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Holding My Own, But Not Blazing Trails This Week

This picture makes me laugh. I love the creativity of the person who thinks like this AND the expertise of the person who did the photoshopping to create it.

I had a stagnant week, ‘getting-the-lard-off-wise.’

Progress to date is 16 pounds off and 17.3 inches off.

I’m frustrated that I can’t report any improvement this week, but I’m pleased that I ate three of the four FLEX meals we’re supposed to eat and didn’t gain anything. I enjoyed a FLEX SNACK of a scoop of chocolate ice cream from Braum’s after bowling with friends; a FLEX LUNCH of the salad bar with “Breakfast Bunch”; and a FLEX DINNER of chicken fried rice from our favorite Chinese place. (I got a ‘small’ portion, but I ate the WHOLE thing.)

I can report that I AM doing yoga every day, but the bulk of my ‘exercise’ has been sessions of working in the yard. With our heat index above 100 (our actual temperature will be 102 today!) just walking around in the heat is work for me, much less the weed whacking and spraying of stuff toting 2 gallons of liquid – several half hour sessions per day.

I have become a camel, glugging down water to a fabulous degree, over and above the 64 oz I’m SUPPOSED to be drinking.

So – I didn’t lose, but I didn’t gain – holding my own. I’ll ‘keep my head down’ and ‘keep on keepin’ on,’ and will hopefully be able to report some progress NEXT week.

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Nutrisystem Week 5 Progress Report

Slow, but steady progress in the ‘Getting the Lard Off’ project.

  • Poundage lost through Nutrisystem to date – 9.6 lbs.  Since my heaviest – 22 lbs.
  • Inches lost through Nutrisystem to date – 13.3 inches. Since my lardiest – 29.7 inches.

I’m finding more energy gradually. This helps a lot in my exercise program. Each day I’m doing –

  1. Elliptical trainer
  2. weight exercise for shoulders
  3. over-the-door shoulder pulley
  4. yoga for stretching


Yesterday in particular I felt better than I’ve felt in a long time. I’m having to take less pain medicine for my shoulder muscles. I’m having to do fewer ice and heat sessions. I’m feeling looser with the stretching I’m doing. I’m feeling more energy to do a significant amount of cleaning, gardening, pet care, yard work, etc.

Both my husband and I have lost about 10 lbs since we started Nutrisystem. We both have health issues we monitor quarterly with our primary doctor and blood tests. We’re hoping that the next checkup in August will be a good one – showing distinct improvement. In the meantime, we’re agreed that this is something we really need to do for our long-term health and we’re happy we’ve taken the first step.




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Bouncing Back – Getting the Lard Off


Since I got back on the horse with MyFitnessPal.com and my goal of under 40 carbs and under 1200 calories per day last Saturday, I’ve lost 3 lbs. Total lost is now 23 lbs.  Since MyFitnessPal allows you to ‘play’ with various scenarios of what you’ll eat on a given day, you can work in things that are technically on the ‘not-to-eat’ list. An example:  we found some really nice-looking bicolored corn on the cob. By trying different ideas out, I was able to incorporate an ear of corn into my low carb day! Happily, it was some of the best corn on the cob we’ve ever eaten. Hooray!!!


I’m consciously moving more, having physical stuff outside or inside each day to add to my daily steps. I’m now averaging 5,000 steps per day, AND getting outside goals accomplished. On measurements, I’ve lost a total of 15 inches.



I’ve done yoga sessions on “Joints,” “Neck and Shoulders,” “Lower Back,” “Spinal Health,” “Hips,” “Legs,” and “Balance.” Today I’ll do the last session on the DVD set, “Overall Flow.” I FEEL better. Though I’m a bit sore from stretching in ways I haven’t for too long, I’m feeling looser and a bit more energetic. If I’m tired and sleepy during the afternoon, I take a nap, but I didn’t feel the need for the first time in a long time yesterday.

I’ve had a good starting-over week. I’ve made some progress and feel a difference. I feel more in control of myself.

On with Week 2!



