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Best Friends

Run Pics and Stuff via Marianna Bellantoni

I’m lucky to be able to consider our son one of my very best friends.

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It’s Raining, It’s Pouring….

Tail and Fur

“It’s raining, it’s pouring;
The old man is snoring.
He went to bed and he
Bumped his head
And he couldn’t get up in the morning.”    ~ Nursery Rhyme

We’ve already reached and broken the record here in Arkansas for rain in August, and it’s raining again. We may get another 2 inches today to add to the over 11 for the month.

My husband has been gritching all summer because USUALLY we get to a point where it’s so hot with no rain that our lawn becomes ‘brown and crunchy’ (his favorite) and doesn’t need mowing. No luck for him this year. Happily, we have a nice used riding mower to make the job as easy as it gets.

I did a good job on weed whacking yesterday, going all the way around our garden, the propane tank for our shop, and behind the shop, plus the front yard, plus the area between the front yard and the driveway pad. I was planning to work on the back – and around the greenhouse today – but it looks like an inside day for us.

We’re getting ready to enjoy eating with our long-time Lunch Bunch friends. I think we decided recently we had been meeting every Friday for at least 17 years. I’m thankful to have such good, long-time friends. We’ve shared laughter and tears through the years, celebrating, or helping each other through hard times. Today our son plans to come with us!

After errands, we’ll settle in, enjoying a dry home, family, and pets.

I hope that you are enjoying your Friday.




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Good Morning!

Jeff Jett – Linkedin

Good morning!

I hope today finds you healthy and happy, enjoying a great Sunday.

Our main feeling here is thankful –

  • thankful that my husband doesn’t have to have surgery and can concentrate on improving his walking and talking after his stroke;
  • thankful that our son is here to help us through this;
  • thankful for insurance;
  • thankful for good doctors;
  • thankful for good test results;
  • thankful for caring relatives and friends;
  • thankful for good hugs.

We’re hoping that Mother Nature will cooperate with us tonight, allowing us to cook celebration steaks outside on the grill.

I hope your Sunday is filled with wonderful things, too.


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Happy Fish?

Because of life getting in the way lately, I’ve gotten behind on my responsibilities around the house.   Yesterday I finally vacuumed our first floor – first the tiled areas and then the carpeted ones. I have a very nice vacuum. The only thing it could do better would be for it to run itself. (We actually HAD one of the round turn-it-on-and-it-runs-around type thingies at one time. It would regularly get stuck under something or wedge itself into a corner, or choke itself to death on the dog and cat hair, so we gave it up.)

Another thing I had neglected was the aquarium. I finally cleaned that out yesterday, putting in different decorations, clean water, new filters, etc. The fish didn’t say anything, but breathed sighs of relief when I put them back in their now clean home.


Here you can see all four of the fish. We have one that has gotten huge – they were all about the same size when I bought them – about an inch long. The largest one is now at least three inches long in the body, and then has a long tail. All seem to be doing fine.


Somehow, the girl-in-the-bathtub’s feet broke off quite a while back. I glued them back on and the fish don’t seem to mind it that she isn’t perfect.

I’m not sure if the weather will cooperate and I can finish getting the garden back in control or if I’ll have to tackle more projects in the house today.

The best thing is that we have Lunch Bunch – our every Friday meal with long time good friends in about an hour. Our son will go with us today, and it’s been years since our friends have seen him. I look forward to the reunion.

Have a happy day!


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Terrance E Stock – LinkedIn

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Happy, Happy Birthday!


The day isn’t yet half over and I’ve already had a super celebration of my birthday. It seems the older you get the more you get to celebrate! :0)

My celebration started yesterday at Lunch Bunch. One of my dear friends, Linda, brought me an inspired present – a pair of battery-powered LED candles. I say, “inspired” because I LOVE candles, but I almost never burn them anymore because I’m afraid I’ll forget I lit them and will leave them to cause damage to our home. These give a nice wavy glow like a candle, but they don’t get hot, won’t burn the house down, and turn off after 4 hours. I can move them to wherever I am! I’m enjoying one beside my computer right now. We enjoyed one at breakfast, and then I moved it to the table beside my chair in the living room.

I wish I were a better photographer because this picture doesn’t do them justice. I’ve seen things where there are real plants between two layers of glass, and those are lovely. These are reminiscent of that, but also look like a nice watercolor.

When I came home yesterday, I had a birthday card waiting in the mailbox from a dear friend! We chat often via email, but it’s wonderful to have a real card – personal mail – in the box.

Today I have received MANY beautiful wishes from friends on Facebook and LinkedIn. I’m really overwhelmed and thankful.

Next week my husband is taking me out for my favorite food – lobster tail!

AND another wonderful friend has told me I’ll get another present at Lunch Bunch next Friday.

I am 72 today, and very happy to be celebrating yet another birthday. I have a wonderful life, sharing it daily with a man I fell in love with 58 years ago. (We’ll celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary in June). We have a son who is living his dream, yet takes time to tell us he loves us and thank us for our support. What more could anyone ask?

