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Hello, Spring!

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I just LOVE this! Along with the sentiment, the whole idea of spelling it out with things from nature – with the delicate colors – is  perfect.

I’m not sure what today will bring, but we certainly have the weather for it here in Greenwood, Arkansas. In fact, today’s high will be a huge change, at 88 degrees F.  We might even have to turn on the air conditioner for a bit this afternoon!

My husband and I enjoyed the first cookout of the season last night, grilling steaks. It’s been a long time since we enjoyed one, so it’s hard to describe how DELICIOUS it was. AND, since we don’t eat potatoes as a rule anymore, the baked potatoes tasted especially good, as well.

There was a wonderful breeze as we cooked on the deck. The sun was going down. We had both doggies out with us, having one on the long deck leash and the other running free, then changing them. Both cats visited from time to time, then found something to pounce on in the taller grass along the edge of the ‘civilized’ part of our back yard.  My husband enjoyed some iced tea. I had a cup of coffee.

We were tired, but nicely so. We had changed our truck tires from the snow tires to the regular ones. This is getting to be a harder and harder job for us, but we’re still managing. My husband has decided that this is a matter of pride now, so we’ll probably be trying to do this ourselves for several years from now.

We discussed how wonderful it was that we discovered that Chuck Berry, 90, one of our teenage favorites, was married to the same woman for 68 years. We can hope for some time together yet. :0)

I hope your 1st day of spring is a happy one!

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I Wish…

"Dandelion Fluff" - Paul Militaru Photography

“Dandelion Fluff” – Paul Militaru Photography

Did you blow on a dandelion as you made a wish when you were a child? I have fond memories of that – wishing for the stars – and then some.

Today I would do it again, if I had a dandelion. I would wish for as many days like today as possible.

It was, in some ways, an ordinary day for us. We did our chores around the house, went to town and did our errands. I did two more sections from my new yoga DVDs and was so relaxed I took a nap. While we were out, my husband asked me if I wanted him to cook steaks on the grill tonight. It was a perfect night for it. The temperatures cooled off and there was a beautiful breeze on the deck. We plugged in our rope LED lights that go all the way around the inside top of our deck, so it looked quite festive. Our dogs and cats were with us, enjoying chasing the occasional ‘something’ across the yard in the grass.

We just finished our glorious dinner, celebrating the weather, the fact that we’re trying to get healthier, and that we are together. I ate my steak, enjoying every bite, and my husband also enjoyed a baked potato, although I convinced him to be satisfied with a much smaller one that he is used to eating.

He is happily enjoying a book now. Recently I re-read “To Kill a Mockingbird” for the umpteenth time. I got on Netflix awhile back and ordered it, so I’m about to go in, grab my ice water, and enjoy one of my favorite movies of all time.  The day was all I could wish for. I hope my virtual wish, looking at this beautiful photo by Paul Militaru, comes true.



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