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Thoughts on A Friday 2-28-2020

Tasmanian Devil, commonly referred to as Taz, is an animated cartoon character featured in the Warner Bros. Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of cartoons. Wikipedia CreatorRobert McKimson

We just put Taz up on our mailbox this morning on the way to Lunch Bunch. The Tazmanian Devil is one of our favorites.  It’s funny the way our designs have differed over the years. This one seems small and light, particularly compared to the Snow-Goon we just took down and stored in the shop. This one is only about 2 feet tall, where the Snow-Goon is almost 4.

Jerri St. John of Jewels from Jerri’s VIPS  ( )

bought a couple of pairs of earrings I was listing on my Etsy site. They were delivered yesterday. I was so happy she liked them. Then she did THIS –

on Facebook. I’m STILL grinning and dancing. What a NICE, generous thing for her to do!  She is a representative of Paparazzi Jewelry – FUN pieces that I can’t resist. I buy things from her all the time. She couldn’t do a better job of responding, filling your order, shipping, etc.

We had our normal wonderful time at Lunch Bunch. We look forward to catching up, good food, good conversation, laughs, and good hugs.

One of our errands was at Walmart. On the way out to our truck, there was a crowd. A person was down in the parking lot. We stopped, asking if there were anything we could do, but they told us an ambulance was on its way. My heart goes out to the person in distress, but I was happy that so many people stopped what they were doing to try to help.

It is a bit after 2 pm here. The sun is shining and it’s 55 degrees F. here!  What a lovely day – and it’s still February!! I’m going to go out and visit my veggie plants and walk around the yard. What a treat!

Have a happy day!

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Handmade Bunny “Bonnie” by Olga Nechaeva


I have found a wonderful website that I will TRY to stay out of except for sharing wonderful things with you. The website is called and has handmade stuffed creatures that simply melt me into a puddle. I want ALL of them!


Handmade Mouse “Nicky” by Irinia Makarova


Handmade Snow Leopard “Coconut” by Brigitte Crowe


Handmade Teddy Bear “Laurie” by Naomi Wivell


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My Totes on ArtFire

“Flower Basket” – XLG tote on ArtFire

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Fun in My Art Room

I love hand painted stationery, note cards, and greeting cards. I love receiving real letters and notes from people, and the people I write seem to enjoy it, too. I also love giving sets to my good friends and relatives for their use.

My newest theme is, “Thumbelina,” where I’ve used my thumb print to create happy characters running all over colorful stationery sheets and note cards. I also include a correspondingly hand painted envelope to go with each of the 5 different designs in a set. The stationery also includes 5 blank sheets for longer letters.

As you can see there are also Thank You note cards.


Thank you notes and note cards.

One sample of a stationery design.

Examples of corresponding envelopes.


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Shoes and Meals

I found what I think is a really good store. It’s called and I found them through an ad on Facebook. I ordered a couple of pairs of sandals I liked and received them this afternoon.

The deal is that part of your purchase goes to feed Veterans. You get neat shoes. Veterans who need them get some good meals. Win/win.

They’re having a sale right now where you buy one pair and the second pair is free. I’ve had on the shoes below all afternoon. Usually, I kick off my shoes first thing when I’m in my chair in the living room. I kick them off and put them back on several times a day. I don’t have the need to kick these off. They’re really comfortable. And I think they’re HAPPY looking shoes! They do have adjustments so you can tighten them a bit or adjust the strap that goes across the back, but I didn’t need to. My big thing is needing plenty of room for my toes, and these are wonderful.  It may be that I’ll be happy to take them off by the end of the day, but signs are good so far.


My husband even noticed that I didn’t kick them off, and said he thought they were ‘good-looking shoes.’ We talked about the cost and the fact that part of the purchase goes to meals for Veterans (3 meals for this purchase) and he said, “Why don’t you get back on the site and order a couple more pairs?” Not being a stupid lady, I dived in and have two MORE pairs on order!

Check out this website when you have the time.

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Valentine’s Day Offering

One of a kind, hand-painted “Valentine Candy” basket.

