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Spring View from our Back Yard

We live on top of a ridge line outside of Greenwood, Arkansas. We basically own part of the top of it. Our property goes all the way down to the street in front and about half way down in the back.

One of my favorite things is to watch the seasons change in the valley below the house. Here you can see things are really beginning to green up. The red buds are enjoying their last hurrah and our purple iris and wisteria are beginning to bloom.

Here you can also see the dog we made, plus the “peacock” hanging onto the leftover ham radio antenna section we mounted on some concrete.


When you own the top part, you can pretend that you own all you can see. I’m moving from right to left across the back yard to give you a feel for our nice view.

There are the loveliest people who put on a 4th of July display each year.  We’ve driven down to see if we can figure out where they are so we can thank them, but so far, haven’t been able to locate them.

You can also see one of the mosaic gazing balls I made a few years ago for the bird bath.

Another view farther to the left. You can also see the ‘weed trees’ with greenery right at the top of each stalk. I carefully negotiate the rocks, brambles, stickers, etc. trying to get rid of these each spring.

To the left a bit farther is our ham radio tower and my greenhouse. There is also three evergreen trees growing together just to the left of this which is the home of lots of cardinals and other birds who frequent the feeders hanging from our deck.

I spend lots of time walking around out here, enjoying the changes as each season progresses.


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Pretending is Such Fun

We moved to Greenwood, Arkansas about 30 years ago. We wanted to build an earth-sheltered, bermed home with a Southern exposure, built right into the hillside, open to the south to take advantage of passive solar heat. My husband traveled around most every day after work, trying to find our land. He finally found this land, a parcel of about 8 acres on top of a ridge line.

When he first showed it to me, it was about 104 degrees F. There was no way up to the top of the ridge line, except for walking, which we did, through fairly dense, very rocky land. When we got to the top, I was gasping for air. Of course, we didn’t think of bringing water with us. I thought my husband had lost his mind. I could see very little difference between what we had seen at the road in front of the place and the top of the hill, where he proposed we build our home.  I would eat my words when the bulldozers cleared the land for our home. My husband had much more vision than I.



We had FHA approved plans for a two-story dome into the hill-side, with a tunnel that led to a one-story dome completely underground.  The top of the dome would be above ground, covered almost completely with grass, which we would mow. The south exposure would be open, looking out into the valley. It would be super efficient, cost little to cool or heat. We were really excited. After talking to everyone who built homes anywhere around here, we finally had to give up our idea. No one would seriously talk to us, and they all priced the home so high we couldn’t afford it, and THEN added a rock clause to the top of that – basically saying the estimate on the house didn’t mean anything. We started over, looking at the insides of houses, looking for the features we wanted, and built the house that fit our needs the best.

We had to BLAST for our basement, our septic system, and the pool we wanted, but never actually built. The rock clause was necessary.


I don’t really know how far we can see from our deck. I know we can watch the seasons change in the valley, watch the storms roll in, enjoy all the different colors, and even firework displays of our neighbors in the valley, pretending we own all we can see.


We’ve built our own little world here, and have already enjoyed it for 30 years. We feel we’re just getting started.

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