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Present to Myself

It’s not my birthday. It’s not a holiday when you get presents, but I got myself a present recently and I’m grinning from ear to ear.



Robyn Soules is one of the talented artists on my website, Creative Artworks.

She makes beautiful jewelry and Christmas ornament wraps from gazillions of tiny beads.

I liked this necklace –


I wrote to Robyn and said, “I love the design of this necklace, but can you make it in all white? She immediately wrote back, saying, “You bet!” She got more details, such as how long I wanted the necklace, and whether I wanted her to use all white beads or would prefer clear Swarovski crystals. I asked her to do what she thought looked best, but that I loved ‘sparkly.’



These photos just don’t do the necklace justice. I wore it out with friends Monday evening, and they were already talking about my necklace even before I took off my vest! It lies down perfectly, staying nicely spread out like this as you wear it, rather than bunching up like some other necklaces do. Robyn really listened to my love of sparklies. The crystals catch the light and reflect it beautifully.  I’m delighted with her work and feel really special when I wear it. :0)

Besides these gorgeous beaded necklaces, she makes earrings, luxurious ‘garden’ bracelets, sports bracelets, and Christmas ornament wraps.

See Robyn Soules’ work on Creative Artworks!


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