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Amber – Take 5

Our lives are pretty much revolving around Amber and the rest of our animals, plus my husband’s cataract surgery. Everything else we were doing has been pretty much put on hold for the near future.

We’re waiting for a Fedex delivery today, and then we hope to get to Yeager’s to buy some el-cheapo plywood. We plan to cut it in half lengthwise and screw it to the uprights on the inside of the porch about 6″ above the floor to protect the screens and still allow her to see out. We can then move the chairs back where they belong to keep her from pulling the table over…


We are serious about keeping chew-toys readily available for her. I’m thinking that the combination of her boisterousness, trying to ‘taste’ everything with sharp teeth, and trying to jump up (making contact with her sharp claws, is what causing the swelling and bruising on my hand yesterday. I’m treating several ‘holes’ and scratches on my hands, not counting the bruising, right now.  She is really sweet and wants to play and love you. I’m working on modifying the WAY she tries to get close to us.

I found a good article on the net yesterday that stresses 10 basic commands to teach her:

  • SIT
  • STAY
  • COME
  • DOWN
  • WAIT

I’m basically working on all these simultaneously, with a couple of sessions a day devoted to a more serious effort.  She’s making really good progress every day. Today is Day Three of no mess in the crate. She’s walking better on the leash, although she still finds her harness annoying. She comes readily down the stairs with me on the leash. I still have to encourage her to go UP the stairs, but once she gets started, she finishes them well. She isn’t crying when I put her on the run for a few minutes each day.

I put a water dish at the close end of the run, thinking she might like that. She did – but used it to play with the water, splashing half of it out before drinking a bit of it…

We got her in the kiddie pool for the first time yesterday. She walked all around, splashing a bit, and then jumped out. She did that two or three times before she decided she had had enough. I dried her off as well as possible and she seemed happy. She did it a bit later in the day while we were taking a walk around the yard. I think this may be one of her favorite things this coming summer.  I couldn’t get pics and hold onto the leash at the same time, so I’ll have to wait until my husband can hold the leash to get some.

We’re starting to establish a routine of sorts. I open the door to the porch, take her out for a walk, bring her back in and play with her until she starts getting distracted. Then I TRY to go back in the house leaving the gate up, but the door open. If she stays quiet, that’s good. If not, and she’s starts barking, I shut the door. She then decides to get into her crate and take a nap. We have about 6 or 8 sessions like this until bedtime.

My husband just came in, saying he checked on her. She was in the crate, on her back with her legs up in the air, snoring. I wish I could have gotten a pic to share, but another time will come.

I told you that we had them put a microchip in her. Yesterday we typed in the number on the medal the vet gave us into Google. The information I had given immediately popped up, with our names, address, phone numbers, so that we could hopefully get her back if she got lost. This is the first time we’ve done this, and it gives me some peace of mind.

I’m spending the day with my husband and new puppy both on a leash, restricting their activities.

Wish me luck?

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