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Cleaning Out the Closet

Bandit Tape Gun

Last year I did a major cleaning out of my clothes closet. Happily, we have a guest room now that has a walk-in closet, so I moved my spring and summer stuff in there. Today, I’m moving the winter things out and the spring things in.

If I get that accomplished, I’ll start going through to see what I’ll get rid of. I figure that if I do a major purge twice a year, that’s really good for me. Plus, I’ve decided that if I can really get serious about getting rid of things I know longer like, things that don’t fit, and things I never wear, I can then treat myself to some new things!

It’s raining in waves here, with no chance of even thinking of doing anything outside. I have a beef stew in the crock pot, so it’s the perfect time for this.

I’ll talk to you later!

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Monday’s Project

“Wash on Monday,
Iron on Tuesday,
Bake on Wednesday,
Brew on Thursday,
Churn on Friday,
Mend on Saturday,
Go to meeting on Sunday.” ~ Nursery Rhyme

If I would actually try to adhere to the nursery rhyme above, maybe I would have to devote a whole day to each cleaning project – except that you notice there is no day for working in the yard, working in the garden, playing in the art room……

Today’s project wasn’t an all day project because we’re going bowling with good friends this evening.

My husband fixed me a nice counter top with shelves above as a planting station. What actually happens, though, is that it becomes a landing station for all manner of things, such as extra sugar free iced tea, beer, Pepsi Zero, A&W, wine, plus cat carriers, buckets….

We both contribute to the disaster here. My husband walks past it, saying, “It would be good if you’d clean up your area….” This suggestion generates a whole bunch of creative come-backs, usually thought, but rarely spoken, plus my choosing another area that needs my attention rather than this one.

This morning I decided ‘today is the day” to clean up my garage counter, if just a little bit.

True to form, my husband came into the garage just as I was beginning, suggesting I go help him with the mower. I smiled sweetly, telling him that I was cleaning up my garage counter, as he recently suggested. :0)

As you can see in the picture above, it was WAAAAAY past time to have cleaned this up. You can hardly tell there is a counter there.

This is after a bit of reorganizing, moving a few things out to the shop and cleaning. See – there IS a nice looking counter top there! My husband was pleased with my efforts, particularly since I made sure he could easily get to his drinks without moving a bunch of stuff.

I then went out to help him with the mower a bit.

So, big projects are done for the day. We can clean up and look  forward to friends and bowling this evening!


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My Day



This is what our fridge looks like, except ours is black.

We bought it about 7 years ago, and have been really happy with it.

Lately, though, the gasket in the freezer at the bottom has become brittle on the sides, allowing air to get in and causing ice to form. We found a repairman who is ordering another gasket for us as soon as it arrives. Today, though, it was all iced up and desperately needed attention.

We got our styrofoam coolers down from the attic, spreading them out all over the kitchen. I emptied the freezer, tossing out things that were old or we don’t eat anymore. Then we defrosted the freezer that usually doesn’t have to be defrosted, using a hair dryer, a fan, and keeping the drawers open.

We just finished cleaning it all up a few minutes ago. I’m going to start returning things to the freezer in a bit.

While we were waiting, I cleaned out the rest of the fridge, finding FOUR jars of cherries. My husband tried to look blameless, but didn’t pull it off. :0)¬† I know have the regular part of the fridge cleaned and rearranged.

It’s too bad that it takes something like the freezer filling up with ice in order for us to do a thorough cleaning. I think almost anything takes priority…

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