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Ladies Night Out – Greenwood, Arkansas

Tonight from 6:00 ’til 8:00 p.m. is Ladies Night Out at the Rags ‘n Roses Collective, 100 North Main Street in Greenwood, Arkansas.

There will be free samples, door prizes, live music, food and drink, AND – of course – wonderful things on sale for the holidays.

A good amount of time to meet your friends, have good conversation, listen to wonderful singing and playing, eat and drink delicious things, and shop for all kinds of goodies!

Don’t miss it. See you there!!!

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The Open House

Rags ‘n Roses Collective

I arrived early to help set up in any way I could. Things started with a bang at 1:00 pm and were still going strong at 5:00 pm at the end. The weather was perfect and we had a LOT of people.

A wonderful man named Mike played a 12-string guitar and sang in the back. I kept wandering back there and listening to another song as many times as I could. He’s a nice, talented man, and I could listen to him for hours.

Santa sat at the front of the shop, patiently having his picture taken again and again with all who wanted to. There was a little girl who simply melted my heart when she was so ecstatic that Santa gave her a present and let her take a picture with him. She danced around and thanked him over and over. It was beautiful.

There was food at various places around the shop. A nice couple handed out samples of their wares. I ate a sample of apple butter and another of some French onion-y type dip. Both were delicious. I also found a chocolate chip cookie that was to die for. I made a serious effort to stay away from both the rest of the time I was there, but 5 hours is a LONG time…

I saw people I hadn’t seen in years. I hugged a bunch of wonderful necks and enjoyed catching up. I met new people, some of whom had booths in the shop. I looked at their booths, they came to the one I share with my friend, Carla. I met a lady who does really nice watercolors. It was NICE.

I did whatever I could to try to help during my time there. Mostly I just wandered around. I answered questions, helped people find things, applauded Mike for another song, picked up trash occasionally, finding a place to sit for a couple of minutes – ahhhh! – before getting up and wandering again.

Joanna, the owner of Rags n’ Roses Collective, was everywhere at once. There were two lines for payment – one for cash only and the other for credit and debit cards. There were still lines, but everyone chatted, seeming not to mind that at all.

It was a wonderful experience.

Our next thing is Ladies Night Out, December 5th, 6 – 8 pm. Rags ‘n Roses Collective, 100 North Main, Greenwood, Arkansas. 

Hope to see you there!


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Greenwood City-Wide Holiday Open House!

Rags ‘n Roses Collective

Today from 1:00 ’til 5:00, the city of Greenwood, Arkansas will enjoy a Holiday Open House. Participating shops will be open so that people can enjoy shopping and good times all afternoon, kicking off the holiday season.

I’m lucky enough to be sharing a booth with my good friend, Carla, in a shop called Rags ‘n Roses Collective. The address is 100 North Main Street, right across the street from the Greenwood Cleaners.  Joanna Brandt owns the shop and is a pretty, tireless lady who is seemingly everywhere in the shop at once, helping booth renters and shoppers.

At Rags ‘n Roses Collective, there will be finger food, door prizes, a musician playing guitar/fiddle/mandolin, photos with Santa, conversation, laughter, and – of course – wonderful things you will want to purchase for yourself or people on your gift list.

If you’re in town, come join us!

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First of the New Earrings

I’m making 16 pairs of earrings in this batch. They are all made of light weight wood, 4 different shapes. The pic above shows the plain round shape.


4 different color schemes. This is the leaf shape.


Large teardrop shape.


3-D round with hole.

As usual, I grin the whole time I’m playing with the Unicorn Spit Stain/Glaze. This stuff is fun and you never know how things will come out. My favorite part of the process is when I spray the pieces with the polyurethane spray. It ‘sets’ the colors, making them permanent, but the colors simply BLOOM!


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Thoughts on a Sunday 11-10-2019

Beautiful World via George Dumaine

We just got home from grocery shopping and putting everything away. I’m now relaxing at my computer with a cup of coffee. Ahhhh!

First, I wanted to thank those of you who wrote encouraging messages about the way “Blasing Bright” looks, the booth that my friend Carla and I are sharing now at Rags & Roses in Greenwood, Arkansas. I think we managed to put things where they show up well, people can get to them to look more closely, and you’ve told me that it looks inviting. So THANK YOU. The shop is closed now until Tuesday, but I feel GOOD that I have some of my stuff ‘out there’ for people to see and possibly buy. If you’re in the area, the address is 100 North Main St.  The hours Tuesday through Friday, are 11:00 – 6:00. Hours Saturday are 10:00 to 4:00. This is the first time I’ve enjoyed a local venue, and I’m hopeful that Carla and I can share this booth for a long time.

I am planning to spend much of the day out in the yard – or at least as long as my back holds out – cleaning out flower planters. We’ve had several freezes and things are looking pretty sad now. Today has been named, “The last good fall day” for awhile by the weather people, with a cold front coming tomorrow, along with rain, possible wintry mix, and MUCH colder temperatures, so today is the day to do all I can to have our yard look like someone cares.

On cleanup after the ‘gathering-and-processing-for-the-booth’ I need to work in our office and my art room. These are on the back burner, though, as far as priorities, due to the coming weather. I can work on both of THEM when the weather deteriorates.

With all the activity around here, I have ignored my exercising and my poor old body is complaining LOUDLY. I’m going to see how the yard work goes, and then at LEAST get in my yoga practice this afternoon.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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