“Valentine Candy” is a one-of-a-kind hand painted wooden basket by Linda Lewis. The oval basket is 11″ long x 9.5″ wide x 7 ” tall. (The basket is about 13.5″ tall with the handle extended straight up.) The dimensions of the inner basket at the base are approximately 8″ x 6″.

The “squares” created by the weaving are painted either a rich red or with a clear glitter paint. Then 3-dimensional glitter paint is used to draw either red or silver hearts in the squares. Sayings from the traditional heart candy treats are printed on the larger squares all around the basket. Glitter hearts decorate the handle of the basket as well.

Give this to the one you love as is, or fill it with goodies. Either way, she’ll remember your love long after Valentine’s Day is over!

$29.99 plus free shipping to the contiguous United States.

Please order right away to be sure it will be delivered before Valentine’s Day.

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Reluctant Writer?

Do you have a child, grandchild, niece or nephew that drags his or her feet when asked to write a thank you note for a gift received?

I just added these to my Etsy and ArtFire shops –

A good friend of mine suggested that I offer the option of themes, such as cat lovers, to my thank you note cards in order to encourage kids to write thank yous for the gifts received. I think this would be a FUN way to encourage kids to write a personal note when they can choose from 5 designs with their name on them. Bright, colorful, cartoony – many of them with a 3-dimensional touch, like glitter glue collars, string whiskers, etc. Tell me what theme you would like, plus a name, and I’ll do my best to make both your relative AND the gift giver smile!  $14.99 for the set of 5 with free shipping in the contiguous United States. 


For flower lovers, I offer this group of 5 hand-painted, personalized thank you note cards. These are mostly ‘flowers-that-exist-only-in-my-own-mind,’ and I have great fun painting different styles and colors. These are watercolor or acrylic with pastel backgrounds. Personalization at no extra charge. It’s FUN for children or adults to send a special thank you with their name on it – even if they have to write a short note to go with it. The child smiles, choosing which floral design to use. The recipient smiles, feeling special and appreciated. Win/win!  $14.99 for the set of 5 cards and envelopes and FREE SHIPPING to the contiguous United States.

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Baby, It’s COLD Outside!

I have a shop on ArtFire where I sell most of my work. I’ve just finished lowering prices and would like to invite you to take a look. :0)

Example of what you’ll find –

Hand-crocheted scarves with long fringe will help you keep out the cold right now. Stylish and FUN to wear!


Hand-Crocheted Scarf – Sassy

Each scarf is one-of-a-kind. I’ve slashed the prices to $12.99 + $3.50 shipping. If you purchase more than one at the same time sent to the same address, additional shipping is just $1.00 per additional scarf.  There are 6 different scarves available in my ArtFire shop HERE

Make bundling up to go outside more fun. Shop today!!


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Sale in My Etsy Shop

I’m making decisions and changes in my Etsy and ArtFire shops.

The first is that I’m moving toward only listing paper products on Etsy. I want to spend more time hand painting personalized note cards and stationery. To this end, I’m having a sale on Etsy.

Please come look if you’re interested in

  • one-of-a-kind, hand-painted baskets for Valentine’s Day, graduation, birthday,  or want to send ‘Love & Hugs”.
  • one-of-a-kind, hand-painted tote bags and grocery totes
  • hand-painted glassware: goblet pairs, vases, a cruet, and sets of 4 drinking glasses
  • hand-painted journals in two sizes – one size small enough to throw into your purse – several different one-of-a-kind designs
  • and you can also see some samples of note cards and stationery that are painted when ordered, and can be personalized at no extra charge.

Each page of stationery in a set of 10 is different – each painted by hand. I paint a coordinating envelope for each page. Extra blank sheets are included in the set. Each page and each envelope can be personalized with a name, initials, or…. A box with transparent lid is included, all tied in a bow with a nice ribbon.

Hand-painted thank you cards are fun to send. They come in a package of 5 cards, each with a different painting. these can also be personalized.

Note cards come in packages of 5 and 10. These can be painted in watercolor or acrylic paint. Each one is different, and can be personalized.

