the regular shock collar we keep on her during the day. She reacts well to that, whether she’s on the leash or not.

Here’s hoping….

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New Approach

Amber at 6 months old is a sweet, doofus, loveable, hard-headed dog. She now knows much of what we want her to do, but many times CHOOSES not to do it.  We’re having good luck using treats to encourage her to respond to commands. The main problem area is getting her to stop doing things she shouldn’t.

We got a smart no-pull collar that works with our retractable leash that gives her a warning when she pulls too hard for too long, or decides to play, “Crazy Dog,” running back and forth to the end of the leash. If she continues, she receives a shock. Now, if she’s wearing the collar, she acts very nicely – EXCEPT when she is confronted with a whole vet office full of critters at one time, with ONE big dog acting hostile.

We have to say things over and over, such as “Down” when she’s right beside our dining table. It’s as if she’s on a trampoline. She obeys the command and then pops right up, over and over again. Or we say, “no.” She stops for a split second, and then starts in again. Over and over…

Lately we got a more regular shock collar. I don’t like these much, but certain dogs don’t seem to take you seriously until you really get their attention and show them that you are the lead dogs in the pack. Amber seems to be one of these. The squirt bottles of water and the fly swatters seem to invite her to PLAY many times, rather than disciplining her.

So, the collar is set up so that we can warn her with a sound she can hear, but we can’t. We warn her, and sometimes that’s enough. She stops whatever she’s doing. If she ignores the warning, we have the shock level carefully set so that it gets her attention, stopping whatever she’s doing, but it doesn’t hurt her so she yipes.

My husband started using it day before yesterday. The first day he had to hit the shock button 3 or 4 times during the day and evening. Yesterday it was only once. So far today, not at all. And when he hits the warning tone, she’s beginning to respond to that well.

At almost 62 lbs now – with possibly another 20 pounds to go, we need to be serious 24/7 before she hurts one of us. Her exuberance is pretty impressive, and she has a healthy streak of ‘stubborn,’ as well. Since we have heard that labs are ‘puppies’ for 2 years, we’ve set up for the long haul on serious training.  We’re making good progress. We want her to be a happy member of our animal and human family, plus act politely around other people and other animals. We just need to keep on keepin’ on…


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