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Glorious Day

Inna Kashkovar – LinkedIn

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Rainy Wednesday

 Scary Mommy

“I love the rain. I want the feeling of it on my face.” – Katherine Mansfield

No work in the garden or weed whacking today. The bug spraying man came this morning, spread granules outside, treated the inside of the house and then left just before a gentle rain started.

Because of unforeseen circumstances, we had to make two trips into town to get our errands done this morning, but the rain mostly stopped when we had to get out of the car.

Now we are in full of a good lunch, enjoying some quiet time. We have front and back doors open so we can enjoy the nice breeze and the soothing sound of the rain…

“Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby.” – Langston Hughes

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Sending Spring Your Way

The purple iris bloom first. As they fade, the yellow ones start.

This is now my husband’s favorite flower, so each time the blooms are spent, I split some and plant them in another place in the yard.

The wisteria has given us a nice display this year. We’re trying to get it to go up into the tree on the opposite end of the wood pile. We actually saw some blooms up there this year! Our rose bushes were looking sad at the end of the season, so I cut them  WAAAAAY  back, figuring they would either like it or croak.  They seem to be happy with lots of buds right now.

We have some yellow blooms since this picture was taken. I’ll see if I can get a pic to share with you later.


I love this time of year!

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And the Rains Continue


We had strong storms last night with lots of lightning and thunder. Quite impressive. I was relieved to see that we had no discernible damage this morning. It’s raining now, but a quiet, soaky rain that will benefit everything – though my husband is grumbling because he can see the grass growing and he JUST mowed…

I’ve switched to INSIDE stuff today – regular household chores, but I’m going to make some breakfast and then do a session of yoga this morning so I can add another gold star to my calendar. :0)

I hope that the weather is nice where you are and that you’re enjoying your day, too.


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More Rain

Inna Kashkovar – LinkedIn

It’s still rainy here this morning, but it’s supposed to clear this afternoon. Isn’t the .gif above amazing?  Inna Kashkovar does beautiful work.

My newly planted annuals, as well as my garden veggies, got a hefty drink yesterday. I’ll try to get out later and take some pictures of things – hoping they all enjoyed the water, rather than getting washed out.

After planting 5 flats (180 flowers) Friday afternoon and evening, and then helping my husband mount a humongous nut and bolt bin on the horizontal support beams on one wall of the shop yesterday, my husband and I are enjoying a much quieter day today.

He’s going to go out to the shop and enjoy organizing and labeling the slots of his new bin today. I’m not sure what’s on tap for me, but I’m thinking about playing in my art room. BOTH of us are looking forward to seeing Game of Thrones, Season 8, Episode 1 tonight.

I hope your Sunday is wonderful.

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100 Percent Chance of Rain

Jeff Jett – LinkedIn


Usually, when the forecast says, “100% chance of rain,” they’re pretty sure. And they were right.

The twice-a-year opportunity to take hard-to-get-rid-of ‘stuff’ to either the city recycling center or the rural folks is today until 2 pm. We watch for this in the paper because we ALWAYS have metal scraps or other things the regular trash people refuse to deal with.  I think the city is wonderful to offer this. I think, otherwise, we might see unsightly stuff dropped off beside the roads. I particularly appreciate it this time, when the men are having to work in the rain.

On cue, the minute we started backing up to the shop door, the rain started. It wasn’t a downpour, so we continued. The rain got harder as we went toward town. The city center had a BIG line of trucks with their beds all full, so we decided to drive farther to the rural center. Happily, there wasn’t a line there and we left our stuff quickly. We got our mail on the way home and are now happily in our dry house.


Greenwood is just southeast of Fort Smith. As you can see, we have lots of green, yellow, orange, and red blobs in our future today and tomorrow – about 2 inches total.  I’m hoping that the rain will be steady and reasonably gentle, giving our new flowers and veggies a great drink, but not washing them out of the ground.

I hope the people south and east of us stay safe today. It looks as if they might get more serious weather than we.

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Our Vicarious Beach Trip!

Thanks to my wonderful sister-in-law, Mary Lou, we can all take a vicarious trip to the beach this week!

I believe the name of the beach she is enjoying is “Topsail” in North Carolina.

She is up at 0-dark-thirty every morning to enjoy the sunrise, whether at her home or here, at the beach. WE are the happy recipients of her generosity in sending pics.

I can almost hear the water in these photos!  AHHHHHH!

I wish her and her vacation buddies the best time ever.

THANKS for letting us share this with you, Mary Lou!


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Spring View from our Back Yard

We live on top of a ridge line outside of Greenwood, Arkansas. We basically own part of the top of it. Our property goes all the way down to the street in front and about half way down in the back.

