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How Hot Can it Get?

This was posted by one of our local weather people on Facebook yesterday. He said today would be much the same. We are in Greenwood (left column).

On that happy note – we plan to do a lot of staying inside!

I hope YOUR weather is much more sensible.  Enjoy your Monday.


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Hot Dog

hot Amber

With the temp and humidity today, this afternoon will FEEL like 106 degrees F.  UGH. Our forecasters are saying that tomorrow we’ll finally get our first rain in over a month and a bit of a cool down. Hooray! Meanwhile, we turn on fans, A/C, drink lots of cold drinks, and pant a lot.

hot Molly

The cats and the fish are taking things in stride.







“The Guys”

So, until about noon, we’ll all just sit under the ceiling fan with the doors and windows open, then be really thankful for the a/c until this evening. Some of us hang our tongues out straight, some out the side.

If we get the forecasted rain tomorrow, we’ll all go out (except maybe the cats and the fish) and dance in the rain while my husband can finally burn some trash….


Happy Tuesday everyone!


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A Heat Index of WHAT?

Our temperature this afternoon is supposed to reach at least 100 degrees. Our humidity is 61%. Just for giggles, I decided to look up the heat index (what it FEELS like) and it said 131 degrees F.   WHAT!

My husband and I have been going out about 8pm and doing what we can in the garden. Last night we got the metal support up for the 3rd raised garden bed box! Tonight we’ll try to put the wooden garden box into the support and fill it with Mel’s Mix. (At least we can put in the mix that I put in the trash cans. With all the asparagus roots I dug out of the garden, I didn’t come up with nearly as much Mel’s Mix to reuse.).  I may have to wait until Sunday evening to mix up enough to fill the new box. When we get it filled, I’ll take pics.  We also need to change the bulb in a yard light on the shop, if we can.

Meanwhile, if you’re in one of the dangerous or extreme heat areas today, please take care of yourself. Heat stroke is no laughing matter.

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What the Heat Index Means

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 10.28.26 AM

With the actual temperature at 92 degrees F, and the humidity at 74%, that means it FEELS as if it’s 116 degrees F outside. I took the dogs out, and my husband walked out to the shop and back, and we decided that’s enough for today, except for grocery shopping.


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