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Beautiful Rainy Day

Zen to Zany

We’ve had  a very rainy, restful day.

We made a brief trip to get mail and run errands, but mostly we’ve just enjoyed the rain and the relatively cool day because of it.

I got a small start on painting the sun and moon wall hanging today. I’m just trying to get the basic color blocking done first. I have to admit I’m intimidated by all the shading needed on this piece. I’ll go slowly and do the best I can.

Otherwise, Molly and Amber are finally beginning to call a truce to the hostilities around here. They’re definitely moving toward détente.


Here are Molly and Amber on the dog bed in the utility room. Molly definitely has a defensive posture, but Amber is slowly making her realize Amber doesn’t want to hurt her.


Amber moves in slowly. If she moves too quickly, Molly snarls a bit.


Here is a meeting of the minds (and noses) – at least for a bit. Each day Amber is taking less time to calm down after the initial coming into the house chaos.

Quiet, restful day here. I hope you’re enjoying a wonderful Saturday, too.

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