One of my favorite things is to watch the seasons change in the valley below the house. Here you can see things are really beginning to green up. The red buds are enjoying their last hurrah and our purple iris and wisteria are beginning to bloom.

Here you can also see the dog we made, plus the “peacock” hanging onto the leftover ham radio antenna section we mounted on some concrete.


When you own the top part, you can pretend that you own all you can see. I’m moving from right to left across the back yard to give you a feel for our nice view.

There are the loveliest people who put on a 4th of July display each year.  We’ve driven down to see if we can figure out where they are so we can thank them, but so far, haven’t been able to locate them.

You can also see one of the mosaic gazing balls I made a few years ago for the bird bath.

Another view farther to the left. You can also see the ‘weed trees’ with greenery right at the top of each stalk. I carefully negotiate the rocks, brambles, stickers, etc. trying to get rid of these each spring.

To the left a bit farther is our ham radio tower and my greenhouse. There is also three evergreen trees growing together just to the left of this which is the home of lots of cardinals and other birds who frequent the feeders hanging from our deck.

I spend lots of time walking around out here, enjoying the changes as each season progresses.


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I Want to Go Here

Elena (Livia) D. – LinkedIn

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Wonder Mountain – Toronto, Canada

Wonder Mountain near Toronto, Canada – Jeff Jett, LinkedIn

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Before the Rain

Living Well Mom via


We rushed around this afternoon trying to get our yard work accomplished before the first rain of many came. We made it with minutes to spare!

My husband mowed the lawn while I planted six tomato plants in the brick planters beside the house that we converted to square foot garden planters, and then I planted spinach seeds directly in the garden, since the ones I’ve tried to start in the greenhouse still haven’t done anything. Then I put fertilizer all around.

I came back to the house just as my husband was finishing the lawn. We got out our pressure washer so that we could get some of the gunk off the riding mower engine and surrounding area, so now it’s cleaner than it has been in quite a while. It started sprinkling just as we were putting the power washer away.

We’re supposed to have several waves of rain – some storms possibly severe – throughout the rest of the afternoon, into the evening and into tomorrow.  It feels good to have gotten things done in time. Now we can relax and mindlessly watch TV or read the rest of the day and evening.

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All Wet

Tail and Fur

This is the only rainy day we’ve had this week, and of COURSE we have lots of errands to run and appointments to keep in Fort Smith and Greenwood. It doesn’t seem to matter if I have an umbrella or not in the vehicle we’re in, or whether I actually try to USE it, I drown; so I’m resigned that this will be a wet day for me.

When we get home, though, we will have accomplished a good bit of stuff –

  • teeth checked and super clean
  • tax returns signed and sent
  • lunch out
  • mail retrieved
  • groceries replenished

Our doggies took care of business this morning not even breaking stride as they rushed out into the rain. They are still wet, even though we’ve toweled them off the best we could, but they seem to be smiling as they try to get close to us. There is nothing more loving than a wet dog.

I hope your morning has been enjoyable.

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Nature via Cathy Ruggiero

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Welcome Signs of Spring – Redbud Trees

Since 2 of our 8-foot brick planters in the front collapsed and have to be rebuilt, we’re very short on sprouts and blooms this spring. The exception to this, though, is a lovely display of bloom from the redbud trees that Mother Nature dotted around. We love each of them and cut away things around them that might encroach, encouraging them to be healthy and happy.


The tree in the first picture faces the south of our property where we can pretend we own all we can see. :0)  This one is facing in the opposite direction.

Another one on the south.

And a close up of some of the blooms.

I go outside and walk around every day just to enjoy these!

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A Rainy Day

Elena-(Livia) D-LinkedIn


Today is a glorious rainy day here in Greenwood, Arkansas. I say “glorious” because the rain was timed perfectly.

Yesterday we had to buy a new tire for our little riding lawn mower. My husband got it onto the mower and did the first mowing of the season. The grass was a bit high, but he managed. Now it looks like someone actually lives here. :0)

Our garden also appreciated a nice drink without a lot of blowing or hail, too! (I’ll post pics in a bit)

So we’re spending the day being thankful we don’t have to be outside working in the rain and chill, happy to have a warm, dry house.


Anthony J. D’Angelo

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Spring is Finally Springing

Ar Ali – Linkedin

FINALLY, signs of spring are popping up around here!  I’m delighted, though I feel bad for the people still getting more snow, and the awful flooding in the midsection of the country. I just know my spirits are rising with each passing day.

I still haven’t been able to find spinach plants locally (they said call again Wednesday), so I’m going to see if I can get another batch of seeds started, using another technique and keeping all appendages crossed for success. I would really love to shed my moniker of “Serial Seed Killer” some day soon.

That said, the red onions and head lettuce plants in the garden are doing really well. I’ll see what other wonderful things I can find to plant when we go out for errands today.

