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New Month – New Mailbox Decoration


“Mr. Natural is a comic book character created and drawn by 1960s counterculture and underground comix artist Robert Crumb. ” ~ Wikipedia

Since my husband and I started creating decorations for our mailbox, we take turns on favorite characters to make. Mr. Natural is one of my husband’s favorite comic book characters.

We found the image on the net. My husband does his magic, transforming the image into computer code that our CNC computer-guided torch can read.  We save the code to a thumb drive and take it out to the shop. The computer-guided torch cuts out the image from a 4′ x 8′ sheet of metal. We then make a mounting attachment for the mailbox and weld it onto the cut out piece. We use an overhead projector to mark the salient features on the metal, front and back. I then paint both sides of the piece using outdoor paint, and then protecting it from the elements with polyurethane spray.

This piece is about 2-1/2 feet tall and a bit wider.

We’ll change the decoration again on November 15th or 16th, depending on the weather.



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