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avanistudios.com-Teri Althouse

I didn’t get up to my art room yesterday. I ran out of afternoon and chose to do my yoga (DAY 28) instead. I’ll try to get up there today, though.

I’m making some Christmas cards for a dear friend who is giving me freedom and time, so it’s a joy from start to finish. :0)

I’m using regular card stock and envelopes. The main color background is from bleeding tissue paper in several colors. I’ll do some writing on the inside, leaving plenty of room for the recipient’s name and a message to be written by my friend. She wants me to sign the back of the card.

On the front, I’m using a combination of 3-D effects to make a simple Christmas tree.

I’m having such a good time. I look forward to each stage of this. :0)

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Fun in my Art Room


I’ve just come down from my art room.

I made two designs for Christmas cards and threw them both away today. I tried a third idea and it might work!

Princeton Brush Company

I’ve started 10 cards now, and they are drying. I’m using a background of ‘bleeding tissue paper,’ and that requires a lot of water, so I look a bit like this child – every bit as happy and excited, but not nearly as cute, with bleeding tissue paper ink (?) all over the tips of the fingers of both hands.

I’ll see what I think later, when the backgrounds have fully dried, but I THINK I may have a start now.

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More Fun in My Art Room

Latest bleeding tissue paper piece. I’m having SO much fun learning more about this every day!


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Bleeding Tissue Paper Fun

This is my first piece with tissue paper and other mixed media. The possibilities are endless. There are people who are doing truly breathtaking things with this. It’s a lot of fun and the sky is the limit. :0)

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Fun in My Art Room

These are done on 6″ x 8″ canvas hard board. I used Unicorn Spit paint for the design and then acrylic paint for the quotes. They are sprayed with polyurethane for protection.


I’m planning to put these in Rags & Roses Collective, the local shop in Greenwood, where I share a booth called, “Blasing Bright” with my good friend, Carla.


I’m hoping that people will enjoy the quotes as much as I do, as good reminders.


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Newest Batch Of Earrings

I had fun making these. Some are made with metallic paint to simulate silver or copper. Others are layered or hung together in a new way.


The ones in the right corner of this picture don’t photograph well at all. They are painted textured white, and are really sparkly. I made them for me, but I’m thinking I may list some of them on Etsy and make more for myself. I really enjoy the challenge of changing things up and trying new techniques and designs.

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Newest Earring Collection



I have two more sets in different colors in the works in my art room, plus a tote bag and a journal. I just love being able to run up the stairs, do a quick session, come down and do something I SHOULD do, and then run back up again when the last thing I did has had a chance to dry…

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Fun in the Art Room

A whole new world has opened for me since my sister-in-law and FRIEND, ML, sent me a set of Unicorn Spit.  I’m having such a blast, trying it on different things. So far, I’ve used it on wood, paper, and fabric.  I have some glass Christmas ornaments I’ll try it on soon.


Tote Bag



“Cherish” Wooden Plaque



“Purple Bliss” Journal


“Purple Dreams” Note Cards – Package of 5

I’ll take pics of these and put them on the proper websites today, and will probably take them in to my new booth at the local shop after the holidays.

I also want to make time to try the melting crayons technique after I watch some more YouTube demonstrations.

SO many wonderful things to try!  Lucky, lucky me!  :0)



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Working on Creativity

2 STAR art

I am doing two things for myself this afternoon –

THING ONE – I’m going to do a long, slow session of old lady yoga this afternoon, stretching every part I have as much as possible.

THING TWO – I’m going to start painting another stained tee that needs new life due to my slobbiness.

I hope that you have a nice afternoon planned.


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Part of My Gift to Myself for Mother’s Day

I spent yesterday doing two of my favorite things – playing in my art room and gardening.  I finished two tees for myself yesterday. (I’m a slob, so I have tees that are perfectly good, but had a spot or two on them. I love being able to make it so I can wear them again – plus I have the fun of painting them!)

This one says, “A little birdie told me…”

This one is more abstract – saying, “Everything’s gonna be all right.”

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Fun in My Art Room

I’ve had a really fun afternoon experimenting with making a mixed-media painting. I’m like a kid with finger paints, having FUN without worrying about expertise or whether it’s ‘good’ or not. It’s great therapy for whatever ails me.



Chris Chalk – Art

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The Etched Vase Project Continues

I tried DRAWING the design on the glass with white, then black, and neither one was working. I finally just grabbed the dremel and started using it freehand, outlining the designs I’ll fill in later.

This is hard to see. I put a sheet of carbon paper inside the vase, hoping the designs would show up well enough for you to see what I’m trying to do here.


This project will take a long time to do. I’ll only do a bit at a time, since working with the dremel is difficult for me. It’s tedious and must be done over and over to show up well on the glass. I’ll post pictures as an area is finished.

I haven’t done this in a long time, so I’m having a good time. I like not having a deadline, or someone depending on it.

Here’s hoping I can do something that looks okay.

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Vase Etching Project

I’ve started a vase etching project, experimenting as I go.

So far, I’ve sketched a design on paper on the outside of the vase. I’m planning to cut it out and then use a dremel to ‘etch’ the design into the glass.

This is a view of another part of the vase.

Here I’ve started to cut out the design. I have no idea how this will turn out, but I’m having fun trying.


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“Waiting for Spring”

I’ve had fun in my art room, experimenting with different techniques with my new set of acrylic paint. Since our weather has been yucky lately – and is currently getting worse as I type – AND I’m yearning for spring, I painted this –


“Waiting for Spring” -Acrylic – 9 x 12 – Linda Lewis


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Fun in My Art Room

I love hand painted stationery, note cards, and greeting cards. I love receiving real letters and notes from people, and the people I write seem to enjoy it, too. I also love giving sets to my good friends and relatives for their use.

My newest theme is, “Thumbelina,” where I’ve used my thumb print to create happy characters running all over colorful stationery sheets and note cards. I also include a correspondingly hand painted envelope to go with each of the 5 different designs in a set. The stationery also includes 5 blank sheets for longer letters.

As you can see there are also Thank You note cards.


Thank you notes and note cards.

One sample of a stationery design.

Examples of corresponding envelopes.


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Finishing Christmas Ornaments

Art 4 Playkids - Menina Pintando

Art 4 Playkids – Menina Pintando

I’ve been working some more on my “Gingerbread Cookies” Christmas Ornaments this afternoon.

Most of them are listed on the website now. I ordered more unfinished wood shapes so that I’m ready to take orders. While I was ordering, I found a butterfly I liked better than the one I made, and so ordered some of them. I’m painting a sample of that one, plus a cute rocking horse ornament, and a lamb.

Tomorrow I’ll finish them and post them so you can see them. I’ve had SUCH a good time on this project for the custom “Gingerbread Cookies” Christmas cards and personalized ornaments in the same theme.

My husband saw several of them on a plate while I was taking pictures. He picked one up, thinking they were cookies!

I couldn’t have a better reaction – though HE was a bit miffed they weren’t something sweet he could eat… :0)


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