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5 Minutes of Ahhhh!

We just had what MAY have been 5 minutes of a good rain. I TRIED to take some pics, but I couldn’t capture the ‘glorious-ness ‘ of it. By the time I had snapped 3 pics and walked to the front door, the rain had stopped.

Since I’m a greedy person, I want MORE. It’s so comfortable in the office right now. Amber is sitting beside me, moving every couple of seconds, wanting a cookie. The ceiling fan is moving the cooler air around nicely.

You can see that my husband has the ‘brown and crunchy’ lawn that is his favorite, but there are a few patches of green here and there. I don’t want him to have to mow, but I DO want more rain…

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Ah, Glorious Rain!

I’m SO happy. I was sitting in my chair, re-reading a book and sipping coffee, front and back doors open to a nice breeze and suddenly heard the rain. Ah, glorious rain! We really need it.

We went out on the screened back porch (my dog Amber and I) so we could hear it better and smile at each other.

The forecast is for a ‘good chance’ of rain today and an even better chance tomorrow. Hooray!


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Thoughts on a Friday 10-25-2019

Animal’s Look

It’s cool (54 degrees F.) and raining today. I’m happy for the rain, but it’s a bit cool to dance in it.

We just got back from Lunch Bunch. Today we had almost more people than chairs for the group. It was wonderful. I’ve told you that the main group is Linda, Kay and me. We’ve met for Lunch Bunch every Friday for over 17 years now. Others have come and go. Some show up at various times, and the core remains the same. My husband was accepted as an honorary member several years ago. Now Kay’s husband is coming! Today our good friend Alice came, with one of her clients/friends. (Alice does professional machine quilting for scads of people). Conversation was lively and the service and food were good, as always, at the Pizza Barn, Greenwood AR.

Yesterday I finished the fourth plaque painted with Unicorn Spit Stain/Glaze.

Today I’ll start the last in the series.

I found a nice keto chili recipe (Suzanne Ryan – Simply Keto) that I’ll try tomorrow.  :0)

I hope you’re staying warm, dry, and cozy today.



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Thoughts on a Monday 9-23-2019


HAPPY FIRST DAY OF FALL!!!!! It’s raining here today (Ahhhh!) and cooler – at least for now, and I am one happy camper. :0)

Shop NZ

We had 5 hummingbirds at the feeders while we at the dining table this morning. A truly beautiful sight to start our day.



It’s DAY 21 for my daily yoga practice. Yesterday, after I had spent time weed whacking and then blowing the debris off the concrete areas, I was really tired and sore. As soon as I had finished a bottle of water and cooled off a bit, I did my yoga session, and it HELPED! Since I’m old and out of shape, my back stiffened up before bed, but I’m encouraged that I could FEEL it helping yesterday.

It’s DAY 6 on my getting-serious-about-keto efforts. To be honest, I’m not really sure where I am. The scales aren’t showing anything. I’ve been staying way under the 20 grams of carbs I’m allowed daily, figuring that even if I screw up on portion size or forget to add something, I should be coming out well. I’m really happy with the CarbManager.com carb tracking website.  It’s easy to use and I can quickly add food, water, or exercise from my computer or my phone.


Fingers crossed I will see some tangible results on either my scale, with my measuring tape, or both in the near future.


Our doggies seem calm after their fight yesterday morning. I will never know what started the fight. I’m just grateful that both doggies are doing fine today.

I didn’t make it up to my art room yesterday. I will try to get up there and play today.

Sleeping Should Be Easy


Our son, who lives and works in Thailand, came home after my husband’s stroke to help us through all the testing and the aftermath of the stroke. He will probably go back to his life soon. I’m am SO grateful that he wanted to be with us during this time. He has been a rock. SUCH a generous, caring man!

I hope you enjoy the first day of fall today – doing good things for yourself, feeling good, and finding great reasons to smile.



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A Rainy Day

Elena-(Livia) D-LinkedIn


Today is a glorious rainy day here in Greenwood, Arkansas. I say “glorious” because the rain was timed perfectly.

Yesterday we had to buy a new tire for our little riding lawn mower. My husband got it onto the mower and did the first mowing of the season. The grass was a bit high, but he managed. Now it looks like someone actually lives here. :0)

Our garden also appreciated a nice drink without a lot of blowing or hail, too! (I’ll post pics in a bit)

So we’re spending the day being thankful we don’t have to be outside working in the rain and chill, happy to have a warm, dry house.


Anthony J. D’Angelo

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Things are getting a bit soggy out here and we’re loving it. We don’t have to worry about one of the bad things that can happen to people – flooding – because we’re on top of a ridge line. Happily, too, the rain is JUST rain – not severe weather – just beautiful, soaking rain we really need.

