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Update to Amber’s Thumbs Up Dog Toy List


Amber asked me to put this toy on her first “Thumbs Up” Aggressive Chewer Dog Toy List several weeks ago.  We bought it online at Chewy.com.

The life of this toy has been interesting. The first thing Amber did was chew the strap off that separates the top from the main squeaking ball. I thought this might be the end of this toy, but was I wrong!

She has squeaked this toy like mad for as long as we can stand it from time to time ever since, offering it for tug-of-war, trying to ‘break its neck’ by shaking it fiercely, and just chewing hard on it. It has lasted and lasted.

Today she finally got the big squeaky ball out. Is that the end of the toy? No!

She is still offering the tattered, sturdy purple part for tug of war, and is happily carrying the ball around squeaking it until we finally put it up for a bit.

Since nothing lasts forever, though. we just ordered another one as one of her ‘Christmas presents,’ to be presented when this one finally breathes its last.

GREAT toy for a dog who is really hard on toys, usually tearing one apart in just a few minutes.


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“Thing One and Thing Two”

Amber loves squeaky bones. She has one that is a thin vinyl with large ‘ball’ shapes on the end that has begun to split. She still carries it around and wants to play Tug-O’War with it, but its days are numbered.

I found two large KONG bones on Chewy.com and ordered them. As usual, practically before I put in the order, I got an email that they had shipped and we got them the very next day. :0)




Kong AirDog – Chewy.com

I chose this one because it’s supposed to help puppies who are teething. It has a felt type cover on it and is supposed to be easier on young gums. My husband gave it to her this morning while we were altogether in the office. She absolutely LOVED it. She carried it around and then went to work on it, much as our pit bull, Bambi, attacked any type of toy – discovering its weakness and proceeding to destroy the toy. Being a KONG toy, she won’t be able to ‘destroy it,’ but the felt cover is quickly being removed. I’ve been letting her work at it awhile, then getting up and cutting off the biggest parts of the now loose felt and throwing them away. I think the cover will all be gone by the end of the day. It squeaks, and she loves that, although she hasn’t personally made it squeak yet. I don’t know if she’ll like it as much once the felt is gone…




iSqueakBonejw – Chewy.com


This IS a virtually indestructible bone. Amber immediately accepted it, carrying it around and chewing on it. It’s made for the largest dogs, so I don’t actually know if she’s able to make it squeak yet or not, She LOVES anything that makes a noise, so this is bound to last a good long time. I’m also thinking this will make a good toy to throw for her to fetch and hopefully bring back to us…


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The New Gate is a Lifesaver

The 2nd Carlson Walk-Thru Pet Gate is saving our lives.

Poor Molly is still freaked out by Amber, mainly due to the fact that Amber is larger than Molly now and outweighs her by some 15 lbs or so, and has a habit of launching herself into Molly’s face over and over. We’ve had quite a logistics problem with trying to give Amber more inside time, control the interaction of the dogs and the cats, and live to tell the tale.

We put up the 1st walk-thru pet gate at the suggestion of my good friend, Cathy. We didn’t know such a thing existed. The installation of the walk-thru gate across the doorway to the porch probably saved one or both of us from falling on our heads trying to scramble over the one we had that had to be low-enough-she couldn’t-get-under-it and high-enough-she-couldn’t-get-over-it. We had to try to hold onto the brick beside the door while trying to balance and get our leg high enough and over the gate, and then down onto the floor without stepping on bouncing Amber. Quite a feat for old folks like us. We will never be able to thank Cathy enough for giving us the link to this and explaining what I didn’t see at first – the fact that people can walk through the middle of it without causing disruption of the installation of the gate. HEAVEN!

We put the 2nd gate up a couple of days ago now, across the opening to our office. Now all the animals can be inside the house at the same time and not have to be in each other’s faces or tearing around the house like madmen with the high drama that accompanies that. I had Amber in the office with me for a lot of the morning today. Molly went in and out of the house as she wanted without being dive-bombed more than once, and we are still sane. Hooray!

Dealing with a labrador pup is quite an adventure. She is almost NEVER still. She smiles – even while barking or yiping – (which she is doing much less now, thank goodness) – and her tail is like a metronome, always wagging happily. She hardly ever WALKS, always bounding from one place to another with joy, mouth open, tongue lolling, and sharp baby teeth right there.  She DOES love to lie down in the shade – particularly to chomp on a delicious stick – but only stays 30 seconds or less. She leaps headlong into the kiddie pool several times a day, walking around and around, slurping water and splashing. We walk and walk (a good thing for us to do) to try to give her time and space to take care of business, to give her exercise, and to show her the perimeters of the civilized part of our property.

Our animals’ needs are the focus of our days right now. We barely get started with something and need to take a break to get someone in or out, walk Amber, etc. It makes for really busy, happy days.


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Worth Its Weight in Gold

My good friend Cathy wrote, telling me that she was worried about my trying to climb over the gate between the living room and the porch where our new puppy Amber is. She told me about a new style of gate that has a ‘people door!’ I had never heard of that, and after she helped me appreciate what I was seeing, I showed it to my husband, the installer of all things.

He was a bit worried because our door frames are steel, but he said we should go ahead and order it. It arrived today and we installed it within 10 minutes or less. My husband said, “You should tell this company they’re making a well thought out, well designed product.”

The product is from Chewy.com, a wonderful place that ships the product almost immediately. It’s astonishing how quickly things arrive. This is our third order from them, and I couldn’t recommend them more highly.


Carlson Pet Products Extra Wide Walk-Thru Gate with Pet Door

Carlson Extra Wide Gate with People Door and Pet Door

We didn’t need to use the two extensions that come with this gate. It installed quickly and easily with no tools required. It’s very sturdy. There is no place for Amber to hook her feet to climb over it. She can’t get under it. If she gets so she can climb over this 30″ tall gate, we can relocate it up a bit higher.

The very best part is the people door. We’ve fixed it so it opens OUT into the porch, so that Amber can’t open it by accident. When we go out there, she has to back up, and she isn’t quick enough to go between us and the door closing again. I’m really delighted. I don’t have to concentrate on standing on one foot, lifting the other foot over the gate (which Amber immediately latches onto), trying not to step on her as I put my foot down, then grabbing the door with one hand and bracing my other hand on the brick to the side of the door as I bring the 2nd leg up and over. It’s REALLY been fun when I had something in my hand…

THANK YOU, Cathy, for

  • worrying about me and figuring out a good solution
  • letting me know about it
  • writing back to point out the people door I didn’t see and appreciate the first time
  • your patience and caring

I can’t tell you how happy we are with you and the new gate. NOW – if we could get Amber to quit barking and whining….

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