I finally reached the bricklayer today, who said he was personally covered up with work, but would ask another good person to give us a call for an estimate on rebuilding the two brick planters that failed recently.

I hope you are enjoying some signs of spring, too!

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Glorious Sight!

Elena (Livia) D. – LinkedIn

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Spring MAY Be in the Air

“Simply…White” – Paul Militaru Photography


“Spring is in the Air” – Paul Militaru Photography


“White” – Paul Militaru Photography


“White Flowers” – Paul Militaru Photography


Wim Beunderman – LinkedIn

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“Squirrel in the Snow” – copyright-Kelly Lyon – – The Nat’l Wildlife Federation Blog


It’s almost noon and it’s still only 17 degrees F. here. I’ve been letting dogs and cats in and out over and over this morning. Everyone says they want to go out, but they don’t want to stay out LONG…

My poor seed starters are still covered up in the greenhouse. I covered my onion sets in my raised bed square foot garden with a sheet, but I’m afraid that won’t be enough to save them.  I’ll probably need to start over on everything once the cold spell is over. We’re dripping water in our utility room bathroom and in my husband’s sink upstairs, trying to avoid pipes freezing. We only got snow flurries, but the diving temperatures have sure gotten our attention. I save a few daffodils in a vase on the table, but the rest are looking really sad outside.

I’m thankful we have a warm, dry house and we don’t HAVE to go outside, unless we choose to today.  My heart goes out to the people in Alabama, Georgia, and the rest of the southeast who had severe weather and tornadoes last night.

Be safe, everyone.

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My Cold Nose is Out of Joint

Jeff Jett – LinkedIn


My cold nose is out of joint because, instead of spring, we’re having a return to winter for the coming days.


As you can see here, we’re in the middle of the ‘weather alert day.” It actually was snowing when we were eating breakfast! I’m NOT a happy camper. We have a 70% chance of ‘precipitation’ today – rain/sleet/ice/snow/flying hairballs. I’ve done all I can do to protect my sweet onion sets in the garden. (I covered them with a king-sized sheet.) I’ve done all I can to protect my seed starters in the greenhouse (covered them with towels.) I may be starting over by the time we get to Wednesday afternoon….

I gathered daffodils yesterday because of the forecast. They were right. They’re all hanging their heads all over the yard. We have some really pretty ones in one vase on the table, and that might be it for the spring daffodils.

We are safe and warm on top of our ridge line in Arkansas. We still have our snow tires on the truck, just in case we need them. We have food for ourselves and our sweet animals.

I wouldn’t feel so resentful if I hadn’t tried to get a head start on my spring garden… I’ll report again on this Wednesday afternoon when I’ve had a chance to assess where we are in the planting season.

I hope that you’re safe and warm wherever you are today.


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Sharing a Bit of Spring

I told you earlier that we’re due for some hard freezes starting tonight. UGH. :0(

I dashed out and cut some of the daffodils that are blooming all over the yard right now. The ones left out there probably won’t last through the night. It cheered me up to see them today, so I brought some in to save the idea of spring, and wanted to share them with you.

Hopefully, spring is actually coming – though the weather guy remarked that it is really unusual for us to have such cold weather this late.


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Sylvester and Tweety Pie Mailbox Decoration

We are scurrying around, trying to get things accomplished outside today since our weather is supposed to deteriorate, starting tonight and not getting much better until Wednesday of next week. We’re supposed to get cold rain, sleet, snow, and super-low temperatures for Arkansas starting tomorrow morning.

We changed out our mailbox decoration, putting up our Sylvester & Tweety Pie decoration.  We’re hoping that once this cold spell is past, the worst of the winter will be behind us and we can embrace spring.

Later this afternoon, I’ll cover my new onion sets in the garden with a king-sized sheet. I’ll cover my seed starters in the greenhouse with some towels. Then I’ll just have to keep all appendages crossed that this will be enough to bring them through. I’ll be dashing out to uncover them, and then cover them again through Wednesday.

I hope that the weather is better where you are, or that you’re able to cope with the weather you’re experiencing.

I’m trying to send calmness and serenity to Mother Nature.

Happy day, everyone!


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Petite Jean State Park, Arkansas

Petite Jean State Park – Sandy Staat – Arkansas Pictures via Cindy Basnett Thurman

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New Careers?

My husband and I have decided to consider becoming weather forecasters post-retirement. I say this because –

  • we FINISHED the demolition of the 2nd failed brick planter, AND
  • we also put a tarp over my cement mixer behind the shop that we use to mix Mel’s Mix (the special soil replacement ingredients we use in our raised bed square foot planters

Because of these two things, we can practically assure everyone that the 40% chance we had of rain tomorrow morning is no longer applicable.