My husband is a bit teed off, though. The lack of rain was bringing out his favorite kind of grass – “brown and crunchy,” and the grass will revive now and shoot up when the sun comes out tomorrow, as will the weeds I’ve been trying to get out of the flower planters.

When things have had a chance to dry out tomorrow, I’ll go out in my new “armor.” – jeans, long socks, my husband’s long-sleeved shirt, and a hat – trying NOT to get stung again by whatever red wasps are around. I’ll spray the bug killer first. The swelling from the recent sting is mostly gone now. Only a bit of itchiness remains. The bruise on the back of my hand – obtained when I threw my hands out, bashing one against a palette of bricks trying to get the wasp off, is now just a conversation starter with people who haven’t seen it at its finest – really black and swollen.

Living outside the city limits is wonderful for so many reasons. We’re close enough to town that we can ride in and get things several times a day, if needed, but far enough away – and up on top of the ridge line – so we have privacy. We aren’t in a ‘neighborhood’ where the tallness of the grass is an issue. We had room up here to build the shop my husband and I love so much. We had room to put up his ham radio tower. And room to build my greenhouse. We can pretend we own all we can see as we look out from our back yard, watching the seasons change amid the ridge lines. (We can see two others.) I could go on and on.

One of the bad things is that it’s not as civilized as it would be if we were living in town. We pay for a company to come quarterly and spray for everything – including stray elephants – inside and out. They came about a month ago when I was stung by a scorpion in our bed. I was freaked out for a long time about that. We HAVE scorpions, and other critters I don’t like around here, but usually they stay outside. You have to pay attention, though, and you can’t walk around barefooted without tempting the fates. Most of the critters around here don’t leap at you, so I can handle that.

Last night we were getting ready for bed. I was washing my face when a scorpion walked up out of the sink drain into my sink! I screeched for my husband to come with the forceps we keep around for such things. He took it and flushed it. I was still freaked, though, so went back downstairs for a while. Today I’ll clean upstairs and then bring the bug spray and spray all around our room, the guest room, the art room, the hallway, and the two bathrooms. Then I’ll be able to fully relax again. The company is scheduled to come quarterly. That’s expensive enough without having to call them in-between.

Today will be a nice ‘inside day’ – as we used to call it when I taught elementary school.  If I get antsy, I’ll go outside and play in the glorious rain!


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Watching the Glorious Rain!


We finally enjoyed a beautiful rain this morning!

It was overcast when we awoke, and the sky continued to darken as we ate breakfast. By the time we were in the office, it was like night! Of COURSE the doggies wanted to go out. As we did that, we decided that maybe we ought to pay attention and close the garage door for what was coming. It was MUCH cooler, so we opened the front and back doors and went out on the porch to welcome the storm.

We ended up with the doggies out there with us, watching the clouds move past us from west to east, erasing the one band of lighter sky as we watched. Then wave after wave of hard rain followed. It was coming straight down, so we didn’t get wet. Amber played with my husband, trying to drop a really heavy toy on his socked toes in his sandals, then switching to a basketball, then back to the heavy toy over and over. Every once in a while, if lightning flashed or thunder rolled, she would look out the screen, wag her tail, and then continue the joy of her play.

We sat out there about 15 minutes or so. It was WONDERFUL. The weather people say that it should clear sometime this afternoon and then we could get more this evening. HOOORAAAAAAY!

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Glorious Rain!

It looks like fall in my yard, it’s so full of leaves fallen from trees that have finally given up. They’ve been so parched they’re shedding their leaves to try to live through the intense heat we’ve been having this summer.

The past two days we’ve enjoyed some glorious rain. The first day we danced in it, laughing while we burned the backlog of trash in the shop. Today we got caught in it while we were grocery shopping. We were drenched, and never stopped smiling.

We had lots of thunder this afternoon. I sat in my recliner with a cup of coffee and my current book. Later I woke up, refreshed from a wonderful nap.

I can almost hear all the plant life outside saying, “AHHHHHHH!”

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Luxury of Life

Pom-Poms via Zen to Zany via Cathy Ruggiero

Pom-Poms via Zen to Zany via Cathy Ruggiero

We finally got a bit of rain yesterday for which I’m very grateful. It cooled things off to ‘possible’ around here. It’s been over 100 with high humidity for about two weeks now, so to have the temperature in the 90’s with some RAINDROPS seemed like heaven.

We stood outside, letting it rain on us to celebrate our good fortune.

We also used the opportunity to burn the boxes we had filling up the shop. What a glorious hour or so we had!



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