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Wasp Magnet?

The Man of Science

Have I told you I hate wasps?

I know they probably do all kinds of wonderful things to make our environment better, but I have to tell you I’m not impressed.

It seems they are EVERYWHERE around our place this year. Not only that, they’re hostile!

I spent two days last week with my arm swollen from a sting I got while walking Amber. We were going around the perimeter of the square foot garden and BAM! It took me two days for the hurt on the back of my arm and the itching on the opposite side, and the swelling to start to go away. Thankfully, I’m not seriously allergic – but this reaction is more than enough for me.

I never got stung by anything until last summer. Now it seems the memo has gone out that all the red wasps in the area are on the lookout for this old broad.

I’ve been trying to cut down our weed trees across the back that cut off our view. We have a metal flower we made and attached to the telephone pole in the back. Well, guess who has made a nest under the plastic bowl we used as the center of the flower. When my husband and I were chain sawing some of the weed trees a couple of days ago, we disturbed them and they came flying out with a vengeance. My husband didn’t see them and wasn’t bothered. I almost had to run to the next town to get them to stop chasing me.


The weed trees are still pretty thick around this.


This we call the popadoo bird and the wasps get inside the metal around his neck and nest.

There’s another next inside the electrical box beside the people door to the shop. My husband and I went to the shop to get a decoration to put up on the mailbox this morning. We opened the door and I started to turn on the light, almost putting my hand on a wasp on the switch inside the door. I gasped and stepped back, and the wasp came right for me. I tried to knock it out of the air with my purse – making probably a funny sight – no no avail. He actually came and sat on my sunglasses on my FACE! I pulled them off quickly and through them on the floor – a little hard on the glasses, but better than getting stung between the eyes. My husband tried to step on it, but missed. He flew off up toward the ceiling in the shop. We got the mailbox decoration and came back out.

I’m making it my mission to rid our place of wasps – as much as humanly possible. I’ve armed myself with

  • one can of ‘shoot-them-dead-out-of-the-sky’ spray, and
  • another can of ‘ooze-into-their-nests-and-kill-them-while-they-sleep’ spray.

Between the two of them, I’m hoping that I can get to the point I’m not continually cringing, carrying a fly swatter, or running for my life.


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