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Getting the Lard Off – Progress Report 3/15/2017

Funnyblogs – Funnywebsite – Funnypictures

Awhile back I fell off the wagon. Even though I’m eating good, low-carb food most of the day, ‘something happens’ once dinner is over. I feel I’m starving (you can see from the pic above how I’m wasting away) and I keep eating. I’ve been talking to myself, trying to change my ways, but it’s not working yet.

So – I’m at a weight loss of 35 lbs and 20 inches and I can’t seem to get on a downward path.

I have all kinds of excuses, but none that holds any water. I’m giving in to my weakness and stuffing my face. I AM trying to reread the books that got me motivated in the first place, and I’m hoping I’ll find the way to NOT get up and get something to eat after dinner!





I was happily doing my elliptical trainer and yoga until my back started acting up, to the point I’ve been on a heating pad in my chair and in bed, plus taking Ibuprofen and wearing a pain patch. I am almost back to normal now, so I’m promising myself I’ll get back on track with my exercising, too.

Promises, Promises…  Though THIS I will definitely try to do –


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Getting the Lard Off Progress Report 2/1/2017



I told you last week that for some unknown reason, I can eat a week’s worth of carbs and calories after dinner.  Part of the reason is that we’re staying up late. My husband has trouble sleeping. We used to go to bed and read until we were sleepy. He read that he would sleep better if we quit doing that, so we’re downstairs until we’re sleepy now – leaving about 5 hours or so after dinner when we’re close to the kitchen.

Yesterday I put my foot down hard – telling myself I was finished gorging myself and would look forward to my orange dream bar after dinner and THAT WAS IT! Last night was the first night in ages I’ve actually done it. My scale even noticed the difference. So – I’m starting day TWO of acting like an adult on my eating.

Since I’ve been shoving everything in the house into my mouth, my weight and measurements have fluctuated. I’m determined to get back on track, eating low carb and as little sugar as possible. I’m trying to stay under 40 carbs of carbohydrates per day and under 1200 calories. AND I’m trying to exercise regularly. To date I’ve lost 34 lbs and 19″.

I’m doing better on my exercising than my eating. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been doing yoga three days a week, the elliptical twice a week, and upper and lower body strength exercises. My poor old body has had sore muscles to show for my efforts, but I’m feeling better overall, and I feel that I’m working my body from head to toe, in different ways so my body doesn’t get used to anything.

Now that I’m finally on track on my after dinner eating, I’m hopeful I can continue to report actual progress to you.





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Getting the Lard Off Progress Report – 1/25/2017



No more poundage off yet, though my eating after dinner is getting better. I’m now concentrating on drinking a bottle of water after dinner, then eating my anticipated-all-day-orange-dream-bar, then sipping water until bedtime, if still tempted. I’m hoping that if I concentrate on this, I’ll build a habit again…

To date, I’ve lost 21.75 inches and 40 pounds.

The biggest change I have to report is that my exercise routine is getting to be much more to my liking.  I’ve read that your body responds better if you change up what you’re doing.

Now I’m doing yoga three times a week. I’m doing one session for a part of the body, such as ‘legs,’ and then a ‘yoga flow, for a total of an hour.

Two days a week I’m on the elliptical. I’ve found that I’ve lost ground since not doing it in a long time. Yesterday I did 15 minutes and will try to add time each day until I’m back up to half an hour. I’ll also add speed and difficulty as I get better. (You can change it from flat to quite-a-hill, requiring more effort)

Two days a week I’m doing strength exercises with my 5 lb. weights.  Even with the stretches I’ve been doing with the yoga, it’s not the same as working with the weights, so I think this will add a good thing

So, here’s my schedule –

  • MONDAY – Yoga (1 body routine plus one flow)
  • TUESDAY – Elliptical
  • WEDNESDAY – Yoga (1 body routine plus one flow)
  • THURSDAY – Strength Exercises (Upper Body)
  • FRIDAY – Yoga (1 body routine plus one flow)
  • SATURDAY – Elliptical
  • SUNDAY – Strength Exercises (Lower Body)

I think this will be a good mix, working my whole body each week, with a different emphasis each day. I’ll report back to you on how it works. Fingers crossed!



