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A. A. Milne – Winnie the Pooh – DreamsQuote

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Are You In?


My sister-in-law and I have decided to form a scale-stompers group. The whole purpose is to demonstrate solidarity to our friends and other loved ones, and let them know that they are not alone. There is no fee to join. Scale-stomping parties to follow. Are you in?

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Be You


I get a lot of my news online from various sources. I get into ‘overload’ mode more quickly these days because of people whose mouths are much louder than their minds. They think nothing of expressing an opinion one day, then reversing it the next, as if no one is paying attention and each day is a new day with no consequences.

I believe strongly in freedom of expression. The overabundance of stupidity saddens me and many times makes me frustrated and angry, but everyone is free to say what he or she thinks – and take the consequences. Nothing is free.


Each person should BE who they are and THINK whatever they think, being TRUE to that. Ideally, one would ALSO be willing to rethink one’s opinion if further research proves you wrong, or if someone ELSE’S opinion makes you reconsider. Respectful debate is a really healthy thing.

If you choose to give your opinion, be ready to take whatever consequences come from expressing it. Pay no attention to people who say something, then walk it back over and over. They are simply taking up valuable space.

“Be YOU. The world will adjust.”

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Higher Perspective – email from a good friend

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Learn and Enjoy


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Thoughts on a Wednesday – 10-2-2019

Lauren Eliassen via Pinterest

I’m feeling extremely lazy today. Excuses  – but the fact remains I’m not impressing anyone with my list of accomplishments for the day.

We just got back from doing errands, but that – and yoga – may be it for the day.

My good friend Marsha suggested that I sell the Christmas cards I’ve made with the addition of a flat wooden Christmas ornament – either painted or ‘un.’  I’m also thinking of opening another shop on Etsy devoted to one-of-a-kind painted tote bags. I would appreciate it if you would let me know what you think of these ideas.

If I can get rid of the lazies, I’ll spend some time in my art room this afternoon.

TOMORROW is supposed to usher in fall here. I am SO ready.

Meanwhile, I wish YOU a happy day – whether you’re feeling ‘productive’ or not!



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Lisa Bearnes Richey


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Minions Fans via DoreenAdamson-Liber

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New Outlook


I remarked to my husband while we were out shopping this morning that I thought we should get new dishes every 50 years. Happily, he agreed!



He chose our first set of crockery, so I chose this today. We got 8 place settings of dinner plate, lunch plate, square bowl, and coffee mug. I just love ’em! (For some reason, the dishes catch the light just right to make it LOOK like there are white specks on the plates. There aren’t.) The turquoise/gold/brown combination is nicely eye-popping, and I like the square plates and bowls. They actually look handmade, so I love that, as well.

Our purchase required that we get rid of the old dishes, so we’ve been packing them up the rest of the day. We have 4 place settings of the new dishes in the dishwasher and the other 4 settings on the counter now, waiting to go into the dishwasher. While we were packing things up to be donated to the Veterans Thrift Store in Fort Smith, I went through my cabinets and found lots of things I don’t use anymore and we packed those up, as well.

We’ll donate 5 large boxes of kitchenware, dishware, mugs, etc. tomorrow.

Here’s to our next 50 years!


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