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Easter Memories


I loved Easter as a child.  Fond memories include getting something new to wear. I remember in particular the year when I got the softest, fuzziest pale pink sweater I ever saw – before or since. I LOVED that sweater and how ‘girly’ I felt each time I wore it.

One of my favorite things was dying Easter eggs. My mom wasn’t really into it, but she allowed us to get some dye. I still love to see all the creative ideas people have for decorating eggs!

Easter Egg Hunts were highlights of my childhood. Usually, we went to the one held on the grounds around our church. They would allow the smallest egg-gathers time to find some eggs before unleashing the next youngest group, giving each group the joy of finding eggs. I always had a basket and brought the eggs home as a carefully guarded treasure. I put the eggs in the fridge – separate from my brother’s stash – and would hope I got to eat every one.  My parents got us a chocolate Easter Rabbit in our basket of fake grass. I loved it!

I went with my friends to a lot of different churches when I wasn’t at my own. The Easter celebration I remember most vividly was the Episcopalian celebration. I was in the child’s choir. I loved the look of the church, with its beautiful stained glass windows and lofty ceiling. I loved the beautiful hymns we sang in harmony created by the choir director. I loved all the pretty Easter dresses, moms with Easter bonnets, and black patent leather shiny shoes.

Now I’m older than dirt and can hide my own Easter eggs, except that I might not find them all again….

I hope you have a wonderful Easter!

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