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“No Good Deed Goes Unpunished”

Gardeners Path

This quote by Clare Booth Luce is said fairly often around here.  So many things that should be good things seem to backfire or cause us harm.

The latest was yesterday when I was working in our square foot garden.

I’ve been feeling guilty because I haven’t been taking care of things out there as well as I would like to, so I made a special effort to put in some time, pruning dead leaves off our zucchini plants. I lifted one last plant up to get to some dead stuff and was suddenly covered with fire ants.

I rapidly brushed them off my arm, pulling off my weeding gloves and getting away from the source as quickly as possible, but ONE got me.

I rushed inside, took two Benedryl tablets, washed the bite and slathered Benedryl ointment on it. It still swelled up, but not as badly as I have in the past. I DO learn from mistakes….

Priority on today’s list is murdering fire ants. I don’t care if they perform some wonderful service to us. I want them gone. I will mix up some EIGHT spray and hose down the whole garden area, plus any ant hills I find, plus our tomato planters today.  The EIGHT is really good at killing bugs, but is safe to spray on veggies and other plants and won’t harm our pets. I can’t say enough about this product.



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Yet Another Perk of Getting Older

The good news is that my eye scratches are improving – but may take several weeks to months to fully heal. According to my eye doctor, I’m enjoying one of the many perks of getting older – excessively dry eyes. The oil ducts at the bottom of my eyes have either quit producing oil or are solidifying and clogging up the ducts.  I have extremely dry eyes now, and may have allergies, on top of the scratches.

SO – I have another appointment in two weeks, 4 prescriptions and a bunch of eye ‘stuff’ I need  to start using on a regular basis, at least until we get me over my current problem.

  • To get the oil ducts hopefully open, I need to heat a gel eye mask and put it on my eyes for 10 minutes twice a day.
  • To get the ‘goo’, wax, oil, and other ‘stuff’ out of my eyelashes, I’m to use “Lid Scrub” each night.
  • I have a prescription for pills to take twice a day to help the situation, but I’m not sure exactly how it does that.
  • I have two kinds of drops – one two times a day (down from 4 times
  • I have two ointments, one 3 times a day and 1 at night.
  • AND all of these things are now for BOTH eyes.

I need a calendar and a checklist to be sure I’ve done everything!

The doc said he would call the prescriptions in to my pharmacy so I could pick them up when I got the other eye stuff. Sadly, the pharmacy hadn’t received a call yet. I’ll need to call them back later this afternoon to see if they have received and filled the prescriptions, or if I need to call the eye doc’s office back and find out what the problem is.

Enough gritching, though. My pain is gone.  A LOT of the irritation is gone. I can see. Keeping things in perspective is something I work on all the time. Things could be so much worse. I’m lucky to have access to good health care and to be able to see someone who made the pain go away.

Will start making my checklist now.



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The Eyes Have It

I’ll leave shortly to drive to Fort Smith for my follow-up eye exam. It’s been a week since my husband took me to the E.R. because of pain and irritation in my right eye. The diagnosis was, “Wow. You’ve really scratched up your eye.” The only thing I can think of for a cause was the last session of leaf mulching. The mulcher whirls leaves around, chewing them up and dropping them into the 39 gallon trash bag underneath. In the process, some leaf pieces, twigs, branches, etc., come flying out of the top. I wore my wrap-around sun glasses for protection from that. When I finish working, though, I’m covered with a fine ‘dust’ from the mulching, from head to toe. I can imagine that some of that managed to get into my eye, moving around and causing the scratching. Because of that, I now wear some pretty serious goggles type eye protection whenever I’m even distributing the mulch.

My husband has been putting an eyedrop and a ribbon of goo into my eye 4 times a day since last Monday.  Both eyes still feel gritty when it’s time for another treatment, and I’m having to blink a lot because of blurriness. Since both eyes are irritated, I’m suspecting I might be having an allergic reaction to something, as well as dry eye from the bad drought we’ve been having for the past 3 months.

The good doctor will tell me how I’m doing this morning. I’m hoping he can recommend something that will soothe my eyes a bit.

Meanwhile, I hope you’re having a happy day. I’ll talk to you again later. :0)


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