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The Ant Murderer Strikes Again

In our short walk around our yard last night, we found many fire ant mounds again. ARRRGH!

Since I am pretty allergic to them, we take them seriously around here. Suddenly, a bunch of hills have popped up.  I mixed up a 2-gallon container of EIGHT bug spray,

Home Depot

that kills the bugs without hurting our pets or veggies, and started out. Suddenly my husband was there, too, wanting to tote the container while I did the spraying! We went all around the yard, out to the greenhouse, then out to the shop, hosing down fire ant hills all over.

We won the round today, so will declare victory, if only for a short time. We also got the benefit of some good walking, too!

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Update on Amber


Sweet Amber is healing from her ‘adventure’ (whatever it was) recently.

I am leading to her being clipped by a car or truck, or being kicked by a cow. She had a deep skinned place on her head (you can see the scab has come off and pink skin is there), Her left eye was badly irritated with a red rim around it and a scab on the outer corner, skinned places on both front legs, and she was limping badly.

She is MUCH better now. All the skinned areas are healing. We’re not sure if she will grow hair on the place on her head or not. She is still ‘favoring’ the left back leg, but not limping badly. She is able to do one of her favorite things, jump up into the back seat of the truck to GO!

She is again very responsive, wanting to be wherever we are. We are very lucky. She was pretty badly hurt. We’re HOPING that she has learned a lesson and will not do WHATEVER IT WAS again!


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Each of Us is a Montage

Brooke Hampton via Chrissie Anderson Peters


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I Ain’t Dead Yet

via Jackie Lyons

I have to tell you I’m patting myself on the head right now. Why?

Usually technology does a great job of kicking me in the rear – to the point it’s difficult to sit at times. Today I received an email from the 16-year-old boy for whom we will serve as host parents for the next school year starting in August. He’s from Italy and he plays soccer. :0)

The email said he wanted to chat via Whatsapp and gave his number.

After panicking, I managed to find Whatsapp in the Apps Store on my phone and installed it. Then I tried to add Alessandro to my contacts there. No way, Jose’ over and over again. Finally, I emailed him asking if he could send me an invitation, since I wasn’t having any luck on this end. We juggled quite awhile and finally connected! We chatted awhile for the very first time. He sounds like a really nice guy and I’m looking forward to meeting him in person.

Meanwhile, I was able to assure him that Greenwood High School does, in fact, have a soccer team and that they would be happy to give him a chance to be on it. I think that was his most important concern.

I finally managed, after messing around with my regular contacts list on my computer, to edit his information correctly, so now we are truly connected. I made sure he knows that he can contact us any time with questions or concerns – and so – our adventure begins!

It’s good to know that I met the challenge and prevailed. I ain’t dead yet!


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On the Way to Relocate Another Raccoon…


Last night we set the humane trap again, having been cleaned completely out of sunflower seeds for several days in a row that are SUPPOSED to be shared by birds, squirrels, AND an occasional raccoon. This morning a BIG one, maybe the daddy of the pack, was in the trap, calmly waiting for us.

As we always try to do – unless the raccoon is hissing and spitting and trying to bite us – we fed our animals and then put the trap in the back of the truck. We travel about 5 miles away from the house and let them go in a small creek that runs under the road.  I like to think they all meet again to enjoy the rest of their lives together.

This morning the trip to relocate the raccoon was a bit more eventful than usual.

On the way out to the little creek we saw three deer beside the road. They were on my husband’s side of the car, but I think they were close enough he could have reached out and touched one of them as we slowly went by.

Alice McDowell

Further down the twisty, turn-y road there was a bull in the middle of it!


We slowed and watched him as he gradually moved a bit to one side. We went VERY slowly around him. He didn’t move a muscle. I don’t know about my husband, but “I” was holding my breath.

Further down was one cow, munching grass right beside the road.

Motion Array

Finally, another raccoon raced across the road in front of our truck.


We let our raccoon out. He went right out of the trap and down into the creek. (It MAY be that he’s been through this before?)

We came home, hosed off the porch, and will re-bait the trap tonight to see if there are more.


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I’ve told you before that when my husband wanted us to be a host family this year, I agreed. We have been notified that we are accepted to receive Alessandro, a 16-year-old boy from Italy for the coming school year. All we know at this point is that he is quite the soccer player, has pets at home, and sounds really nice.  He will be here August 6th and will stay with us 10 months.

Since we’re a bit long-in-the-tooth and set in our ways, we’re looking for things we need to change in order to be the best host parents possible.

Of COURSE we plan to encourage him to be active in as many things involving school as possible. Classes, sports, clubs, new friends, outings, etc. We will encourage him to bring friends home or spend time at their houses. We’ll look for fun things to do and places to go. WE will also try to be as active in his life as we can – a real change for us. :0)

  • Since we’re retired, we’ve gotten into the habit of setting our alarm for 8 a.m. each morning, mainly doing THAT because we have pets depending on us to let them out, feed them, etc. It’s also nice to be up in case the mailman drives up our driveway because something is too large for our box, or we get a delivery from Fedex or UPS. But we realize that this won’t cut it for our new roles as host parents.

We have decided that we’ll be decadent and slothful until July 1st, at which point we’ll start setting the alarm for 7 a.m. August 1st we’ll start setting it for 6 a.m.  Alessandro will be here on August 6th and school starts on August 13th, so we should be ready – with our Circadian Rhythms in sync, hopefully.

  • We’ve been eating ‘weirdly’ compared to what a 16-year-old boy from Italy may expect. We’ll check with him, of course, to find out what he normally eats, favorite foods, and do some adapting. In the meantime, we’re going to change to the Keto-After-50 eating plan – a modified version of the regular Keto plan, designed to be easier on old folks. We’ve basically been eating a lot like this already, but have been having only salad in the evening, or splurging and having chicken and soup over rice – a big no-no on ANY smart eating plan….

We’ve also been eating only poultry and fish, and we’ll expand that to include beef and pork again, but use Keto recipes. I can also cook pasta for Alessandro (and probably my husband, who refuses to eat alternatives) but “I” will try zucchini noodles or cauli-rice with my portion. (The only concern I’ve found is that I need to do a bit extra on supplements to help me handle the higher fats without a gallbladder.)

I’m sure we’ll add a whole bunch of other changes to our list as we get closer to the time Alessandro arrives, but I think we have a good attitude and are starting to adapt. (I’m checking to make sure soccer and basketballs are aired up, badminton set is intact, board games are available, checking our sports channels on TV….. )

I’m happy to hear my husband thinking about what we need to do. He seems energized by the changes we’re making, thinking about things we can do to make our ‘temporary son’ (or grandson) feel welcome and happy.





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