Wow. My head is still spinning. When we were about half-way down our driveway this morning, a ‘parade’ of SIX deer leaped one at a time across the driveway in front of us! We have had TWO jump across the driveway as we started back up the driveway in the distant past, but we stared in amazement as one after another kept leaping. We unconsciously counted them, agreeing that we had seen SIX.

I’m not sure why they were all in the yard. I guess the sound of our truck coming down the driveway spurred the decision to cross the driveway and go somewhere else. We have so many trees we didn’t see anything until one leaped across the driveway. Then the ‘parade’ of gorgeous animals started.

Such a stunning sight!

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Filed under Amazing Animals, Delightful Surprises

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