I’ll also celebrate by playing in my art room today. I’m working on a painting I started yesterday. I’m having great fun experimenting with techniques. :0)

THANK YOU for giving me such a happy celebration!

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Jeff Jett – LinkedIn


Jeff Jett – LinkedIn


Jeff Jett – LinkedIn


Jeff Jett – LinkedIn

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My friends made me feel special today.

I’ve told you about the Lunch Bunch, and how two good friends (and sometimes others) meet me for Lunch every Friday. My husband has been made an honorary member of the group. We share what is happening with each other as we eat.

Recently we exchanged Christmas presents. My friend Kay gave me this gorgeous scarf. It’s a southwest design with lots and lots of metallic copper shimmering all through it.

When I told my friend Marsha about the pretty scarf, she had me choose from some copper earrings she made to wear with it! I received them this week and wore the scarf and earrings to Lunch Bunch.


I loved wearing the combination of the scarf, my furry brown vest, and my hammered copper earrings!

My friends made me feel special – another gift.



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Santa is Coming!


I hope you’re having a wonderful Christmas Eve.

We’re going to have our special dinner this evening – very quiet – just the three of us.

I put another beef stew in the crock pot this morning, since our son likes to grab a bowl here and there during the days and evenings. I’ll put the turkey in soon and do some deviled eggs- a favorite of all of us. I’ll do the rest of the fixings later.

We did errands and went to the post office to mail books we sold.  Now we can enjoy being in a warm, dry house, good food cooking, and a good friend coming over this afternoon to spend some time with us. :0)

I’m soaking up every minute with our son. When he goes, we have no clue when he’ll be coming back, though we can talk to him via our chat program and a conference call app. We are so happy that he is living his dream – living where he wants to, as he wants to. You can’t ask for more as parents. But until he goes, I’m collecting every hug I can get, spending lots of time talking and laughing with him, building up beautiful memories of the very best Christmas we’ve had in a long, long time.  At some point, I’ll have to insist we get some pics…

Merry Christmas!

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Santa is Coming to Town!

We put up this mailbox decorations this morning.

As far as we’re concerned, Santa came to our home December 10th, when we picked up our son at the airport to stay with us for three weeks.  We really don’t need anything more – just seeing our good friends. We are super lucky this year, having our son for his birthday AND Christmas before he leaves.  Right now he’s in the dining area, working on his computer. Just knowing I can get up and get a wonderful hug makes me smile.


I hope Santa is good to YOU this year, too.

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Fishing for a Compliment…

Our fish aren’t very good conversationalists. They don’t want or give affection, give compliments or give out rebukes. I feel good, though, that their aquarium is now bright, shining clean. I changed out the decorations in the tank, too, so they have a change of scene, as well as new filters, plus clean and treated water.

About the only thing they DO is bunch up in the corner when they want to be fed, wriggling their tiny bodies and making a big deal of seeing my face, even before I give them anything to eat. THAT makes all the upkeep worth it. :0)

I’m feeling lazy today since I spent most of the day outside yesterday cleaning out and pruning the plants in our planters. I finished all in the front yard – we have 11 in all (eight 8 foot brick planters and 3 of assorted sizes), plus the planters on the deck yesterday. I’m a bit long in the tooth for that much work, but we had an 80% chance of rain today (and the forecasters were correct), and my body is in protest mode today.

Now that the project for the day is finished, I’m going to go do some yoga to see if I can get stretched out again.

Otherwise, friends (Lunch Bunch) followed by food and football!

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Thing One and Thing Two


Gym Junkies


When I came downstairs this morning, I found my husband cooking us breakfast! We are on NutriSystem, trying to get a bunch of our lard off, so we’re usually eating one of the NS breakfasts, so this was a really nice surprise. AND he didn’t go nuts, trying to cook what we USED to eat for a typical Saturday morning splurge breakfast. He cooked three pieces of bacon for us to share and two fried eggs. (No toast and jelly, no hash browns, no third egg, no three-pieces-each on bacon, or orange juice.) It was a wonderful surprise, and we didn’t even have to feel guilty, since it was in the proper range of calories for breakfast and we hadn’t had a flex meal breakfast this week. :0)


I told you recently that my friend, Marsha, and I are having trouble communicating lately. We aren’t sure what the problem is, but we’ve now confirmed email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses, have talked on the phone, and are continuing to search for the reason for our problem.

This is Marsha (on the right) with a friend of hers.

This morning I received an email from Marsha, suggesting that we try to connect on the chat program via gmail. I searched all over the place and finally found an icon I could hit that showed she had sent me a connection request. We connected and then proceeded to type madly at each other! It was great, and I’m glad we have another way to communicate, particularly when all else fails. I’ll keep the chat program on all the time so that I can check it each time I come back to the computer during the day and evening to see if she’s left a message, or – better – if she’s available to type at me real time. Hooraaaaay!

What a GREAT start to my morning!!

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Sunrise at the Beach – Vicariously

My sister-in-law is enjoying a much-deserved week at the beach with friends. She has been trying to help me enjoy it by sending me pics of the glorious sunrise there.


The friends go once a year, sharing the cost, content to be together or be separate, as they choose, drinking in the wonderful scenery. beach, water, sunrises, fresh air, and r-e-l-a-x-a-t-i-o-n…..



