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*These photos are the work of several talented photographers. They are posted in an effort to preserve elephants and their habitat.




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Awesome Elephants

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My mother LOVED baby animals. Her heart would simply melt and she wanted each one she saw. She oohed and ahhed over a baby monkey she saw on TV one day. The next day my dad showed up with a baby monkey in a cage he had bought at a pet shop. We lived with the monkey for a couple of weeks – a really hairy experience. He didn’t like any of us. He DID like grapes, however, and we would give him grapes one at a time. He would take it, pop it in his mouth, and then spit the grape peel out of the cage. One day he got out of his cage. He ran into the kitchen where my mom was soaking a head of lettuce. He picked it up and ran all over the house with it – up the draperies and down in the living room, water streaming all over the carpet and furniture, my mother shrieking for my dad to “DO SOMETHING, JIM!!!” He chased it down with a towel and finally caught him. I remember seeing the monkey’s teeth coming through the towel. The monkey went back to the pet shop that day.

When my mom saw a baby elephant on TV some time later, she oohed and ahhed, and then looked at my dad and said, “BUT I DON’T WANT ONE!”


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