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Getting the Lard Off – Progress Report Nov. 21, 2016



I’m happy to say that I am FINALLY back on the getting the lard off road! I lost my way for a bit, but – with the addition of yoga poses done daily – I’m starting to lose again.

My husband – who is a newly-diagnosed diabetic – and I are eating a low carb diet, substituting sugar-free candy, pudding, and tea for the things he’s missing the most.


Bored Panda

Bored Panda

The biggest change is that I’m doing two sections of my yoga DVD set daily. Today, for example, I’m doing “Joint Mobility” and “Overall Flow.”

Yesterday I ALMOST skipped the yoga because I had some sore muscles. I went ahead, grimly, and found that my soreness disappeared! Let this be an ongoing lesson for me!!!!!

I’ve been doing the two sections daily for a bit over a week now, and I decided to see whether my measuring tape was impressed or not.

It was! To date, I’ve lost 21.75 inches and 40 pounds. (Some of these pounds have been regained and now lost again. I’m looking forward to breaking into new territory soon.)

Yesterday I was doing the ‘fold-yourself-into-a-paper-airplane-and-twist’ pose. I end up with my leg bent and twisted over to the side across my body with my knee on the floor. The opposite arm is stretched up above my head. See what I mean about folding yourself into a paper airplane?

Anyway, you get into the pose, holding it while you breathe in deeply into the stretch, and then exhale several times. When I was doing the last deep breath, my fingers touched the floor! Just barely – but they did!!!!! Only on one side, and only for a second, but HOOORAAAAAY!

The only other exercise I’m doing right now is sitting on the exercise ball while watching TV.  This is supposed to be good for building up my ‘core’ muscles and strengthening my balance. Since I need both, I spend some time bouncing around each evening.

I’m going right now to do my yoga sessions.

Hope YOUR day is good, too.





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Getting the Lard Off Progress (?) Report – November 2, 2016

Amy Adenoro Terrell-www.keyword-suggestions.com

Amy Adenoro Terrell-www.keyword-suggestions.com

I’ve been on a roller-coaster since about the middle of October. At that time my husband finally got serious about trying to avoid sugar. That might sound easy, but it’s been pretty traumatic around here. He LOVES sugar and was in denial about his problem and its inevitable consequences. I’ve been scrambling to figure out what we’re eating while trying to find something he can drink instead of soda, something to eat besides candy, and then some kind of dessert for him to look forward to.

I’ve also found, in my research so far, that simply trying to get sugar-free everything isn’t the answer. First my husband is REALLY sensitive to any alternative for sugar aftertaste. This week we’ve finally settled on Arizona Peach Sugar Free Tea, after buying and trying at least six other things. We found sugar-free hard candy easily enough, but he’s finding out the hard way that eating too much sugar-free candy has its consequences. He’s cutting that back on his own now. We’ve found ‘no added sugar’ pies that are good, and he likes a kind of cobbler that my wonderful cousin-in-law/friend Murray gave me.

I also discovered in my reading that, even if you cut out all the sugar you can, your body uses carbs to manufacture its own sugar! He tried giving up his cold cereal, but was unhappy, so we’ve done the next best thing – Special K is the best one for diabetics, since it’s not made from wheat.

Since low carb eating is also good for diabetics, I found a low carb for diabetics cook book. This is an ongoing process, but it took my attention and motivation away from my own challenges. In the past week I’ve gotten serious again, trying desperately not to eat after dinner, except for my orange dream bar as I used to do. This has been remarkably hard to do, since I’m staying up until at least midnight because my husband’s restless leg problem is better if he goes right to sleep, rather than our reading in bed as we’ve done for a hundred years or so. I found that delaying our dessert until 10:30 or so helps with my eating anything in sight…


I’m finished with the excuses now. I’m back on my “low carb and exercising” horse again. With all the flailing around for almost a month, my weight loss is now 41 pounds. My inches loss is now 18.25″.

