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Fold Myself into a Paper Airplane and — Take 3



I just finished my “Gentle Yoga” for the day. I managed to do the new section for Lower Back today, followed by the sections on Head, Neck and Shoulders (and jaw); and then “Joints.”

I am very relaxed right now. I particularly need the section on lower back because mine is stiff and tense. The most trouble I have with the whole DVD so far is trying to relax at the end of each section on my back. I spend a long time trying to push my lower back down to the floor, trying to get the tension to ease up so that I can fully relax. It really shows I need what I’m doing.

The other difficult thing is getting UP after each section! :0)

I’m very happy I bought this 2 DVD set called, “Gentle Yoga.” It is meant for people just like me – over 60, sedentary, and have never done any yoga before. The teacher is quite pleasant, explains what she’s doing and why, and gives you time to follow. She’s pleasant without being effusively pert and violently happy – a thing I really like.

Tomorrow I’ll try to do the first section on the 2nd DVD. My goal will to be to do at least one section a day, building to doing one DVD one day and the other DVD the next.



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