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“Hotel Artemis”


My husband rented this movie, Hotel Artemis, from NetFlix. The first few minutes were really awful, in my opinion, and I almost went into the other room to read. Then I suddenly recognized I was looking at Jodie Foster and I thought I would give it another few minutes.

In my strong, decidedly NOT humble opinion, Jodie Foster deserves an academy award for this performance. Acting just doesn’t get better than this. She owned this strong, flawed character and I know I’ll never forget her, as the character, or the movie. We will add it to our personal collection.

It IS very violent. It’s pretty much out of character for me to even stay in the room with a violent movie, but the story was so strong and the acting was so good by several characters that I simply was drawn in.

Kudos to Dave Bautista, who plays the ‘nurse’s aide,’ a title he obviously is proud of. ‘Gentle giant’ comes to mind when I think of him, and I hope we see him in other movies.

Sterling K. Brown’s performance really moved me. His loyalty to his brother made me cry.

Consider looking past a lot of violence to see acting you don’t often enjoy any more in a strong story you won’t forget.

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