I honestly cannot paint the same thing twice, so each set is truly one-of-a-kind. The sets are fun to use, or to give as gifts.

Please visit  Creative Artwks on Etsy when you have the time.

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Great Valentine’s Day Bears – So CUTE!


Be-Mine-Bear” by Debbie Garrett



Be-Mine-Cupid-Bear by Debbie Garrett 




Gentleman-Bear-With-Rose by Debbie Garrett



“Panda Sweater Bear 1” by Debbie Garrett



“Panda – I Love You” by Debbie Garrett




Panda-Love-Bear by Debbie Garrett



“Prisoner of Love 2” by Debbie Garrett

*Last Day to Order for  Valentine’s Day 2017 for items using cross-stitch is January 30, 2017

*Last Day to Order is February 3, 2017 for all other items.

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Wonderful Change in Plans

Yesterday I finished cleaning up and reorganizing my art room in preparation to start working on a new theme I wanted to do for custom Christmas cards and wooden Christmas ornaments.

When I was taking a victory lap I received two orders! One was for a one-of-a-kind plaque I made for St. Pat’s Day. I have that packed up and ready to mail. The other order I received within 10 minutes of the first, was for a package of floral note cards



and a package of deckled edge floral stationery!



As I showed my husband the results of three days of trying to get more organized in my art room, I joyfully moved aside what I needed for my personal project and prepared to dive in what I love to do the most – create something I hope will bring someone a smile.


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Some Christmas Ideas from Creative Artworks!


















Happy Shopping!


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Present to Myself

It’s not my birthday. It’s not a holiday when you get presents, but I got myself a present recently and I’m grinning from ear to ear.



Robyn Soules is one of the talented artists on my website, Creative Artworks.

She makes beautiful jewelry and Christmas ornament wraps from gazillions of tiny beads.

I liked this necklace –


I wrote to Robyn and said, “I love the design of this necklace, but can you make it in all white? She immediately wrote back, saying, “You bet!” She got more details, such as how long I wanted the necklace, and whether I wanted her to use all white beads or would prefer clear Swarovski crystals. I asked her to do what she thought looked best, but that I loved ‘sparkly.’



These photos just don’t do the necklace justice. I wore it out with friends Monday evening, and they were already talking about my necklace even before I took off my vest! It lies down perfectly, staying nicely spread out like this as you wear it, rather than bunching up like some other necklaces do. Robyn really listened to my love of sparklies. The crystals catch the light and reflect it beautifully.  I’m delighted with her work and feel really special when I wear it. :0)

Besides these gorgeous beaded necklaces, she makes earrings, luxurious ‘garden’ bracelets, sports bracelets, and Christmas ornament wraps.

See Robyn Soules’ work on Creative Artworks!


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Prints for the Young and the Young at Heart – Take 3



“Serendipitous” by Bethany Kerr                          







“The Cable Squirrel” by Bethany Kerr




“Tex” by Bethany Kerr

I’m so pleased to show you four more clever drawings by Bethany Kerr on Creative Artworks.  I wish I had a young child so I could fill his or her room with these!  If I were still an elementary school teacher, I would love decorating our room.  If I were lucky enough to have grandchildren, I would send some for each occasion until they had the whole collection. If I still had an office outside my home, I would feature a grouping – assuming I could choose a ‘few’ favorites – on a wall so that I could lighten my load a bit from time to time.

Click on any of these links to purchase. From there you can click on “All Posters – Prints by Bethany Kerr” to see the whole collection!

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Prints for the Young and the Young at Heart






These are 8 x 11 prints of clever and creative original sketches by Bethany Kerr of Creative Artworks.

  • If I were still an elementary school teacher, I would want all 12 prints to decorate my classroom.
  • When I did medical transcription for 8 busy general surgeons, I had a wall-sized bulletin board where I put wonderful things. Patients would regularly stop to see “what was on my board” this time. I would LOVE to have delighted them with these!
  • You could decorate the walls of your child’s or your grandchild’s room with these, adding some for each occasion until you had the whole collection.

See all the artwork of Bethany Kerr on Creative Artworks!



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