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Cindy Pasqualini

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Email from Marsha Koenig

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Thank You!

Linda Lewis

I was delighted to see I hit another ’round number’ of blog subscribers yesterday.  I danced around the room a bit, then went and told my husband, did some other stuff and then returned to find I had LOST one. A bit later, another was ADDED. :0)

I just wanted to say THANK YOU.

I truly love finding things that I hope you’ll enjoy.

Thanks to the wonderful people who give me feedback. I love getting to know you and the special friendships we’re building.


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What Do You Hope For?

Barbara Kingsolver via Lisa Bearnes Richey

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Our Son is ‘Home’

Our son has been in Nepal for the past two months at a meditation center. We had a good video chat with his this morning, actually getting to see his FACE, talking as if we were in the same room. (I placed quotes around ‘home’ in the title above because he is at ‘home’ and works in Thailand.)


This is the entrance to the center he attended in Nepal. He said he had chosen well. It is very well run. He felt very safe there. They were served breakfast and lunch daily, meditating for some 14 hours per day.

It would drive me up the wall, but our son found it a great learning experience, with a totally different emphasis than his meditation at home. He says he would like to practice now, internalizing as much of what he learned as possible, and might go back for another session sometime in the future.

His meditation practice was a character-building exercise for his PARENTS, as well. He has us thoroughly spoiled, having set up a secure chat program, where we send pictures and messages whenever we want, sometimes chatting several times a day. He also set up a conference call program, also very secure, called appear.in where we can see each other and talk as long as we would like. Since Feb. 1st, we hadn’t heard from him at all, in deference to what he was trying to accomplish. We weren’t worried, as such, but it’s a great comfort to again be able to communicate.

Meditation is helping calm his mind, which used to race, he said. He is feeling much more able to deal with whatever is happening around him. He is learning to be much better at ‘living in the moment,’ rather than thinking about things in the past or getting anxious about what might happen in the future. He is more confident and content.

I’m so happy he is able to do things like this. He really has control over his life, his needs, his emotions, his priorities.

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Live Life in Color


C.S. Lewis via Lisa Bearnes Richey

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“Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all is a form of planning.” 
― Gloria Steinem

Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.- Ashley Smith

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One Word Essays – “Hope”

Email from Bill Lites

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Researching about the Greenhouse


I was hoping to find ideas about how to organize my greenhouse on the net. So far, I’ve found pictures that make my mouth water, where people have obviously put more money into the greenhouse than we have in our whole house –










If my mouth will quit watering, I’ll change my search terms and maybe I’ll get some suggestions on good tips for setting up MY greenhouse – not the Taj Mahal! :0)



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Too Bad, So Sad…


The Powerball drawing came and went last night at one minute before midnight for a prize of over $748 million. Surprisingly, I didn’t buy the winning ticket. There was one grand prize winner – in Massachusetts. Darn.

Now I eagerly await the PCH (Publisher’s Clearing House) drawing August 31st…..

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Sigh. It’s happened again. We DIDN’T win the Publisher’s Clearing House sweepstakes that ended April 28th….

(My husband had added a $63,000-$67,000 Camaro to the list of things he wanted when we won. )

I was a wonderful contestant, going through all the STUFF PCH sent me daily. I practically got carpal tunnel scrolling through all the STUFF I didn’t order – all to no avail. Oh,well.

For a couple of months I had big, quiet dreams of the people I wanted to give a boost to. Wonderful family and friends who would be delighted to enjoy a little extra. I dreamed of changing some lives for the better. Having a financial cushion frees people to think about creating, starting a new business, traveling, reaching out to others. I would love give this to people – to make a difference.

The dreams are beginning again. The current chance will be decided June 30th….


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Gingerbread House



I’ve always wanted to make a gingerbread house. I tried to get my mom to make one with me when I was a child. She had no interest in it.

When I got married, I thought I would make one just for myself and our visitors at Christmas, but somehow, it never happened.

When I was a teacher in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I thought about making a gingerbread house with my 1st grade students. It never happened because (1) it was logistically difficult since essentially everything had to be baked my me at my home and then the gingerbread and all the supplies for making the house would have had to be transported to the school. I was already getting in trouble for playing my guitar at school to teach my kids phonics (I was told, “Ms. Lewis, this is NOT a music class!) plus other reasons…

When our son was old enough to be counting the days ’til Christmas, I thought he and I might make one together. I discovered that HE had no interest in the project…




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Seemingly Storybook Places – Take 6

Foroglio Switzerland via afar

Foroglio Switzerland via afar

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Live Life in Color

Live Life in Color

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Storybook Places – Take 2

Bibury, England, UK via Anguskirk

Bibury, England, UK via Anguskirk via Marsha Koenig email

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Diary of a Mad Dispatcher via Cathy Ruggiero

Diary of a Mad Dispatcher via Cathy Ruggiero

It was only $478 Million. It was nice to dream for a couple of weeks….


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Doll Houses – Take 6











Thanks to Evie Zimmerman, trendingly.com

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Tree Houses – Take 3










tree house with bicycle elevator-Idaho-co.uk




Yellow Treehouse Restaurant-New Zealand-boredpanda.com


Thanks to Evie Zimmerman, trendingly.com

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Doll Houses – Take 5






Bradford Doll House

Bradford Doll House





Thanks to Evie Zimmerman, trendingly.com

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Tree Houses – Take 2


hostel-Kadirs Tree House-Turkey-mnn.com




jack and the beanstalk-Indonesia-mymodernmet.com






Thanks to Evie Zimmerman, trendingly.com

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