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Mosaic Bowl is Almost Finished!

Yesterday morning I grouted the bowl. It’s a bit like making mud pies, in that you put a huge glop of grout on the side, then try to mash it in-between the tiles. Then you add another glop. There’s some water involved, vinyl gloves, sponges, cloths, etc. You cover the bowl generously, then start using the sponge to remove the excess. You want to end up with the space covered as evenly as possible with none left on the actual tiles.


I did this as much as possible yesterday. I’ll do a bit more clean up today, then paint on the sealer, and see if I can add just a bit of glitter. I’ll also cut a round piece of felt to glue on the bottom so that it won’t scratch furniture.  I’ll take pics again when it’s finished.

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Request Delivered

I got the extra package of horseshoes from Michael when he cut my hair this afternoon.

I brought them home and my husband and I got busy, trying to finish the project.

This picture gives you the best idea of what we did. The difference is that our tree is larger, having 5 horseshoes across the bottom of the tree, instead of the 4 you see here. We also put a straight piece on top of the top horseshoe so that Michael could put a star ornament on the top.

We took it right to him when we finished. I didn’t even get to take a picture of it with my phone!

The look on Michael’s face when we brought it into his shop was a joy for us. He really seemed pleased with the finished product. He’s such a nice person and takes such good care of both of us, it felt good to be able to give him a small ‘thank you.’

I wish we could take credit for the design. We found a number of clever ideas on the net. There are a lot of creative people out there!

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