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Worn Out Doggies

We can now take Amber (above) and Molly (below) outside together without worrying about them running off, as long as we have the special shock collar on Amber. She reacts to the warning noise immediately, so we can now allow them to play – with their OUTSIDE VOICES and ANTICS, having a great time.

Occasionally Amber will get a bit rough and need to be reminded not to be so exuberant, but it’s less and less often, and Molly seems to be having a good time, growing and acting fierce as Amber runs rings around her.


Since Molly is 12 now, we give her the choice of whether she wants to be in the same area as Amber or needs a rest.

Today I took them out and Amber played “Mad Dog,” running around and around like a mad thing as Molly stood in place and tried not to get run over. Then, when Amber ran off the excess energy, they started to play. Molly growled and participated fully, enjoying every minute. I had them out for about 20 minutes, and then let Molly in for a rest.

Amber stayed out with me, keeping me company while I tackled cleaning out the planter. When I was getting ready to haul off the last big bucket full of hydrangea branches, Amber had found one of the weed trees in the front, pulled it out of the ground, and had brought it onto the civilized part of the yard. I wish I had my camera, so that I could show you what she looked like with the about 10 foot reed-thin leafless ‘tree’ with the root ball on one end, walking around in a victory lap from ‘dog-against-tree.’

I through it off what we call ‘the edge of the world’ and she decided THIS was a great game, too! I was completely out of energy by then, and the third time I threw it, I yelled, “NOOOOOOO!” and hit the warning sound on the remote. She finally got the fact that the ‘game’ was over and came in with me.

As I type, Molly is on the big dog bed in the corner of the office and Amber is sprawled on her side on the office pad behind me, snorking.

Poor doggies. All worn out…

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