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Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Victoria Park Animal Hospital

Victoria Park Animal Hospital

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. ” ~William Arthur Ward

I’m grateful for MANY things this year – these are some of them –

  • I’m grateful we discovered my husband’s diabetes and that he is no longer in denial or depression and is actively working to cut out the sugar and get healthier.
  • My efforts to get my lard off and move more are paying off, giving me the motivation to continue to do all I can to be healthier.
  • My husband and I truly enjoy being together after 47 years of marriage. Our lives are so rich and full!
  • Our son is living his dreams. Although he’s across the world from us, we chat almost every day, staying close.
  • Our animals are enjoying their lives, even though some are getting a little long in the tooth – as we are.
  • I have friends who mean the world to me.
  • Our cousins in Louisiana have both weathered health crises and are still bringing joy to everyone lucky enough to know them.
  • I have a sister-in-law in North Carolina who is truly my friend, sharing giggles and challenges every day.
  • I enjoy my life so much – having the time and freedom to try to create things, either in the shop or in my art room, trying out new media, challenging myself to do the best I can.
  • Our raised bed, square foot garden is perfect for my needs for years to come. I love trying to grow some of our own food.
  • We’re surrounded by flowers most of the year. We built planters with irrigation systems that allow us to feel rich in blooms.
  • I have too many things I would like to do in any given day.
  • I have the joy of reading – in books and the Internet, allowing me to learn as much as my brain will allow.
  • I have my husband, sitting across the office from me, scowling at the computer, trying to design a phone answering machine specifically for us to block calls we don’t want.
  • I have a warm, dry home filled with love where I can watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade, enjoy football games, wash clothes and fix a turkey dinner today.

I hope you have a lot to be thankful for. Take a few minutes and realize how lucky you are!


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Good Morning!

Whoever “Sam” is, I applaud this drawing. I love the color and the sense of humor! Great job!

This morning I’m remembering our recent vacation, where we drove to Thibodaux, Louisiana to visit our cousins/good friends Murray and John.

To say we had a wonderful time just doesn’t say enough. I’ve been having lovely, random thoughts and emotions ever since we came home. Here are some of them –

  • CHEESE GRITS – I really can’t eat regular grits, no matter how they’re prepared. I avoid them like the plague. When Murray served them a couple of visits ago, I dutifully put a very small spoonful on my plate, trying to be polite while I grimaced inside. I was really glad grits wasn’t the ONLY thing on the breakfast menu, and figured one spoonful wouldn’t kill me.  I’ve never been so shocked in my life. They were ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! I have to admit I made a pig of myself, timing getting more after the bowl had been passed around the table each time.  My husband simply said that “Linda has to have cheese grits” almost as we walked into their home! I was embarrassed. I wasn’t going to ask because both Murray and John had been ill recently and I didn’t want to put them to the trouble. Murray served them on our second morning there. I ate all that was reasonable, and was delighted when they packed a doggie bag for me to take home. My husband and I enjoyed them our first morning home. Since I’m trying to get the lard off, I won’t have them again until the NEXT time we go visit – IF Murray will be kind enough to make them.  cheesegrits
  • HUGS – I probably drove them nuts, but I sneaked in as many hugs as I could while we were there. They make us feel so welcome. The love simply pours out and embraces you. It’s hard to leave.
  • STORIES AND CONVERSATION – I love their home. Everywhere you look there are treasures. Some have been in the family for several generations. Other things bring memories of trips. All have been gathered with love. I can’t tell you how I love hearing the story behind new things I find each visit. We laugh at the funny stories. We tear up at the memories of ones we love. If it’s possible, we feel closer to each other each time we visit.
  • FRIENDS – This visit we got to meet some of their good friends – Matt, Ann, Gordon, Jacque (sp?) There was good food, of course, but the conversation was priceless. I teared up several times at how they teased each other (as really good friends do, if you’re lucky). I noticed how Murray would ask someone a questions, or ask them to share a story, and some of the richness of their friends’ lives flowed over and around the group. Many laughs were shared.  One example: Matt calls himself ‘The Dumb Plumber.” He has been so successful that he can now pick and choose the jobs he takes. He has chosen million dollar homes as his specialty. He loves to hunt and has four college degrees. His accent was a bit difficult for us to understand, but I could have listened to him forever. His eyes danced as he talked, taking in everyone in the room.
  • OLD ESTATE – This is one of my favorite places in Thibodaux. All four of us went this time. My husband found earrings he wanted me to have, plus a sign that says, “In dog beers, I’ve only had one.” (It’s hanging on the wall in our kitchen now).  This is a beautiful combination of goodies shop and art gallery, owned by a friend of Murray’s and John’s.  (Murray calls it “Jerome’s). I look forward to finding a new treasure to take home each time we go.

I could go on. I find a happy image floating in front of my face from time to time. Or I grin, thinking of something we talked about. We are so lucky to have relatives/friends who encourage us to come see them, make us SO welcome when we do, give us such good feelings to enjoy long after we come home, plus memories to last a lifetime.

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