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Small Rant


I’m aggravated. I told you last week that I started with an online exercise guy who promised to make me feel better, look better, etc. I made it through a really long video and decided I would take him up on it. I paid $39 for a 0-6 pack abs video with safe exercises for a person of my shape, showing me exercises to help me make progress toward my goal without hurting me, the way regular exercises might. Also included was an online edition of exercises that would help me continue my improvement.

Meanwhile, they’re sending me several emails a day, plus their affiliates are also sending me several emails a day.

I made it through another long video which was supposed to give me an exercise called, “The Oyster” which I was supposed to be able to start right away. I like that, because I’m not a patient person and I want to get healthier, get rid of some aches and pains, improve my balance, etc. I TRIED to make it through this video, but it just went on and on with LOTS of repetition and endless detail I wasn’t interested in. I finally gave up before they supposedly finally got to the exercise.

Right now I’m playing the video again on another page while I’m typing this. I’m HOPING I can get to the exercise. There is no bar on the bottom of the video, so you can’t just move it toward the end. :0(

I’ve written to them a couple of times. (Yes, it was 4th of July week, but apparently they aren’t easily reachable to answer questions, before or since the holiday.)

SO – I’m HOPING I get the DVD in the mail today – or SURELY by next week – so I can start those exercises. Meanwhile, I’m HOPING I can finally zero in on the OYSTER exercise, which I’d like to try….



End of Rant

Madeleine Jacobs


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