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Thoughts on a Thursday 3-5-2020

Judge Lynn Toler via TinyBuddha.com  via Desiree Angelique Hackett

I’m having trouble getting much done today.

My husband came into our office this morning and told me he was going to watch “Joker” – and asked if I wanted to see it. I changed my plans and we watched it.  When it was over, I felt exhausted. It is a really powerful movie. I can certainly see why Joaquin Phoenix won the Oscar for Best Actor. He created an unforgettable character.  I won’t say I ‘enjoyed’ the movie. The character was too strong and there was too much violence for me. I’m glad we saw it.

There are three actors in particular that my husband and I discussed once we finished the movie. We consider them absolutely superlative actors. I’m speaking of Philip Seymour Hoffman, Daniel Day-Lewis and Joaquin Phoenix. I would also include some others, but their names don’t come to mind right now. We are in awe of their talent, but many times won’t watch their performances because we don’t like their choices of films or characters.  I hope my explanation makes sense.

After the movie, it was time for lunch. Then we got caught up in the news with the important breaking news events.

I have just now finished listing my newest earrings on ArtFire and Etsy, and the day is almost gone for regular working purposes.  I want to thank those who reached out and gave me their feedback on the new layered earrings. I have more ideas swirling around in my brain now that won’t quit until I can make time to get up to my art room again.

When I took Molly out this morning, I thought we had a turtle in the front yard – one of those with a shell like a metal helmet. As we got closer, the ‘helmet’ moved. I saw it was a large field rat. UGH. I steered Molly away from the area to do her business while our ‘Hunter Cat Smoke’ decided a delightful game of ‘Cat & Mouse’ would be fun. I just hope she leaves him and his parts out in the woods, rather than bringing assorted parts to the welcome mat in our garage.

I hope that YOU have all YOUR ducks in a row today. If not, we’ll just punt…

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Green Book

Green Book – YouTube.com

We may be the last people on the planet to see Green Book, but we finally saw it last night. If you haven’t, consider putting it on your list of movies to see.

The synopsis of the plot is, “A working-class Italian-American bouncer becomes the driver of an African-American classical pianist on a tour of venues through the 1960’s American South.” But it’s much more than that. 

The movie stars Mahershala Ali and Viggo Mortensen. Mahershala Ali won Best Supporting Actor at the Oscars and the move won Best Movie. It also won Best Screenplay. For these reasons I felt I ‘should’ watch it, but I wasn’t expecting to love it.

The acting was first rate. The script was intelligent and the humor subtle. It was beautifully done, rich in portraying the deep south in the 60’s, along with stereotypes on all sides. I cared what happened to the characters and I found myself tearing up at the end. People learned from each other, seeing each other as people – seeing through preconceived notions and baggage.

I highly recommend this movie.


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“A Private War”

I think I first learned about Journalist Marie Colvin on 60 Minutes.  My husband and I watched the movie yesterday. It is based on an article in Vanity Fair by Arash Amel  titled “Marie Colvin’s Private War.”

This was a really well-done movie, allowing you to get to know her as a driven, gutsy journalist whose personal mission was to tell you the stories of the real cost of war to individuals.

We ended up feeling an overwhelming respect for her and her team, being proud to live on the same planet. She died covering the war in Homs, Syria in 2012.

The movie stars Rosamond Pike as Marie Colvin, and Jamie Dornan as Paul Conroy.

I highly recommend this movie.

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“The Intouchables”


We watched this movie from our collection last night. It had been awhile since we saw it the first time, then bought the DVD.

The main plot is that a black man (Omar Sy) needs to apply for one more job in order to start receiving money from the state. He applies as a caretaker for a paraplegic (Francois Cluzet). Cluzet is a man of some wealth. He has enjoyed the finer things of life, but a hang glider accident has taken away almost all of the joy of life. The black man is hired on probation.

This doesn’t sound like a feel good movie, does it. The friendship that develops between these two men is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. They each make the other’s life richer, more enjoyable. The movie had us laughing out loud.

We highly recommend it!!

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“Whiskey Tango Foxtrot”



My husband and I watched this a couple of nights ago. The synopsis reads, “A journalist recounts her wartime coverage in Afghanistan.”

The movie managed to do two things

  • give a picture of what it would be like to be in the middle of a war where women are considered property, rather than people, facing untold danger
  • manages to blunt the corners of a terrible situation, allowing you to look at it from a different perspective
  • shows you the length journalists must go to get a good story, and to maintain their jobs and status

I was really impressed with Tina Fey as one of the journalists. Although there were several times she probably wouldn’t have survived in the real situation, I left impressed with the gutsiness of her character, her determination to do the best possible reporting that she could, while being very human.

The movie was a combination of gritty and humorous, if you can believe it. The title is indicative of the tongue-in-cheek attitude in parts of the movie.

I would like to read what you think of it.

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“Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium”


My husband taped this for me a couple of nights ago and I’m still feeling good after watching it.

Mr. Mogorium’s Wonder Emporium stars Dustin Hoffman, Natalie Portman, Zach Mills, and Jason Bateman. The actors are perfect for the roles they play.

“Magic flows freely through the walls and toys within the Wonder Emporium. But when Mr. Magorium (Dustin Hoffman), the store’s 243-year-old proprietor, decides to turn the reins over to his manager Molly Mahoney (Natalie Portman), mysterious changes creep over the Emporium. Molly and Henry (Jason Bateman), an accountant, must discover the magic within themselves if they are ever to revive the now-quiet toys.”

This is a delightful movie. A really feel-good, uplifting movie. The only thing that could have been better was that the movie be longer. I have now ordered the DVD so that I can watch it over and over again, whenever I’m feeling a bit down.

I lost myself in their magical world. I would love to be able to visit this toy store and call the people in it my friends.

If this sounds good, try it. Let me know what you think.


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