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Well, Hello!

Shari Septowski – Country Livin – via Stephanie Youmans Wilson


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Snow People – Take 38

Katrina Kittles Blog









Michael Kroll

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Animals Pictures I Love – Take 13

National Geographic – Michael Nichols – http://www.greatbigcanvas.com

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Getting in the Mood for Christmas

I have to admit that this year I haven’t been swept up with the Christmas spirit yet, other than making a few things as presents for some of the great people in my life.

My good friend, Jackie Lyons, created a “Snow Village” and posted it on Facebook today. I wrote and asked her if I could share it with you. Happily, she said, “Sure!” Best of all, it gave us a chance to visit and catch up a bit. She’s a beautiful lady I never would have met if it hadn’t been for the Internet and my former website, Creative Artworks.

“Snow Village” by Jackie Lyons

I could feel my spirits soaring when I saw this. Who could be filled with, “Bah, Humbug” when they could see this?

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Happy Halloween – Take 25

“Sushi and Soy Sauce” – http://www.etsy.com









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Cork Art – Take 5








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Felt Paintings by Dani Ives

Incredibly Lifelike Felt Paintings of Pets and Plants by Dani Ives

by Laura Staugaitis on August 22, 2017 – Colossal

“Fiber artist Dani Ives conjures the natural world in her unique take on the traditional craft of needle felting. Ives describes her method as “painting with wool,” in which she applies her love of animals and her background in biology to build intricately layered portraits of a variety of flora and fauna.”


“Dogs, cats, birds, and farm animals come to life alongside toadstools and fruits, and Ives’ ability to capture the moisture and glint of animal eyes and noses adds an impressive degree of realism. While her plant life depictions take more of a traditional botanical angle, most of Ives’s animal subjects take center stage on the embroidery hoop, peering out at the viewer, further adding to the strong sense of unique personality, and it’s no surprise that she is in high demand for pet portrait commissions.”



“Ives sells originals and prints of her work on Etsy, and she continues her love of teaching by traveling from her home in Northwest Arkansas to lead workshops around the country, as well as offering e-courses in needle felting. You can also follow her work on Instagram.”

Article by Laura Staugaitis, Colossal

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Fictional Self-Help Book Titles – Take 4

Art Therapy: Fictional Self-Help Book Titles Painted by Johan Deckmann

by Christopher Jobson on May 25, 2017, Colossal




“Copenhagen-based artist Johan Deckmann examines the complications of life through clever titles painted on the covers of fictional self-help books that appear to tackle life’s biggest questions, fears, and absurdities. A practicing psychotherapist himself, Deckmann thoroughly recognizes the power of language in therapy and possesses a keen ability to translate his discoveries into witty phrases. “I like the idea of distilling words to compress information, feelings or fantasies into an essence, a truth,” he shares. “The right words can be like good medicine.”

Deckmann often takes his pieces beyond simple language and into the realm of visual puns, such as an LP cover titled “The very best of the voices inside my head” or the juxtaposition of smaller and larger suitcases labeled “Baggage” and “Emotional Baggage.” All of the pieces have the faded color and worn texture of 1970s era self-help guides that were popular at the time.

Deckmann’s books have been exhibited around the world since he began the series in 2015, including a solo show last March at Andenken Gallery in Amsterdam. You can follow more of his recent work on Facebook, and on his website.”


Thanks to Christopher Jobson of Colossal

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Watercolors I Love – Take 4


Bored Panda

I love the softness of this one, and the contrast between the detailed painting and the merely suggestive.





I had a visceral reaction to this painting. I simply melted and said, “Awwwww!” inside.

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Creative Vandalism – Take 7












Thanks to Emily Davis, trendingly.com

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Happy Halloween – Take 9



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Creative Vandalism – Take 6









Miguel Marquez Outside.com





Thanks to Emily Davis, trendingly.com


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Happy Halloween – Take 6





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Art Attack

keetons via cathy ruggiero

keetons via keetonsonline.com via cathy ruggiero

I love this. It perfectly describes how I feel much of the time. It’s a very happy state of mind where I am bubbling with thoughts/pictures/ideas I want to share with you, plus ideas for what I would love to do the next time I can make time to be in my art room, or my husband and I have time to create something in the shop.

I’m truly blessed to have too many wonderful things to choose from than I have time or energy to do. The day starts, and then is over in the blink of an eye.  I have to write down the things I MUST – upon dire consequences if I don’t – do each day to be sure we mainly stay out of trouble.  :0)

We were going to put up the last raised bed planter in our square foot garden today, but then I remembered that tonight we go bowling with good friends, so we’ll put the planter on tomorrow’s list.

I hope that YOU have a fun day planned, with the time and energy to do several things on your list!


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Happy Halloween – Take 4





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How to Pose with a Statue – Take 4








Thanks to London Media via Bill Lites

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How to Pose with Statues – Take 3








Thanks to London Media, and Bill Lites for his email

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I Love Treehouses – Take 1


back yard tree house-Greenwich Village NY-mnn.com




bird house-Japan-boredpanda.com




birds nest-Sweden-boredpanda.com






Thanks to Evie Zimmerman, trendingly.com

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