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Mid Summer Blooms

In Arkansas in mid summer, plants begin to get stressed out. Even though we have an irrigation system and the plants are watered daily, when we get heat indexes or actual temperatures of 108, no amount of watering is enough. The poor plants simply broil.  I took some pics to show you our blooms before the heat gets to be too much for too long….




I love the volunteer wave petunias in the grass.


One of my husband’s favorite things is the periwinkles we plant in what we call our “emu” planters.




These zinnias have all come up THIS year voluntarily when they failed to come up when I sprinkled the seeds LAST year…




Volunteer Impatiens






We’ve gone from incredible humidity summer to what will probably be no rain and no humidity broiler summer for the rest of the season. We’ll be happy if anything survives. We sure have enjoyed our blooms this year, though.



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