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Fun in My Art Room

Yesterday afternoon I finished digging out the iris from the backyard planter. (I still need to make sure the planter is completely cleaned out, add more potting mix and  replant some of the iris, but I declared victory for the day.)

I rewarded myself with some time in my art room.

I’m working on some Christmas presents for my good friends from Lunch Bunch. (Shhhhh!  It’s a secret!) The time flies by while I’m up there, thinking of my friends and trying to make something I hope they’ll enjoy. I have quite a few things to make, so I’m hoping I can sneak up there a lot in the coming weeks.

I also have some refurbishing to do on some of our yard art. Our ‘box turtle”

needs an eye re-glued, plus some touch up on peeling pain on his back.


I found some orange “neon” paint. I repaint the orange on both sides of the jack-o-lantern, hoping the paint will make him pop when headlights hit him next year.


We have an 8 foot tall (with stem and leaves) metal flower attached to a power pole in the back yard. Some wasps figured out a way to get between the metal of the flower and the plastic saucer type thing we glued to the center and covered with glass beads. We think our spraying has finally at least caused the wasps to relocate, if not die outright – so we’ll bring this into the shop. I’ll remove the center piece, clean everything up, caulk the center back on and replace the glass pieces that have fallen off.

I’ll work my way around the yard, repairing things as best I can. We’re also looking to repair some other critters still in the shop so that we can attach them to the ham radio tower extra length part we stood in concrete recently.

We have a few things in the shop that need to be repaired or finished that we can hang on here, plus critters we make in the future. This will be our “Critter Tree.” :0)


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Amber at 5-1/2 months


Amber is over 52 pounds now, almost 6 months old, but she is not showing any signs of being a brave dog yet.

Yesterday was particularly traumatic.


First she met this –



Picture – if you are able – a large dog almost putting her nose on the baby frog my husband was showing her – and then large dog leaping backwards. She sneaked up on the frog again, almost putting her nose on it, then leaped up and backwards again, with a bark. Then came dancing around, whining. My husband started to show it to her again, and she was leaping backwards again. Mean, scary frog!


Then she met this on one of our walks –

Texas Parks and Wildlife

A turtle similar to this one was on the sidewalk in the yard in the front of the house. Amber went right over to it, but leaped back in fear when the turtle had the audacity to move. Amber leaped backward, coming over to me. “Save me, Mom!”  She wouldn’t go near it again.


To cap off her day, she faced this –

credit unknown


Amber wanted to be with my husband, but he was going up and down the stairs to our basement. We tried to entice her to come down the stairs, offering a treat, but she would barely stick her head around the corner, much less even CONSIDER coming down to us.

She finished off her day with a small bite of the burgers we were grilling, some ice cubes from my husband’s drink, a ‘mad dog’ run in the yard, and then bed.

Whew! Such a challenging day for our ‘baby’ dog!





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