If we HADN’T finished and the soil wasn’t covered up, we would have had a deluge. We have proved this several times before in the 30+ years we’ve lived here. :0)

I’m thinking of calling our local weather guys and girls and letting them know there should be a change in the forecast….

Here is the 2nd 8 foot x 1-1/2 foot demolished-waiting-for-spring-for-us-to-rebuild-the-planter.

We did the work today in record time because the plant roots remaining weren’t completely root-bound and also we learned the best tools to use and techniques on the FIRST failed planter we demolished.


I hope the other people who live in our area weren’t depending on it raining tomorrow…. :0)


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Another Beautiful Rain Gif

Inna Kashkovar – LinkedIn

We were impressed when we went to town today that most of the creeks were full-to-overflowing.  I remember one year when the road that goes into town had water almost up to the road itself! It made me suck in my breath – as if doing that would help us stay on the road. Today it wasn’t nearly that high, since the town has done some clean-out of creeks that go through it.

The rain is supposed to stop by sometime tomorrow, and I’m ready for some nice sunshine. I’m happy to say that we dodged the bullet on getting ice or snow this time.

One thing I’ve had to add to my to-do list today is giving Molly (our schnauzer/cocker spaniel mix) a bath. While she was out, she found a super-interesting hole to stick her entire nose in. She now has a mostly brown face and paws, so into the kitchen sink she goes!


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Inna Kashkovar – LinkedIn

“I love the rain. I want the feeling of it on my face.” ~ Katherine Mansfield


I love this gif created by Inna Kashkovar on LinkedIn.  Isn’t it beautiful?

Our rain today is a cold one. We thought we might get ice, but it’s JUST warm enough that the precipitation has remained liquid, and for that I’m grateful, even though it’s supposed to be this way through TUESDAY morning!

We had a beautiful show this morning at breakfast. I counted four pairs of cardinals trying to get to seeds in the feeders on our deck while we ate breakfast. My husband went out to fill the main feeder. The birds were momentarily startled, but soon returned to enjoy the bounty. I have a feeder in the shape of a snowman that I’ll fill soon.

This is a wonderful day to walk outside, enjoy the quiet rain under an umbrella, and then come in to enjoy a warm, dry house.

I hope your day is good, too.


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Glorious Day!


The sun is shining brightly today after several days of rain, chances of severe weather – (sleet, hail, flying hairballs) – and gloom. It’s cold today, but the sunshine is bringing up my spirits.

My husband and I are getting ready to go to Lunch Bunch, our weekly meal with long-time good friends, Kay and Linda. Sometimes others join us, but this is the core group. We catch up on what has happened the past week, what is going on in town (Kay and Linda usually are in the know), and what is coming up for each of us.

My husband describes Kay and Linda as ‘good ole hides,’ his highest compliment about women. This description includes women who are interesting, gutsy, down to earth people you can rely on, real friends. He was allowed into this formerly all women gathering as an honored member several years ago – as long as he behaves.  :0)

We share news, good and bad; try to support and help each other through the bad stuff. We celebrate the good things, laugh a lot, and have grown to love each other almost as sisters over the years.

Lunch Bunch is one of the high points of our week – a core of caring.

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The Magnificence of Water

“Always the Sea” – Paul Militaru Photography


Marina Syntelis – LinkedIn (This is a PAINTING!)


Nature via Cathy Ruggiero


“Little Lake” – Paul Militaru Photography


Royal Nat” Park – Sydney AU – Iahsen Haddou – LinkedIn


“Surf” – Iahsen Haddou – LinkedIn


Triberg-Black Forest-Baden-WurttembergGermany-Iahsen Haddou-LinkedIn



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Yvonne Wilder Photography

Yvonne Wilder – LinkedIn

Yvonne said, “Got up early and caught all the birds frolicking together!”


Yvonne Wilder – LinkedIn

“Gorgeous sunset out my back window in CO.” ~ Yvonne Wilder

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Daffodils in February!

After some really awful weather, we are enjoying several days of spring-like weather. (It’s 71 degrees F. right now and sunny with a nice breeze.)

I walked around the yard yesterday and found THREE daffodils in bloom! I brought them in for us to enjoy, since we’re supposed to have a cold snap tomorrow night and it’s back to winter for awhile. We have more blooms today!

Our daffodils are always confused, shooting up in February and then getting frozen in a cold snap soon afterwards. Each year I hope they make it through, because we’ve had snow several times on my birthday in MARCH.

For the moment, though, I can dream of a beautiful spring. I’ll gather a few more blooms this afternoon before the cold comes.

I hope the weather is good where you are today.

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Only in Arkansas

Only in Arkansas – Josue Enriquez via Cindy Basnett Thurman

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