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Getting Flower Beds ready for Winter

Since we have no soil, other than what was trucked up here 30 years ago, my husband, son and I built 14 brick planters of varying sizes and shapes around the yard and filled them with potting soil.

Recently, we’ve converted two of them to raised bed square foot planters so that we have a better place to grown tomatoes each year. (My husband says I can try to grow anything I’d like, as long as we have plenty of home-grown ripe tomatoes. :0) )

We cleaned out two more, having decided to start over with our favorite Rio Samba Roses in the spring. These are empty now, except for soil. (Our lab puppy, Amber, is determined to dig in the planters, spreading soil each time she goes out. We’re in the process of trying to deter her. )

That leaves 10 brick planters that I need to prune and otherwise clean out, and then mulch with the leaf mulch I’ve been making so that all is protected for the winter.

So far three of the 10 are finished.


Three planters are end to end between the civilized part of the front yard and our driveway. Please ignore the leaves you see on the ground. My eye injury has put me way behind on raking leaves and making mulch. It’s on my list….



This is the planter in the middle of the three.


This is the planter on the other end.

So far, today, I’ve cleaned out one more planter –

As soon as I get a few more planters cleaned out, I’ll distribute mulch.

Here is a close up of the mulch I’m making and distributing –


We’re going to do errands in a bit, and after we’ve had lunch, I’ll try to get at least one more planter cleaned out today.

I hope you’re enjoying your day, too!


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Just in Time

Dr. Dan's Garden Tips

Dr. Dan’s Garden Tips

I’m still making my way around the garden, trying to clean out our flower planters and add leaf mulch. Today I didn’t get out there until early afternoon. I managed to prune/cut back two 8 foot planters before it started to sprinkle hard enough I called it quits.

My husband and I started our ‘getting ready for winter’ list, too – which today consisted of turning off the irrigation system to the planters, draining the irrigation system, and bringing out the automatic and propane heaters in the well house. I won’t turn off the irrigation system to the vegetable garden until it looks like we might get a freeze.

It got quite  bit cooler today, with a high of 62 degrees F., so it was a glorious day to be out working in the yard without having to wear a sweat band!

It’s bowling with friends for us tonight. I hope you’ve had a good day, too. :0)

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