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Sunny, Cold Wednesday 11-30-2022


We’re back on the roller coaster Mother Nature has set up. Yesterday it was windy and 75. Today is 36 with a high expected of 49, and sunny. No wind. I’m hoping to get outside this afternoon. We’ll see. I’m very thankful the wild weather last night bypassed us. I hope the front goes on past the east coast and dies without causing further havoc.


Yesterday during my yoga practice (DAY 137) I could only hold the plank pose for 20 seconds without a lot of discomfort. I decided that I would do the pose multiple times, so repeated it 3 more times for a total count of 80. (I have no real idea of how long I’m holding the pose, other than counting while I hold it, so I would imagine that I’m being generous with myself, counting pretty fast.)

I wondered if holding the plank for multiple short amounts of time would be the equivalent of one longer hold. I researched the question, finding opinions vary all over the place. Some people say your goal should be to hold the pose 5 MINUTES. Since this is an impossible goal for me, I continued to research. I found –


“Search for: Are planks good for 70 year olds?

How long should a senior hold a plank?

Most experts suggest anywhere from 10 up to 30 seconds is plenty. “Focus on doing multiple sets of smaller amounts of time,” says L’Italien.Nov 13, 2019″


Since I am 75, and there is no way in the world I’ll ever get to 5 MINUTES, I’ll go for this advice. If I do MULTIPLE repetitions of however long I can hold before I get really uncomfortable, I ought to be able to attain my goal of strengthening my core.

Bright Horizons

Our yard is finally starting to look as if someone cares. There is ALWAYS something more than we should or could do, but if I get the yard looking pretty civilized and the plants as protected as possible, I feel good.

Two days ago I finally got the planters on the deck cleaned out. There is still some stuff to do to prepare the deck for the winter, but the project is started.

I’m trying to tackle things of higher priority first. I’m going to put a set of loppers in the truck so that each time we come back from errands, we can stop on the way up the driveway and cut off some evergreen branches that are hanging out into the driveway. We don’t want these to be stretched across the driveway, blocking our way up and down after ice or snow storms.

I want to prune our rose bushes WAAAAAY down for the winter. I have two bushes left. Then there is one more planter that is totally overgrown, leaves to be blown from the front yard, weed trees to be cut down to open up our view in the back again …

My goals always exceed my time and energy….

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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A Perfect Day

Angie’s List

We aren’t doing anything special for Thanksgiving this year.  We are thankful to be enjoying what we call a “main meal salad” this evening.

Today we have the PERFECT day to be outside cutting down things that froze during the last cold snap, pruning plants, and cleaning out for the winter. I’ve done one session out there so far today, cleaning out the brick planters that run across the front of the house. Now I’m working on the trio of 8 foot brick planters that go between our yard and the top of our driveway. I’m hoping to finish that, plus cleaning up and winterizing the planters on the deck before I run out of time, daylight, and energy today.

It’s supposed to be rainy tomorrow, followed by colder weather. so I’m pushing myself a bit to get the pruning and cleaning out done today, saving the leaf mulching for other days after the leaves dry out again.

The sun is shining, the doggies go outside and play with each other or scurry around, finding interesting things to smell, dig up, or otherwise chase, plus bringing bones of deer in the yard for a good chew. (I never know where they find them, or what happened that the sweet deer are gone, but the doggies never fail to find the bones and bring them home, chewing on them until MEAN OLD MOMMA takes them away and disposes of them.)

I’ve been resting awhile after my first session outside. I’m about to do another.

I hope you’re enjoying your day, too!


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