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Propane Tank Painting Project Plans

We have a 1000 gallon propane tank.  We used a pressure washer on it recently because it had all kinds of sticky, grimy dirt all over it.  I thought we had finished the cleaning, but discovered my husband didn’t do the back of the tank.

We were talking about the fact that it needed repainting. Part of the paint is peeling on one end, and the whole thing just needs attention. My husband was talking about getting several cans of white paint.

I told him I wanted to do something less boring. I looked on the net and found this –



I love it and will ‘borrow’ the idea from the ingenious person who came up with this. I’m sorry, but the credit for this wasn’t given with the image.

We had two shades of green paint created at Yeagers, buying two gallons of light green and one gallon of darker green paint.

I did the first part of the project last night – cutting LOTS of branches that hung over the tank and cut branches all the way across the back of the tank. I can see why my husband decided not to bother with the back. It was impossible to get to!

The next step will be pressure washing the rest of the tank.

I’ll report again when we’ve made more progress.


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