I started yoga (for old broads, 60+) about a week ago and I have to say I enjoy it. I’m not in any danger of becoming a gym rat, but I don’t dread doing yoga and really do feel relaxed afterward. Today I’m planning to do the last two sections on the 2nd DVD: “Legs” and “Overall Flow” (I think it’s called.)  The DVD series is called, “Gentle Yoga.”

We’re supposed to get rain late tonight and into tomorrow morning, so I’m planning to do weed eating across the back yard where we have to clean up a bit after wonderful Shane cut down a bunch of stuff to open up our view again and create a fire break. I also plan to create a lot more leaf mulch while the leaves are dry, harvest lettuce, etc.

I’m disgusted with myself that I allowed myself to be thrown for a loop over the changes needed in our lifestyle. I excuse myself a bit because I’m very fond of my husband and want him to live – feeling better and better – for a good, long time. That involves finding replacements for the important luxuries in his life. He seems to be adjusting pretty well now after some depression. He still threatens to stop all the good efforts if his sugar numbers don’t get lower as fast as he would like. That’s an ongoing discussion as well…

I feel good that I’ve stayed on my low carb plan really well the past two or three days now, and some of the regained lard is coming off. The yoga is making me feel looser and stronger, though I did have a bit of leg aching last night. I think I’ll feel better and better as I continue my practice.  The last two sections today, plus my day doing yard work, will be a really good amount of exercise for me today.

I hope that you, also, will try to




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Getting the Lard Off – Progress Report?

I didn’t gain any ground this week, but I didn’t lose any ground, either. I’m still at 46 lbs and 22″ off.

Some happy things happened –

  • When I got my teeth cleaned yesterday, the ladies in the office, my hygienist, and even the dentist made much of my weight loss since they saw me last, PLUS oohed and ahhed about my ‘sassy’ haircut. They said it really made me look younger and made my eyes show up a lot. Who could have this happen without walking around 3 inches off the ground? :0)
  • I have two new low carb cookbooks that sound good. I downloaded both onto my Kindle Fire. My husband actually figured out a way to print one so that it’s easier to use now. I haven’t decided whether the other one is good enough for that or not.

Changes –

  • I’m trying to get a new exercise regimen started – today I’ll do walking with annoying Leslie as far as I can go (maybe I’ll get through mile 2) and then I’ll also do upper body strength exercises with weights. Tomorrow I’ll do Leslie (if you’ll pardon the expression) and add LOWER body strength exercises.
  • I’m looking forward to doing some slow cooker recipes for dinners. Lately, my life has been so busy that cooking dinner at the end of the day makes me hostile. I’ll work on getting something good going in the crock pot while I’m fresh.

Hopefully, I can quit gaining and losing the same 3 lbs and STAY into a new ‘decade’ on my scales!




Wish me luck?

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The Price of Indulgence

Markulatura-via emily davis, trendingly.com

Markulatura-via emily davis, trendingly.com

My husband fixed us a tall root beer float night before last. It was delicious, and we haven’t had one in over a year. The end result, however, was that I gained 3 lbs. :0(

Progress to date on trying to get the lard off –

Down 44 lbs

Down 22 inches

I could beat myself up over gaining the poundage or realize that a new lifestyle includes some indulges and enjoy it. I’ve decided to do the latter.

I got a blood test today in preparation for my quarterly doctor appointment, so that will tell the tale on how I’m doing.

Yesterday’s exercise was jumping up and down watching the women’s gymnastics. Wow! I’m proud to share the same PLANET as these talented women! I was particularly happy for their long-time coach, who is retiring. The women, when they found they had won, said, “We’re the Final Five.” I had tears in my eyes and I was only watching!

So – I’ve promised myself that I’m back on my low carb eating plan after the root beer float indulgence – I didn’t get anything when my husband stopped at the Sonic for a small banana milkshake after we took the horseshoe tree to Michael – and we’re having a large salad and one of our dwindling supply of truly wonderful tomatoes for dinner this evening. And I’m definitely walking with Annoying Leslie tomorrow!

Maybe I’ll have fewer promises and more actual accomplishment NEXT week.

