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Wonderful Gift

Our friend, Carla, called a few minutes ago, asking if we could give her a ride to Fort Smith to pick up her car that had been being worked on. We jumped into the truck, picked her up and got her to the Kia service shop with about 10 minutes to spare before they closed for the day. It rained on us Рfrom one cloud Рon the way over there, barely enough to need the windshield  wipers.

As we got into the rush hour traffic headed for home, though, it started raining more seriously. As we got closer to the Greenwood turnoff, we saw this –


This isn’t OUR double rainbow, but it’s very similar to the wonderful gift we experienced from Mother Nature.

When we turned into the road that runs through Greenwood, one rainbow was on either side of the road ahead of us.  Just stunningly beautiful!

As we neared home, it was obvious that at our house, the driveway was barely damp.¬† If we hadn’t helped Carla, we would have missed the whole thing.

Not to be TOO greedy, I’m hoping we see a few meteors tonight from the Orionid Meteor Shower.


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Mother Nature’s Gift

We were out walking Amber last night just before dark and saw this sky. I went in to get my camera because this is really unusual. These pics are taken pointing EAST. The last I heard, the sun RISES in the EAST and SETS in the WEST.

Anyhow, the sky was spectacular and I wanted to record it and share it with you.













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