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Eclipse Monday

The Tennessean

My husband says, “pfffft” about the solar eclipse coming Monday. I’m like a child waiting for Christmas. Since we don’t even use the same SALT, this is not surprising.

I started making noises about wanting to be sure I saw it last week. We didn’t start looking for eclipse glasses until this morning. We’ve just come back from looking everywhere in Greenwood, calling several places in Fort Smith, and looking at Amazon online. Except for extremely expensive ones, everyone is sold out. :0(

I was really upset at myself for not thinking ahead, and upset with the world in general that I couldn’t make up for it. My husband suggested that we look for the glass inserts you put in welder’s helmets, since they come in #14 shade, the shade that is safe for viewing the eclipse. Even THOSE were sold out!

We went out to the shop and found a shade # 13 in one of my husband’s welding helmets. We came back in and Googled to see if using the #13 glass would be safe. YIPPPEEEEEEEE! We found several articles saying the #13 welding helmet glass would be fine. Just to be ultra safe, I’ll wear my sunglasses AND the welding helmet when I watch the eclipse.


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