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I’m Keepin’ On Keepin’ On

Emily Davis, trendingly.com

Emily Davis, trendingly.com

Sometimes I have to admit that keeping my promise to report to you my progress every Wednesday in my efforts to get the lard off is hard to keep. It would be great if each and every week I could report more poundage and more inches gone. In real life, however, this is not the case – at least when you’re an old broad who really has to push herself to exercise.

I have no exciting news this week. I have been indulging lately – giving in to temptation and enjoying every minute. The latest splurges were

  • a large deep-dish supreme pizza and a coke
  • carry out from our favorite Chinese restaurant

Since I’m practicing a lifestyle now, rather than a diet that has an ‘end,’ I think it’s important to indulge now and then. Even though I gain 2 or 3 pounds, having to re-lose that poundage the rest of the week, I’ve satisfied a craving, enjoying every bite and sip, feeling I’m a real person, rather than someone who MUST eat carefully at every meal.

I’ve learned, over the past 11 months, that I can eat what used to be a regular meal and simply get back to my NOW regular low carb diet. My general weight trend is down, having lost 44 pounds so far, and my girth is a bit less, having lost 21 inches.

I’ve also learned that I can now eat at almost any restaurant and not totally blow my low carb lifestyle – unless I choose to simply enjoy the meal and get back on my ‘horse’ the next meal. I feel freer now that my goal is to CHOOSE what I eat and drink.

Right now my biggest problem is exercise. It’s lethally hot here in Arkansas, as it is every summer, but with added humidity this year that gets to me super-fast. My energy level plummets when the heat hits me in the face and my head is wet the minute I walk out the door. Even with a/c in house/stores/car, going in and out of the heat saps my energy.

The biggest thing I’m promising myself this week is that I’ll religiously do the “Walking with Annoying Leslie” DVD, or listen to the insults of the Wii Fit Plus program, plus try to keep up my strength exercising indoors….

I also have to admit that lately I’m distracted by a project frame of mind. I want to go up to my art room and try to design something fun with buttons on a tee. I’m also dreaming of cutting out a gourd. My husband and I just bought some paint to repaint our now clean, but peeling, 1000 gallon propane tank….



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Getting the Lard Off Progress Report – 7/20/2016

Lacey3448411 via Emily Davis, trendingly.com

Lacey3448411 via Emily Davis, trendingly.com

It has been almost exactly 11 months since I changed my lifestyle to eating low carb and trying to move more. I’ve been trying to eat 40 grams or less of carbs and 1200 calories or less per day.  It’s easier to stay under the calories goal than the carbs.  Today I’m down 43 lbs and 21 inches.

One of the biggest motivators these days is friends. Monday night we went bowling with 3 long time friends. We see each other most weeks, but both of the women have been very kind to make comments such as, “Linnnnn-daaaaa, you’re getting skinny!” I’m far from skinny.  According to BMI charts and weight charts, a healthy BMI is between 18.5 and 24.9, and a healthy weight is between 124 and 138 for my height. I’ve been trying to get taller for years. Since that doesn’t seem to be happening, I’ll shoot for losing another 30 lbs.

The most important differences I’ve enjoyed are

  • my blood test numbers are NORMAL for the first time that I can remember. My doc said I didn’t need to take cholesterol meds anymore! My blood pressure, which was barely controlled with one-and-a-half pills, to 140+/90, is now 120/70 with one pill.
  • My hair dresser remarked that my hair was thicker and my skin clearer!
  • I have a lot more energy. In fact, I have to remind myself how old I am in order not to completely overdo and pay for it the following day. (For example, my usual limit on yard work was about half an hour a day. Yesterday I worked a total of 3 hours in three sessions using the pressure washer. I’m planning to take things a bit easier today.)
  • I have noticeably less pain in my hips and knees.

I have to admit that being able to come down three sizes in jeans so far is satisfying. I’m able to wear some tops that have been too small and had just taken up space in my closet for quite awhile, too. I have a couple of nice coats that I’m HOPING I’ll be able to wear again this coming winter…

My main goal is to



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